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  1. Gunner rob you still fighting them?? How are things mate, not much better here at Mast Quay, got a few things done, the heating is working, me windows have been fixed by the Premier people took 3 years though!!! Still waiting for the second new lift, year and a half to fit so far!! Mike
  2. Hi Rob, god I would hate to have to rent, you can't get good tenants, nightmare, at least you have a concierge now, they should give money back if she lives out. Comer are supplying all services with their people but taking money as if they have numerous companies doing the work, the companies they do contract too are not paid so will not come back to service the blocks, ie Octopus. The pool is a nightmare too, good job we do not have one although its said that the new flats they intend to build will have a leisure club? OMG hope not. They say that they can change the lease relating to service if they want, they are charging us by the bedroom too now so every flat pays the same, £942m for six months mike
  3. Hi Rob, Same old same old, Helen has not answered my e mails, RS has gone a bit quiet. Still got our Nigeria guests squatting on the 14th floor penthouse, god knows when they will be chucked out. Having a field day ordering stuff from the catalogue, bet they don't pay. How about this, routine security check of the water cupboard on the 2nd floor of my block , found a loaded shotgun!!! Hidden and wrapped in black bin liners, wonder who's that is ?? Check your flat mate re service, Comer property seem to have now changed the charging criteria, not as in lease by sq footage, now by bedrooms, all the 2 beds here irrespective of size now pay same price £942 , mine up from £705 x 6 months!! I think all sites have been changed to same price band no consultation and against lease. Have a check Rob. Hope the pest man sorts out your visitors. Mike
  4. Hi matey, well yes its all gone quiet here too, RS met us recently but except for the yellow lines and the new parking signs nothing has changed, the squatters are still here, the satelite dishes have gone but no parking enforcement yet Also he says our service is by sq ft but the service woman says now done by number of bedrooms!!! Im checking my lease should be 0.59% of something? any ideas mate, Mike
  5. Hi Eagletower, well good luck mate, wish I could get rid of them but out of 158 flats, I could maybe get 8!! so were fxxxxx good luck anyway, briil mike
  6. Hi matey, well as you know Im at Mast Quay Woolwich, ours used to be £269.184.00 for 158 flats, its now gone up to £304.169.00 And you all have to know that what ever they call themselves now its always been Comer. We get 3 Russian/Polish cleaners from PPM coming twice a week to Mast Quay to scrap a dirty mop around and make alot of noise with the hoover, they arrive in a comer van marked Princess Park Manor. No tender they just arrived as Comer Property took over. So god knows how they cost the same cleaners for several sites, thats why our cleaning went from one nice fantastic polish lady 5 days a week to 3 people twice a week who are crap and its gone up 2K!!! :angry: mike Mast Quay. Woolwich
  7. Well then they can't do what they suggest, have a look at the lease, I'm sure its on sq footage mike
  8. Nah mate, they are wrong, they can't charge everyone the same rate, FFS mine is only 700 god knows what the penthouse is, its a complete floor. I will let you know what he says to me about service rates, as far as I know for the next year it does go on your sq ft. You got an e mail, Ill copy you in on my mail to him mike [email protected]
  9. If your paying 1.6 and he is 1.76 he is paying more fella
  10. Hi Fella, Im not sure, ill ask how they measure mine her and see what he says, Ill let ya know, I though it was on square footage, thats the only fair way, otherwise people with bigger flats with more in pay less!! No way. I will ask RS and let you know in relation to Mast quay mate Mike
  11. Hi Eagletower, they can't charge like that , your lease says how the charge is worked out and it has to be on size, are you sure that is how they charge? mike
  12. Hi Rob, thanks mate, got a bit mixed up, will check my sq ft, mine should be 700, you must have a double aspect place then, nice, talk soon fella, best Mike
  13. Hi Rob, You said that you got 44K back from them , I assumed that was because they sold you a smaller flat than quoted. You said you proved the apartment was smaller than they said, How did you prove that and how did you go about getting recompense? Thanks mate, Mike
  14. Well mate 4 of us owner occupiers went to comers HQ and had a meeting with RS and Helen, we brought up all our concerns re parking, security cleaning etc, he took on board our concerns and has put in place a programme of repairs and maintenance, he says Opus did not collect over £250,000 in service so the estate was bankrupt effectively. That is why nothing was getting done. He took on board that they as well Opus were to blame and so that is why they took over. The estate has had workmen here everyday since our meeting and things slowly look better on site. We are waiting for parking enforcement to return and that should be soon, that will keep the dross out also the squatters are imminently to be evicted from the penthouses. We know its Comer but so far so good. Mike
  15. Hi Rob, You lot seem worse than us here at Mast Quay, I would NOT be paying his rent!!! FFS, Helen is both from Opus and F&E. I think Robert Sheppherd is new though and give him his due he is getting stuff done here the estate is getting massive maintenance and repairs, I bet it costs us too though. Im very interested in the fact your flat was not the size they said, How did you get yours measured mate?? How did you get that money the 44K? Mike
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