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  1. My late father was a qualified welder( in all of the various forms, mig, arc and whatever else)cannot remember. Ayway, he was getting £7.50 a hour in 1992, and he thought that was bloody good money. Now nearly 20 years later, a qualified welders wage starts from about £8,p.h. The wage certainly has not gone up much, compared with 20 years ago, it is cobblers, considering it is quite a skilled trade. Sign of the times or what?? Does being skilled in your job/trade mean nothing now??
  2. I would suppose most of the British workers who have lost their jobs are family men, so they have family commitments rents/mortgages etc to pay. One man paying one rent bill/mortgage= a struggle but managable. The Poles, well most of them would be single, and when single you can rough it, so in other words, you may get about 8 Poles all living in one house, all contributing to the bills and costs. No wonder they can afford too undercut our workers. Eight Poles paying one rent/ mortgage etc=life of Riley. Sorry if this sounds racist, but all this has been going on for too long now,immigration and the like, BRITISH JOBS FOR BRITISH PEOPLE, they should have first refusal.
  3. Hello - I'm looking to rent a 1 bed in the Enterprise Place building. If anyone rented there, how's the overall quality, noise insulation, etc It's currently on for £775 - is price realistic ? There are quite a few in that building but nobody seems to be renting them out. Have to say the walk from the station is quite dodgy. How is it in the weekends?, I assume is packed full with shoppers. Any input greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm amazed at how so many people here just don't get it. While a £k here and there is a lot for a shopfloor worker from Sunderland, its nothing in the games these people are playing. These numbers are nothing next to the money they will make when they leave politics and sell their services, knowledge and access to big companies. It literally does not matter, does not count. Personally I couldn't care less if they are snorting cocaine from the naked bodies of hookers, all paid for by the state. The only question is "are the competent and representing their voters well?" That's so rare and so important that everything else falls away as secondary noise. Look at it like this. In the same week as people were worrying about an MP buying a bed, the Bank of England blew £50 BILLION into the market - deflating the value of your savings, increasing import costs and most of that money going directly into bankers pockets who got us into this mess in the first place. We are going to be paying for that for decades to come. It got a line or two in the news. The MP that stands up and says the emperor has no clothes, and stops this raping of the UK public - he can go buy himself a Mayfair flat on the taxpayer - its worth it to have someone concentrating on the real issues.
  5. That must have been a relief for you in the gents
  6. It's called working harder than other people to achieve something for your family - it's age old, primeval, and something that everyone (who's honest with themselves) admits to If you were ploughing a field you would yield greater crops. Substitue crops for money and that's where we are today. Grow up
  7. No problem with that as long as you work to organise, galvanise, encourage, and create an environment where other people can achieve. To penalise someone for doing so is puntive, spiteful, and ultimately costly to society as a whole
  8. Which is why I won't bother from here on. Good luck
  9. It's a categorical and unmitigated mess. He's still claiming a GDP recovery of +1.5% in 18 months times !?!?! There was a good article in the FT this morning about the failure of financial journalists to wake up and do their job
  10. I'm not bullish on housing pricesnecessarily, but I am bullish on housing companies in the near term. AD announced a £500m+ package for home-building to remove the backlog of unfinished lots
  11. I've admitted my tax band - what's yours? I'm neither stupid nor a twit. I create jobs - what do you do????????
  12. I read those papers too - tell that to the middle income families that pay the majority of tax in this country.
  13. 200% behind you on this, unless UK govt implements the biggest government borrowing frenxy financed by central bank intervention known in the history of finance
  14. Top marks for the most intelligent post on this thread. Make that site
  15. If you live in society and use up resources you should contribute a nominal sum towards your participation in that society. The concept of an increasing tax band is the basis of socialism.
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