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  1. When we are looking for new homes the price is probably not the first criteria that is considered. I disagree. It is the first point of refernce to go to the next.
  2. Its one of the great joys of O'level Physics 1985, and has been useful in describing random movement of anything ever since.
  3. I expect there will be a high demand for rented accommodation, and a glut of homes for sale. Sitting Tight has been a feature of this forum I notice. Perhaps your landlord wont be able to sell. It all depends on where you are.
  4. Prices will continue to fall by 15% and bottom out in about 18 months. I am definitely going to start the buying process again early next summer. If you are looking for a real bargain now check out the brewery sell off of pubs in the UK and theres a great blog too
  5. Sit tight. It only affects you if you sell, and if you are in a position to buy, now is the time. Dubai still offers returns for the long term investor and there are other emerging markets to consider,such as Africa or City apartments like Berlin Then all you have to consider is the fuel surcharges for the flights
  6. Egypt property Investment Blog Does it have to be the Red Sea? Theres a lot more to Egypt than Sharm el Sheikh. And I see that Morgan Stanley have just opened in Cairo which suggests stabilty for investment and Egypt seems to be the next choice for property investment. Not everyone wants to be stuck in a hotel
  7. Designer golf courses Valhalla is the Ryder Cup Course this year and as I read through the news on the US versus Europe battle I was struck by the great and universal abilities of most top players over the years. It is well known that footballers are good at golf and snooker(hand eye co-ordination and all that) but little has been discussed on the Golfers ability to design a golf course. Is this the same sort of designing as Kate Moss and a Top Shop designer line. Of course they will know what they like or dislike about a course in the same way as Kate knows whether she doing Purple or stretch denim. Admittedly its easier to use a digger and some feed than sew a gypsy top from scratch, but how much did Jack really contribute to Valhalla? Well his website boasts Jack Nicklaus design has over 300 golf courses 'open for play' Hard to imagine how he found the time. http://designer-golf-courses.blogspot.com/
  8. Right to buy your council house at a fraction of its worth?
  9. Boris and Jeremy may look like radicals but they are very definitely establishment. People always go on about Maggie, but she was everything the establishment hated; a woman, a strong woman, grammar school education, got to Cambridge by learning Latin (the great divider in her day) out of school time, coped with having a family and with a supportive husband. Its easy to call her a bitch and her husband weak, her son thick, her daughter fat, her cabinet were sheep, etc etc. Its all too easy. Look at where she picked us up and where we dropped her off. Thats the measure....and she was the true radical.
  10. If there are few sales it is difficult to judge where prices are going. Most sensible people will be sitting tight, whether they are buyers or sellers. Only the best can survive this.Or look firther afield for our investments. Quick returns are few and far between this year.
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