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  1. I'm not going to bump your pointless post again, after you were so rude. My kids learn many useful things from me - and one of the key ones is not to reward attention-seeking no-marks by giving them public recognition. So now I'm going to leave you and your stinking post to sink. Why did you post exactly the same message on two threads BTW - it wasn't even interesting the first time?

  2. Ahhh - I just knew buzzardo could not stay away,still can't read, still yabbers about his fictitious irrelevancies and is still rude with it, just as before. I hope he doesn't have have kids who might be learning from his social inadequacies. Also, I don't understand dances with sheeple admitting he has not read the thread, but chucks in a response anyway. Come to think about though, living in some "overseas paradise"? Hardly a bummer, is it. My posting has been about buying, not buying vs renting. Renting was not mentioned - it was about buying here and now. Nor was it about the details of 8k. I first mentioned it on day 2 of this thread only because a couple of posters questioned why I "had" to buy. The details are not really relevant, although many have concentrated on that and that alone. I don't know why. What is important is that I get it if I buy a property. I don't if I don't. (No information was drip-fed except in the eyes of some who made up their own scenario as they went along. Buy a house, 8k for life, that's all.) In any case, 8k or not, people buy houses for different reasons and under different circumstances, crash or no crash. I could buy a cheap studio, as I mentioned earlier, but I would not want to live in it either permanently or otherwise. Thanks for the suggestion though. If I waited two years I would save loads, but would have given up my 8k. Ouch. So I can either play around with not a fortune of money, waiting for more crashing, more ducking and diving. Or not. Different priorities I guess, but 8k a year is a useful cushion, and I will have it and have somewhere to live. Thanks dandare for the suggestion, and thanks schuey for the luck. Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for those replies. One thing I should say (again!) is that this is not a flat. It's a house. The point about social neighbours is well taken, and that is a concern for sure. Buying at auction would be difficult for two main reasons: I have been looking for almost six months - this is Cornwall, and quantities of everything are smaller down here. Nothing even half-way appropriate has yet turned up. That has scuppered that idea. Also, I will have a small mortgage and I would need an absolutely 100% cast-iron certainty that an auctionn deal would work. A small risk, but one with dire consequences if it didn't - there is now only two weeks to seal a purchase deal to guarantee my 8k a year. Don't forget I began this house hunt almost 6 months ago, and this deal I have spun out (by paying a reservation fee) for almost three months. As to the price, £166,120 is after all the bluffing, double-bluffing, walking away, reasoning, arguing, dealing and generally whittling down their "final price" after doing the gig initial reductions. I really would challenge anyone to get it more cheaply. As it happens, this house is also conderably less money than anything nearby and similar. Also, I do need to live somewhere, and I do want to get on with other things. I am 56, the clock is ticking and 8k per annum is and will be dead handy, let's face it. I could also sell the place in a few years and still keep the 8k. New build a risk? You bet! However, with 8k a year I could live ridiculously well in Atacames in Ecuador! A fabulous surfing beach with all the trimmings. Rent out the house in sunny (!) Cornwall, forget about house prices and always have somewhere to come back to. Daft? Maybe, but very do-able. So, I am sending my conveyancer 5% deposit and telling her to exchange contracts while I go on holiday to New York and back on the QM2, sailing on Friday. Things get tons better when this housing lark is knocked off the top spot of one's daily preoccupations, believe me. Having said all that, a few wishes of good luck would not go amiss!
  4. For information, the lowest price they will take, including everything, is £166,120.
  5. Just as well I'm not thinking of buying a flat, then.
  6. Looks like 140k is the preferred bid, then. Seems a hell of a drop from 210k, and there has to be a limit somewhere. No harm in trying, though. The 8k is what my sort-of bonus would be (and of course there is more to it, quite a lot more, but 8k for life is enough to describe some of my motivation), and I do have to live somewhere. Don't forget, I'm talking about how to buy, not wether to buy. I have looked for almost six months and really have looked at less than 10 houses in that time that may have suited. Currently, Rightmove has 20 remotely possible properties in my area, two of them sold subject to contract. None of those twenty is recognisable on propertysnake. Globrix (some local agents have left Rightmove following their price rise and Globrix seems to be the next favourite) has only 2 other houses. I agree new build is not ideal, but this house is available, affordable and is suitable. The rest is a risk of course.
