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  1. Really? That must be why governments worldwide are scrambling over each other to send their economies into deflation. I'd love to see you actually provide a sound basis to back up this amusing statement. The quoted rate of inflation is around 2% - right? So - what's the "real" rate of inflation you talk of? Are you telling me people aren't even getting 2% pay rises. Again, back this up otherwise your statements sound ludicrous. Isn't that communism? Capitalism is about winners and losers. Pie in the sky theories about economic equilibrium are all well and good, but it doesn't pa
  2. I highly doubt (unless you can point one out) there's such a thing as an economy with cost deflation but with salary inflation - so it really works out the same as regards spending power. This is simplistic since it doesn't take into effect interest rates. Japan let's say has 2% deflation (-2% growth) and interest rates of 0% (these figures may not be 100% accurate). You're effectively earning 2% on your money. With inflation of 2% (positive) and interest rates of 5%, you're effectively gaining 3%. Deflation also effects confidence - consumers are less likely to spend money since it cou
  3. What you're seeing is market forces at work. Economies and markets fluctuate. Design a better system and I'm sure people will jump all over it. If people have to put their essential purchases on credit, it's their own fault. Stupid people live beyond their means. "this place is going down fast" - tone down the rhetoric why don't you. Things might get worse, but they'll get better again. Economy goes up. Economy goes down. Repeat ad infinitum.
  4. Economic growth is stimulated by debt. That's where new money creation comes from. That's where new businesses come from. Without money lending the economy would be very flat. However, excessively loose lending is a whole different story...
  5. I loathe the daily reckoning. It's just sensationalist nonsense pushing their overpriced products. A bit like The Sun for wannabe investors.
  6. What would be your definition of an economy built on rock? And look around the world - we have it very good in this country. People seem to focus on the seeming negative rather than the many positives.
  7. It's the concept of the site, but not the consensus. I imagine people visiting here are interested in the subject but have all sorts of views. I reckon there will be a slowdown sooner or later (we've had it too good for too long) and people will lose their jobs. That could possibly be any of us. We can but do our best to be prepared...
  8. Huh? What he says is right. Businesses are in business to make profits. The one employing you wouldn't be employing you if it wasn't making (or attempting to make) profits. If you don't like the concept, there's always Cuba...
  9. "It's all panning out"? Better housing affordability is a good thing, but revelling in people losing their jobs ... hmm. And if house prices fall, the economy will slow down, meaning you might lose your job and have trouble finding a new one. It also means that morgage lending will tighten up, so if you're not cash rich you could have trouble buying anyway. The fact is, none of us know for sure exactly what's going to happen. If you do know for sure, then I'm guessing you also know next week's lottery numbers? The economic slowdown that accompanies falling house prices is not exactly som
  10. You're right. The only thing we can expect in our future is perpetual prosperity. Hurrah.
  11. Direct debit? Some savings accounts have them.
  12. Whining on an internet message board makes absolutely no difference to anything. Sentiment and the market are coerced and controlled by those much more powerful than any of us. This place is good for letting off steam and exchanging viewpoints. But will make no difference to the market at all. If you think it will, you need to quit whatever it is you're smoking.
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