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  1. So polite people from Manchester you know. I found that when I did my Science degree there. Graduated in 1997 and have never returned to the rainy dump.
  2. Sounds good. I want a wreath full of festive reds and greens.
  3. Thanks for the crap advice, but why cant there just be an easy way to say DELETE MY ACCOUNT if there was I wouldnt be posting. Afterall the reason I'm leaving is beacause the thought of posting more than 200 posts to a forum horrifies me. The fact you have over 1,000 posts and some on her over 10,000 indicates to me you need to pull your goggle eyes away from the screen and engage with some real human beings, perhaps if some did they wouldnt be posting about creating a cellar full of baked beans and candles.
  4. Hello, I have been looking for how to unsubscribe but cannot seem to see how to do it. Can some kind chap or chappess instruct me or if a mod sees the post delete this post and my account. Thanks Happy Christmas to the people on here who are not braindead. To the rest, best of luck for 2009, hope you find a good toilet cleaning job in the dole centre. MODERATOR: Done
  5. Are you any relation to the GRIM REAPER?????? It's like Mother Nature is about to reap her vengence on an ungrateful spoilt unpatriotic dirty generation who have shat on her beloved beautiful British Isles for the last 30 years........... I think of the great man Bomber Harris as he stood watching the Blitz on London from the roof of the Air Ministry THE HAVE SOWN THE SEED ........... NOW LET THEM REAP THE WHIRLWIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  6. What are they on??? Simple.. The government payroll! :angry: :angry: :angry:
  7. Newcastle United have offered Michael Owen a new contract but OMG :angry: its a mere pittance to what his current contact is. They have offered him a crumby £80,000 a week, compared to his current £105,000 per week. I mean for flips sake, hows the poor lad gonna pay his helicopter landing bills on that pittance. :angry: They've just told him 'take it or leave it' heartless, beastly devils. I can't type anymore, i'm too upset, i'm off for a lie down. It's a joke isn't it. I wouldn't mind if they were getting these salaries because they had excess profits, fact is most premier clubs have mounting debts. Its like Anthea getting her hands in the till before it all goes tits up!
  8. In the Great Depression there shanty towns sprang up and they became known as Hoovervilles named after President Hoover. With the news about Electroulux it sounds like we could end up with something similar.
  9. NO, please tell me you didn't you thought HEY HO. Sorry Red Alert but that is a thought crime. I can't stand that phrase along with 'delighted' and 'some such' its like screeching fingernails down a blackboard..... Clearly I'm not very High Street Zavvi as I've never even heard of this shop.
  10. A while back I applied for a job in Gibraltar for one of these gambling companies. I sent my CV to the recruitment company via the large job website. I got an email back from them saying sorry the job has been offered and accepted that day. I then sent a stroppy one back He then emailed and said 'I am surprised by your attitude' I then emailed back and said word to the effect "I'm surprised that your surprised that people are pissed off about taking time to apply for jobs that have already had interviews for and the job given." What a flippin waste a time half these 'Recruitment agencies' are. I have even had an interview after applying direct. The rec agency did not put me forward themselves as they didnt think I would get shortlisted. I got down to the last 5 out of 65. Didn't get it, but it was one of these that you secretly go Thank god for that. But seriously these Rec agencies far from helping you get work put bloody obstacles in your way! And in case your wondering Im still self employed and yes I can report the countries small businesses are royally fooked
  11. Oh and can I just point out that I didnt count the number of jobs each week. They advertise the number on the front cover, a good way to get extra purchasers. However I think with 200 jobs its just plain embarassing and I bet loads look at that number and think, I'll save my 40p this week.
  12. Thursday is the Evening Chronicles job supplement day. On average there is used to be about about 800-900 jobs advertised a week (although this has been falling over the last year or so). In Dec there is usually less perhaps 600, but I have NEVER EVER seen the jobs page have just 200 jobs on offer. Its a joke. That is not just Newcastle, but basically North Durham up to mid Northumberland, a population of I reckon about 400,000 people. And then the jobs - well as ever ok if you are a social worker, drug abuse worker, teacher, etc. On the plus side this means the labour loving Trinity Mirror will be taking a battering in lost ad revenue. I never buy the paper, it really is the most depressing thing ever. Written in the style of a grubby crime novel full of drug busts and beaten up old ladies.
  13. Yeah, don't get me wrong these PLACES are no shangri La, especially Africa. The Ethiopians had 11 wives and were drinking cows blood fresh from the cows neck. It was beyond grim. But none the less they certainly seem to be able to do what the hell they like. I would LOVE to know how many laws this country had on the statute books in 1940 when we were defending FREEDOM. I bet the number was miniscule compared to the UK in 2008, where everything is subject to a fine or a DNA swab. Did you know that a worker at Liverpool airport questioned why no-one speaks English at the contractors there. Not sure whether it was cleaning or food. They put a group on facebook. Now the HATE CRIMES UNIT (Lord give me strength) of Merseyside police are 'investigating.'
  14. One of my abiding memories of my backtrack trip to Africa some years back was how free you could be without some busy body poking their nose in, free of constant advertising, free of speed cameras etc. Now the BBC Last Man Standing is my FAVOURITE TV SHOW!! In case you havent seen it it involves 6 lads (3 UK 3 Americans, shown in both countries) going around the world from Ethiopia to Nepal etc and participating in the locals activities. The winner of the series of contests is named Last man standing. Contests Ethiopia - Full on stick fights with locals Nepal - Sherpa race up a HUYAAAWGE mountain Burkino Faso - Wresting Amazon - Native canoe racing etc Anyway watching this series has again reminded me of how extremely FREE their lives are compared to HMP Prison Brittania, eg In Brazil the amazon tribeswomen took the huff that they wont getting enough sex from their hubbies because they were spending to much time training the lads, so on the return they meted out a beating ritual to the westerners, giving them a mob thumping hilarious!!! This country - Mass arrested and DNA ed for civil disturbance. In Burkino Faso - To bring them luck the Shaman took them to the river and they all fed live chickens to the crocodiles for good luck. This country prison sentence for animal cruelty. In Ethiopia the tribes had AK47s in case of any aggro from other tribes. This country Long stretch for owning a gun. In Nepal, they had to carry up 20kg stones using a neck strap. This country severe fine from the HSE, sherpas sued for compo. In Phillipines - Water buffalo racing large crowd gathering by the riverside. This country no event insurance and police permission, closed down and big fine etc etc etc. I also love the fact the tribes are largely untouched and homogenous, now thats what I call diversity. The total opposite to what the globalist liberals want which is a planet where everyone is 'consumers' mixed into one mass with no ancient traditions or heritage or nations to call their own.
  15. Land of leather - Simple rescue plan. Charge a fiver to get in. All staff replaced by local glamour model wannabees. Staff uniform, All in one leather catsuits. On sale of a sofa the customer is rewarded with the helpful staff member slithering out of her suit, donning snake skin boots and riling around the new sofa for 10 mins with purchaser, all in a very skimpy leather G-String!!! KERCHING!!!!!!!!! Just call me Branson, Richard Branson.
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