  7. Interesting that the two rudest respondents to my first post in this thread remain just as rude - still nothing to say, just rude. Amazing really, but thankfully they are in an unthinking minority and hopefully won't degrade this thread any more. Anyway, thanks for the loads of useful replies. They all add to the mix. The original ask on this place was £210,000. Getting down to 170k required the national sales manager's agreement - it was him I ultimately got the ok from. I always think that if you do not eventually get the price from the top of the sales chain then you have not yet reached the bottom deal. He was top of a chain of four - on-site sales person, local sales manager, regional sales manager then the national bloke. After reaching the price bottom I started on extras - stuff I'm not especially bothered about like outside lights and upgraded oven etc, again making sure I went far enough to get "that's it, no more". So, six weeks ago I reached their absolute bottom. I spoke to the second couple in an apparent queue to buy my house (they pulled out because of mortgage problems) who told me their offer had been £179K. That could well have been true. I never met the first lot. I could not for negotiate other properties of my type on this develpoment as they had all been reserved with £1000 fees paid - that must mean something, I hope. Some of the other property types on the site have been slower to go, 'though all now have sold signs on the map. In my opinion, this property is good value at this point in time, and I have maybe another two months before I must exchange a contract on something(anything) in order to get my annual 8k (index-linked, as it happens). I suppose I could buy a studio in Redruth for 70k, but I do not want to live there and could be stuck with it forever. I just always have to have a house. Not the end of the world. The place I'm looking at is near Helston. As to a statistical valuation of my house, that's another matter. In the 1980s I was a very young member of the research team that developed cross-lagged correlation models at the Medical Research Council unit at Sheffield University. A part of that has been used in various generalised additive models of property valuations, so I know a little bit of their pros and cons. These models are okay for various group data, but for an individual property give me a human surveyor any day. Mine magically valued my unbuilt (!) house at £178,000 about six weeks ago. So, I reckon I will reduce my offer and see what they say. I will post the outcome. Meanwhile, having sold my last house for good money, I will carry on staying at the houses of parents, brother, friends and acquaintances. No bills, no mortgage, no council tax, no repairs. Not so bad, really. Big Issue anyone?
  8. Thanks for your realistic replies. All the facts and figures indicate that this is a good deal at the moment, and I would lose 8k a year every year for my lifetime (don't ask!) if I do not get something soon soon soon. I paid £1000 reservation fee, but I could get this back through any number of unimportant conveyancing problems. Also, this house is now cheaper than nearby second-hand houses, so all in all I reckon I'm jumping in. I've also answered my own question and, yes - I will reduce the "final offer"!
  9. Thanks for your replies DementedTuna, keef, maxwell, Mr Nice and ChumpusRex. They are welcomed and appreciated. Of course I don't have to buy in the broader sense - no one would die and the world would carry on. But, my circumstance are such that I will get a minimum of 8k a year for my lifetime if I buy something very, very soon (how or why not really relevant). Otherwise I won't. This new build is cheaper than anything second-hand and comparable in my area, and the developer cannot back out after my £1000 reservation fee which I can get back during conveyancing anyway. Unfortunately, buzzardo, yellerKat, Paddles and Bloo Loo just failed failed to read my post and decided that responses full of vitriole was the way to go, spouting well-trodden, simplistic amateur cliches in reply to a question they themselves invented and even quoted; I did not ask "should I buy....?" I asked "reduce my offer or not?", given that I had hammered the sellers already. The question was even in the headline, obvious enough I would have thought. Also, four posts? No. Find them - what did they say? I really do fail to understand tunnel vision so narrow as to invent issues that do not exist - and with such anger. Are you so incensed and possessed by property prices that you turn blind, stop thinking and just get plain rude? Nothing useful or polite to say? Then keep quiet.
  10. My final offer on a new build on a new development in Cornwall was £170000, made and accepted on June 20th. Contracts are not yet exchanged, and the house going up rapidly - just had the roof slated. I guess exchange will be about two weeks away i.e. about two months after the deal was struck. For various reasons I have to buy a house now, can't wait, and this one is better than most You can guess where I'm going - reduce my offer or not? This is with a major developer, so no compunctions about gazundering the ordinary guys of this world. I had squeezed them to reach the 170k, and that was a deal at their absolute limit. But, that was then..........what about now?
  11. My final offer on a new build on a new development in Cornwall was £170000, made and accepted on June 20th. Contracts are not yet exchanged, and the house going up rapidly - just had the roof slated. I guess exchange will be about two weeks away i.e. about two months after the deal was struck. For various reasons I have to buy a house now, can't wait, and this one is better than most You can guess where I'm going - reduce my offer or not? I had squeezed them to reach the 170k, and that was a deal at their absolute limit. But, that was then..........what about now?
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