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  1. Hi Tuplip I had a mate who went to emmanuel school and I remember him talking of rats, for £500k+ I hope they're king rats! Is the plot of land you refer to this one? It's a complete joke, no one wants the house (£500k). Who's going to want to cram another house into an area that has 4 schools (and all the associated traffic!) within spitting distance of each other? Loads of houses have been up nfor sale in that area and not many have sold. The council have ruined the roads with road bumps at every turn. Not only that the area doesn't guarantee the best secondary schools in Swansea if you happen to have kids. These sellers are clearly deluded. Call for the men in white coats :¬) If you've got £525k burning a hole in your pocket how about this 3 bed pile of crap in Mayals - check out the kitchen! DM
  2. Hi Tulip, you still with us :¬) Yep the prices in Derwen Fawr are still up there somewhere in the stratosphere. Had a look at this one a few weeks back on Derwen Fawr Road, looks like a nice property but it's a complere pile of shite. Major rennovation needed, kitchen, bathroom, rewiring, dodgy conservatory etc, etc! Have you checked out the prices of the new development at the bottom end of Derwen Fawr. 4 bed properties are a snip, starting from £530K and £550! DM
  3. Yes, good point! I certainly didn't predict that dead cat bounce. I was always of the mind that once the oil tanker turned it would be "down she's goes!" I suppose 0.5% interest rates, flexible workforce (peeps prepared to do part time etc) and the national obsession with property have managed to keep the bubble inflated. I've watched the Swansea market like a hawk for 3 years and I'm amazed how many houses have just sat there, occassionally swapping agent. Sooner or later they will cave in. Lets face it no one's getting any youger, and imagine if unemployment creeps up or, heaven forbid, interest rates are forced up. The sheeple will get fried! Anyone for lamb keebab? DM
  4. Evening peeps, been away for a while ...... Still hanging on in here renting in Swansea, and still can't believe the asking prices! Check out this link - £300K for 4 poxy rooms, no room to swing an insect let alone a cat! A massive standoff is certainly taking place, but there are signs that some sellers are begining to crack. This one was £375K for ages. Hang in the peeps, another 12 - 18 months and I think we might just reach the promised land! DM
  5. Dead Money

    Ashley Jones

    That must be the end of the spring bounce then! Could be a long Summer . . . . . . . . . . . DM
  6. I thought maybe you had taken that picture after a particulary long luncheon. LOL! Seriously though, the standard of estate agent's photgraphy skills are generally pretty dire. When browsing through EAs web sites I always enjoy having a good laugh at their pictures - although they have got noticably better recently. Perhaps this is a consequence of the slowdown - either they've got more time to take good pictures or they're trying harder to market the properties! DM
  7. Dead Money

    Ashley Jones

    Ashley Jones now have a presence on findaproperty. DM
  8. No surprises here really, they went up the most and are now going to come down the most. Don't get too excited as even a £125k drop makes little difference at the moment - see So Just How Much Is A View Worth? DM
  9. Gowercoast are notorious for this type of speculative pricing. I've seen it with a number of properties on their books. Sometimes they reduce them by a whack, and other times they're pulled from the market - obviously the sellers can't stomach the truth! There was a bungalow in west cross on for £475k reduced to £375k, probably worth £200k, never sold and removed from the market. These guys have cleverly targeted the top end of the market and anyone who puts their house on with them expects to get top whack. And what's really sad is some poor fools fall for it! DM PS Hey CES can't you hold a camera straight? http://www.charestateswansea.com/image.php...g&sCaption= LOL!
  10. Yes it's quite amazing, a 125k drop and it hardly makes a difference! Just goes to show how over inflated prices have become, particularly gowercoast ones. Keep your options open is my advice, rather than set your heart on one property. Easier said than done though, as buying a house usually a very emotionial process - which EAs feed off to drive the market up. £350k max i'd say FWIW, but if you've got the money, good luck with whatever you decide! DM
  11. Dead Money

    Ashley Jones

    Finally picked up a property post yesterday and you've got say the EAs are doing a ramptastic job - credit crunch, what credit crunch, depression what depression! Having said that the contrast between Ashley Jones this year and last is stark. Last year they regularly had 4 or 5 page adverts for sales and another 1 or 2 for rentals. Now just one page. They are definitely in survival mode - closing branches, selling rental side of business and reducing internet advertising. Who can blame them! Browsing the various EA websites there are lots of properties "under offer" and "sold STC", it will be interesting to see how many of these translate into actual sales. Keep a beady eye on the land reg sales. At the moment these are still at rock bottom, just 5 sales went through for SA2 in Feb. I can definitely see why there is a lot more buyer interest at the moment, since prices are falling, interest rates are incredilby low (although this is an illusion - new mortgage rates aren't that low) and the press are still ramping at every opportunity. Anyone seen the Express today! http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/94263/...on-house-prices My own gut feeling is that we will see an increase in sales over the next couple of months, but prices will continue to drop further, since now the boot is on the other foot and buyers will drive a hard bargain. Once these buyers have gone the market could drop very quickly as the recession deepens and unemployment moves towards 3 million. Interesting times, don't get sucked in at this stage it's far too early. All IMHO! DM
  12. Dead Money

    Ashley Jones

    Probably all the houses they sold last year! LOL Will have a look when I pick up a copy. DM
  13. Dead Money

    Ashley Jones

    As unemployment ticks up to 3 million there will be a lot more repos, this is definitely an area of the market you want to get a slice of Char. Just look at what REDC are doing in the UK. It's sad, but someone needs to exploit it. DM
  14. Dead Money

    Ashley Jones

    Yes, that's the one, messed up the link! So it's a repo then, that makes sense as it seems to be below current asking prices. Didn't know about the tape etc, thanks for that info, marty. Unfortunately there will probably be a lot more of these further down the line as the recession takes it toll. DM
  15. Dead Money

    Ashley Jones

    Ashley Jones are back on line! It seems they were having their web site upgraded. http://www.ashley-jones.com/Property_listings.aspx Hopefully normal but dopey service will resume! Incidentally, asking prices definitely seem to be dropping here and there. Look at this property from JF in West Cross: http://www.johnfrancis.co.uk/property.htm This type of house was on the market for £350 - £375k not so long ago. When this type of property is around £200k, or there abouts, I think we'll be near the bottom. DM
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