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  1. I always check to see if it is in a flood plain. Boston
  2. I am using PB with rightmove, and have no problems. I am on Firefox 15.0.1 for Ubuntu. Have you tried posting on the PN forum?
  3. He is living in Cloud Cuckoo Land, as always, doing something unspeakable with Prudence.
  4. There is a problem in PB. Probably because RM have changed something on their site. Unfortunately Beerhunter (the person who maintains PB) has no broadband access until mid October. See PB site for full details.
  5. Sorry, MT, but I think that there is a bug in RM or PropertyBee. The PB site is reporting many occurences of properties returning to available, even though they are sold and on LR. Unfortunately, Beerhunter has no broadband at the moment, probably won't be fixed, he says, until mid October.
  6. Yes I had. Many thanks for the tip guys (and gels?).
  7. You have cheered me up enormously, thank you - I was losing the will to live; my housing pot is only 5 figures and I have been waiting sooo long for a HPC.
  8. I think I just accidentally sent GBP 21, instead of GBP 11 - but it is in a good cause. Val
  9. Have you loaded PB It works fine for me,but I haven't registered to share files; don't know if this makes a difference.
  10. Don't panic, its ok; my husband tells me how to vote, so that he effectively gets 2 votes. I just make the minor decisions like where we live, what house we buy, how the children are brought up, what friends we have and other girlie trivialities.
  11. Great job by Beerhunter under very difficult circumstances. Many thanks too to those who piled in to help him with the update.
  12. Good to hear from you Beerhunter - look after yourself. My IT experience stopped at FORTRAN (well maybe C++) otherwise I would love to help. If there is anything else I can do, let me know. Val
  13. I would like the old version back please. All this white space is making me twitchy.
  14. I think that house prices will level off for the rest of this year as the cash buyers dwindle and the 'bank of mum and dad' deposits run out . Next year I expect a steady but slow decline with vendors clinging to their hopes - until the General Election in May. Once the current government is history, and can no longer prop up the housing market with QE and pressure on banks to delay repossessions, and anything else that they think up in the mean time, I anticipate a second crash, gathering pace as people begin to realise that the UK is in rather a lot of trouble. So I expect to buy, with my tiny pot of cash, at the end of next year at the earliest, and more probably in 2011.
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