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  1. In a word: insane. Don't touch with a barge-pole. I wouldn't even dignify these vendors/agents by arranging a viewing. I've given up the chase of buying; I've found a 4 bed flat in the heart of the west end of Glasgow to rent for just over £600 (former HMO that's had its licence revoked). Bigger than anything I could afford to buy. Why bother buying anyway? You'll still be a tenant, with the Bank being your landlord. AVOID AVOID AVOID
  2. You are of course correct. If I liked it I would be looking to offer approx £115k for it. The pain in the @r$e is that, unless the seller is needing a quick sale, they're not going to entertain such an offer... and sadly this attitude doesn't look like changing anytime soon. I think that any offer I may submit to the scumbag EA should be accompanied by some chat on my financial standing and letting them know I'm not in a chain.
  3. Okay, so I've stumbled across a 1 bed flat in Novar Drive that's on at "guide price" £130k. Good condition, traditional 1 bed with original kitchen (not the shoddy converted kitchen with no windows). I'm viewing it this weekend and may think about taking the leap (at a sensible price, of course). Question 1: am I mad? Question 2: I'm assuming "guide price" means the same as "offers over" these days? If so, what do you reckon is a decent offer to put in? MC
  4. Office for National Statistics, release 12 August 2009
  5. I'm nearing 30 and have yet to buy my first place. I have enough to buy now, but I'm conscious that my employment status for the foreseeable future isn't certain, so I'd be insane to buy. Coupled with the still extortionate price of property these days, I'm in no hurry to part with my cash. I'll wait until I pay off my only loan (I've got about £3k left on that, which will take another year) before I even think of looking at the market. I'm looking for salary multipliers re: house prices to settle back to 3.5
  6. Can anyone tell me how much is a decent price for a 1 bed flat in the Southside (Cartvale Road) that needs modernisation (ie., new kitchen and bog)? My friend's just bought one for £100k and I think it's a rip-off
  7. EAs will usually distance themselves from answering that question directly - they will point you in the direction of the seller's solicitor and ask you to go through the usual diligence procedures in negotiating missives. Standard wording in an offer to purchase would give you plenty of 'get-out' clauses should one of the property searches/coal mining report/property enquiry certificate disclose an entry materially adverse to the purchaser's interest in the property. In the current climate, where bartering is expected, I'd advise renegotiation, but this would of course depend largely on the problem identified.
  8. A really useful précis on the truth behind the spin - thanks, Cozza. I've taken the liberty of posting the unemployment/HP graph on the "Post Your Favourite Chart" thread.
  9. Thanks for that. I'm mindful to keep positive and just accept that I'm going to have to swallow the usual corporate shit sandwich.
  10. Thanks, everyone, for responding. I'm very low in the hierarchy, so my bargaining power is restricted. However I am useful in that my charge-out rate to clients is accordingly very low. I can do the work at a reduced cost, and I'm the only person of my level left in Scotland (the rest having been made redundant). I think my best bet is to eat humble pie and accept the cut.
  11. I'm due to have a group discussion with my bosses about a pay cut that's been proposed, and am looking for some advice on how to (tactfully) approach this. My department is the only one targeted for the pay cut, having been subjected to several redundancy procedures and a previous pay cut in the recent past. Other departments are undergoing redundancy at the moment, but trail in our wake. Pointers/advice would be helpful, as I don't want to give my employers an excuse to give me the chop in the near future!
  12. My salary is extremely modest, so a 30% cut is a bit of a killer. Thankfully I'm only repaying a loan I took out for graduate tuiton fees a number of years ago, and I should be able to have that paid off within a year. Had I "invested" in a property, I don't know what I'd do. I've been lucky - surviving 2 redundancy procedures in the past 8 months. My sector (legal) is one of the vanguard taking the brunt of the financial downturn, so there are absolutely no other jobs out there. I'm clinging to my job for dear life!
  13. I remember seeing this graph alongside another showing actual house price figures - with the two overlapping almost perfectly. Can anyone direct me to the other graph? Thanks
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