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  1. Did anyone else hear the new description for 'double dip recession' that has obviously become a worrying phrase for TPTB? Instead, we now are at risk of 'zig-zag patterns of growth' FFS. Is it just me that hates this sematic manipulation?
  2. It's tumbleweed for this forum, because from what I can see, Brighton is steadfastly holding against a hpc. Certainly in the market I am looking at - family houses in decent school catchments - decent houses or those with potential are being sold, and not far off asking price. Flats, and really high-end stuff is sticking around, but I don't see any EAs going out of business just yet. I know several people who have moved into or around Brighton in the past year. Sales might be taking longer than at peak, but the money (or lending, but I suspect money) is still around. In fact, the housing market (from my viewpoint as a keen observer) feels to be more positive than it has for a few years. More's the pity. Loads of building improvements/extending going on too - plenty of money still sloshing sround from somewhere
  3. So, what does it mean when the first photo is of a cat??? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31786651.html?premiumA=true ...it means the garden is a selling point surely, afterall it is 'an unusally large garden' - 25x14. Oh, hang on, that's 25 x 14 foot, FFS! Maybe the cat comes with the house, and that, plus the fact that the house is so big, you have to hang your bike on the dining room wall to store it, is why the house is on for asking price 415k
  4. Resurrecting the Brighton thread - I just had to post this : http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31786651.html?premiumA=true How to sell a house? Make the first picture one of a cat, of course! Actually, maybe it is because the house allegedly has an 'unusually large garden' (erm...25x14 feet, not metres)! Only 415K. Same old, same old. No doubt it will be bought by a Londoner for 399K who thinks he has a bargain as he starts the daily commute while his wife pushes her huge buggy round the baby boutiques of the North Laines (yawn). Oh, and give it about 2 years and they will move out to Hurstpierpoint or somewhere similarly twee, with a garden for the children and a pretty, rural school that needs a 4x4 to get to... Jaded, moi?
  5. Why hasn't the estate agent thought of the obvious solution? Call for Dr Who! He can take the sellers/buyers to the right selling/price point in history? Or would that cause a rift if they never co-incide
  6. or equally illogical - "the price is right but the currency is wrong" Zim dollars anyone? What an idiot that guy sounds. If he really believes what he says, he should not be allowed out on him own, let alone be involved in other peoples' decisions about money and risk...
  7. ...maybe Still shocking that they are promoting this ultimately-reposession-guarateed mortgage in a falling market, and dragging others into it. What happens when the 3 yr fix ends and the mortgagees are in negative equity, and possibly facing even higher IRs? Barstewards...
  8. Well, Cubitt unt West are *rseholes, so I'm not surprised. They really don't have any morals do they? Can't wait till I see For Sale boards going up outside their offices. Couldn't happen to a nicer firm.
  9. http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/1298028-So-nosey-but-whats-it-worth It is interesting just to see the differences in finacial situations between those who bought 1990-2002-ish compared to those who bought more recently. Lots of people recognising their houses are worth less now than a couple of years ago. At least one who has sold in NE. Fair amount of realism I would say?
  10. Apologies for lowering the intellectual tone of this thread, but does this mean *something* is going to happen on Monday? Does Greece have to default now - what does that actually mean - for them, the Eurozone, us? I get the idea from this thread that you experts are in disagreement, but I am not quite sure what about? Patient explanations welcomed...
  11. Looking at it another way, you could buy that whole road, and the one behind, for the price of the OP's house in Wandsworth... It is stoopid, either way.
  12. That loo might be fine for a bloke wanting a pee, but if anyone sits down, where do their thighs go? Is it a refurb, or does someone currently live there? and do they have more than one loo??
  13. I had to check house prices, to see how 'out there' this asking price was. Turns out, it's pretty much in the right ballpark, bizarrely :angry: : Sale Date Property Price 14/12/2010 35, Lyford Road, London, Greater London, SW18 3LU Freehold semi-detached house £4,750,000 10/12/2010 70, Lyford Road, London, Greater London, SW18 3JW Freehold detached house £3,425,000 21/12/2006 7, Lyford Road, London, Greater London, SW18 3LU Freehold new build detached house £2,925,000 04/04/2011 26, Lyford Road, London, Greater London, SW18 3LT Freehold detached house £2,700,000 06/01/2010 34, Lyford Road, London, Greater London, SW18 3LT Freehold semi-detached house £2,500,000 28/02/2011 76, Lyford Road, London, Greater London, SW18 3JW Freehold detached house £2,500,000 29/07/2005 44, Lyford Road, London, Greater London, SW18 3LS Freehold semi-detached house £2,350,000 12/05/2006 70, Lyford Road, London, Greater London, SW18 3JW Freehold detached house £2,175,000 25/07/2007 18, Lyford Road, London, Greater London, SW18 3LG Freehold semi-detached house £1,848,000 05/03/2009 48, Lyford Road, London, Greater London, SW18 3LS Freehold semi-detached house £1,625,000 How can that house EVER be worth that sort of money????
  14. I clicked on the RM link and also though, 'oh, a type, it should be 410K'. I am ASTOUNDED is is really on the market at 4.1M. Shows how absolutely crazy prices have become. Even in London, for that sort of money, I would be expecting a mansion, nor a prettified suburban house...
  15. Have read the thread. My thought was that the husband (and maybe wife) took the mortgage out a few years ago for normal multiples, but HPC has meant that their 150K house has increased in cost to 340k (or so they think). What IS interesting about that thread is that all of the replies, bar maybe one or two, are saying she is a fool. Surely that is indicative of sentiment being strongly against speculation in the housing market etc etc. Out of the 80+ people who replied to the original poster, 97% say she is mad even to think about it. That is a pretty strong tide of opinion against overstretching yourself...
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