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  1. Amazing what I found out. I had a look around the building and there it is...a sky dish for the ground floor . I doubt they asked for permission as they would have been told no just as I was told. It just amazes me how empty their threats are about "don't do it or we will take it down, its illegal" etc. The difference is their dish is on the back side of the property therefore nobody can see it without looking while my one would have been on the balcony right in front of the building.
  2. I agree with you but at the time I thought that checking the contract alone would have sufficed. Neither.
  3. What the "AST" means? Solution is found. Its called cubsat and its a discreet dish http://www.itbusa.net See if they notice this
  4. I just had a conversation with them and they said that am not allowed to have a dish due to the lease. However I gotta say that they are VERY unprofessional. I was talking to a lady, i told her i don't wanna talk to the guy who manages this building as he is unreasonable and while i was talking she suddenly put me on hold and send me to the other guy. This is ridiculous. The agency guy said he isn't gonna bother writing a letter to me confirming their refusal and landlords awareness of this. I mentioned the contract and they said they don't care about what it says. It's about the lease. Is this right? Shouldn't they have included in the contract that no sat dishes are permitted so that potential tenants know?
  5. They would just go to court for the sake of removing my dish? I doubt. If they go to court the LL then only needs to give me 2 weeks notice and I gotta leg it. If it was 2 months I wouldn't mind butter under s8 ground 12 it would be 2 weeks.
  6. I recently moved in to a flat in a freehold building with 1 owner and I want to setup a satellite dish on my private balcony. The dish will be mounted on my own base therefore no damage will be done to the property at all/no drilling whatsoever. The dish will be removable easily once I leave. I contacted the agency that manages this building and they were rude and not reasonable at all. I asked for permission and I got a straight NO with no explanation whatsoever. This guy probably wanted to fob me off. He said that no satellite dish is allowed in any of the buildings they manage and this is not negotiable at all. He also threaten me that If I put one they will take it down. I tried to point out to him that what he does is against the letter and spirit of the contract. He ignored it and at that point I just hunged up. I do not wish to talk to them again on the phone and am looking for the best course of action now. Am not backing down from this so long i have a strong case. I re-read the contract which says: Aerials: Not to erect or permit to project outside the property any wireless or tv aerial or satellite dish or other construction without: a) landlords consent not to be unreasonably withheld and b ) landlords agreement to the form of installation. From this it doesn't appear to say "You can't have sat dishes". It appears to suggest that it would be negotiable and under conditions which is what I thought when I signed the contract. Also it mentions the word "landlord" and therefore he is to decide not the agency and in this case the agency never really bothered to contact him and ask. If the contract was saying "No aerials" I wouldn't have signed it but I assumed that they would be reasonable and let me have a dish(under conditions) which is the norm nowadays. I live in a building which was a house but converted into 6 flats. Local restrictions do not disallow dishes. Many houses on the same street have dishes all over the place. Can I win this case? I really need a sat dish for my business and wife too who wants to receive some polish channels. Without one ill lose my job. Under Section 8 ground 12: "The Tenant has breached any term of the tenancy agreement (other than one relating to the payment of rent)" they only need to give me a 2 weeks notice however this particular ground and some other are discretionary and the court will only award possession if it is reasonable to do so. My question is will I have a saying should the matter end up at court under section 8? Can i be there to defend myself? If I lose do i have to pay any legal fees or i just have to vacant the property and thats it? Many thanks
  7. Do you think Birmingham midshires http://www.askbm.co.uk/savings/i/easy/product.asp?id=158 is safer? or whichever bank is safer and pay only a tiny bit less. I want to be able to sleep at night.
  8. I am aware of the deposit guarantee limit of 35( soon to become 50?) Am just not sure its practical for me or for anyone to have 5-6 accounts in order to save all the cash. What if you got millions? There are many people who put large chunks of money into a single account. Is Iceland a no go to begin with? Suppose they go bust won't I have enough time to get my money back? I guess it takes some time for a bank to go completely bust. It's not like all of a sudden a tuesday morning they tell you "that's it, we are bust"
  9. Where do I save 200k nowadays? Would Kaupthing Edge be safe bet? Thanks
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