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  1. This is an interesting thread that I have been watching for a few months now. What particuarly interests me in the above is the view with regards to schooling. I live in Old Walcot and have very recently studied the different schools within the catchment area. Lawns Primary isn't one of these and I agree that Lawns will command a higher value because Lawns Primary has better keystage 2 results than many others, while this continues the school will be attractive to all people around the area, including those in Park South, Park North, Walcot and Old Walcot, all of which are whole or in majority outside the Lawns Primary catchment area. Old Walcot itself is in the catchment area for 4 schools, Old Walcot is not restriced to Mountford Manor that is Walcot school, their is a choice for those n Old Walcot greater than Walcot school AKA Mountford Manor. Lanesmead is one school in the catchment area who's keystage 2 results aren't overly strong, however they are on an upward trend. Interestingly Lawns Primary has a lower percentage of children with special needs than the national average and that of all surrounding schools, is this a coincidence or is it a failing on behalf of the school to identify special needs within children, after all Lawns school is not restriced by admission exclusvely to Lawns, thus why should it be so different when it is less than half a mile away from Lanesmead and many others? The Lawns area is very similar in many respects to Old Walcot, however the real interest for me (being an Old Walcot resident) is why there is even consideration that an offer of £35K off asking price on Upham Road will be entertained? Schools alone aren't the reason for the higher asking prices in Lawns but it is a factor in it; the upshot of this is Lawns is just deemed a more attractive area than many others, but when considering this Lawns Primary will take children from all areas mentioned above and Lawns is just as close to a huge council area as Old Walcot is.
  2. This gets even better, the stupid cow has a blog going - read this (dated 21st December 08) I did get the new car, thanks to bank of Mum and Dad, who lent me £4800, then promptly dropped what I owed them by a grand and told me they dont want any money back until after christmas and then only what I can afford, so, if it's a fiver a week, it's a fiver a week. Which probably will be. OH has been put on short time. First off he had to owe back hours but now he's used all of those up because the place he works has been closed since last Friday for Xmas. He goes back to work on the 7th Jan. 26 days off work. My place is dead, but it usually is this time of year, but with the exchange rate against the euro how it is I am doubtful we will get the bumper January of old. As of when OH goes back he will be laid off one day a week. He's been told by his employers that he will lose £220 pm before tax so *WE* have decided that, with no personal loans and only CC debt that the first thing *WE* will do is tell the CC companies to go and make love to themselves until we can afford to pay them. Like OH said a few weeks ago, what can they do? Nothing. We dont want or need for anymore credit so they can poke it. And if they start getting ars*y and sending the debt to DCAs then I will play a nice game of requesting CCAs.
  3. Not that I'm desperate to buy as this crash has a long way to go yet, but frankly as a long time waiting FTB I'm getting slightly pissed off with seeing shite rates for 85% / 90% LTV mortgages. Yes I appreciate right now there is more to come off house prices so risk is being priced into rates (hoorah for risk) but for fuc*s sake how do they expect things are ever likely to recover when they try to charge the earth for a bast*** mortgage for a FTB???? We're far from struggling on affordability either - we're only looking for £135K whilst earning a combined £55K - less than X2.5 salary. I'm getting pissed off seeing this shit. It's no longer cheaper to rent and my landlord is a complete ars* too. Edit:Spelling
  4. If they hit £50K that miserable old cow will have to become a stripper.
  5. What a wan**r that bloke is, oohhh this drive will have enough space for 3 cars. Pure and utter cu**.
  6. Link from the BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6386153.stm
  7. For the few non spotty college lay abouts you do, as for them, they'll be flipping burgers in McDonalds soon
  8. Another Private Equity buy out on the horizon then - Whittards and the Officers Clubs have already been sold. Xmas has come early for PE.
  9. Just spotted this on their website - seems they took a hit with Woolworths going down. http://www.zavvi.co.uk/customer-message/i....8A3EE1EEB1.app3
  10. Just heard on BBC News 24 - no link as yet. Any punts on the next retailer?
  11. Quite possibly, NO, in actual fact, the very worst post submitted on this forum. Well done to the OP for advising us that like the majority of the country those chaps who fill cash machines do indeed celebrate Xmas too. Did you hear about that newsagent at the end of your street. Closed for Xmas. Good god. Make sure you buy all the newspapers you'll need for Xmas TODAY!!!! I'll be sure to draw out loads of cash to see me over those few days when everything is closed, and everything that is open is sh**.
  12. Hit the nail on the head, I am able to confirm this as fact.
  13. Indeed sorry to hear that too IP. Shao Khan - The chattels are repossesable (yes, a new word I've just made up), if you don't maintain payments on your loan and the bailiffs come knocking there are certain things they can't take i.e. a bed, tools required to operate your occupation - but by and large most things can be taken, including furniture, but they do accept the fact that there is no point taking anything which will only make the fees associated with selling. Ask my ex and she'll confirm. Regards A
  14. The point made here was to ask the bank to confirm sufficient funds - not ask them to confirm what you're going to use the money for..........
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