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  1. Classic tactic to try collapse a rising market and let the big boys buy in at a lower price IMHO.
  2. Hardly Investment Grade wines are they??? Nice to drink when they are ready though!!
  3. Very interesting post. I am like you - I look at my wine portfolio only every quarter. I agree with your comments on Bobby Boy's influence and I worry about what will happen when he shuffles off the mortal coil.... Where do you see the 2005's going if 2009 turns out to be a stonking vintage and would you consider buying 2009's en primeur? Manin The Street's gratitutous advice is obvious and (anyway) I am buying to make cash - so I am in First Growths and not Crus Bourgeois. Congrats on your portfolio gains - excellent job in a (relatively) short time frame! Last month, I was offered GBP9.5K by a London dealer for my Le Pin 1996 that I bought in October 2008 for GBP5.4K. I turned him down....
  4. I've met you in 'The George and Dragon' in Bangsar Shopping Centre and I claim my RM5.00
  5. I'm no expert but I think most stocks listed on the FTSE do not reflect the dire state of the UK economy as so much of their earnings come from overseas operations. TESCO for example will have about 65% of its 2009 earnings from outside the UK. So don't treat what the London markets do as a reflection of the UK's economic health or otherwise.
  6. Or even: " A South African colleague of mine......"
  7. In Yorkshire we say: "All fur coat and no knickers"
  8. Correct. The other problem people seem to forget is the popularity of Endowment Mortgages. I used to have an IO mortgage. No problem because I had 7 or 8 different endowment/savings/life-insurance plans that were triggered to pay down the capital after 20 years or so. THAT all went tits-up with the various scandals that hit in the late 90s/early 2000s. Before I beggared off to Malaysia, I remember getting regular letters from Equitable Life/Scottish Widows/Save & Prosper/Standard Life/Swiss Life and Gawd knows who else telling me that the cold hard cash I'd invested religiously every bleeding month for 10, 12, 15 years had NO WAY of ever paying down my capital cost. It was then I realised the entire system was a SCAM and sold off everything, cashed in all my policies, sold every damned asset I ever had in the UK and left the country with close to 400K sterling in cash. I have now succeeded in living a debt free life for over seven years and my capital has gone up by about 35% in real terms. Wish more people would use their brains.....
  9. Oh! B**ger the lawn! Think of the beers. Got a one-way on AirAsia - will revert ASAP.
  10. I'm doing great Old Boy! In BKK next week (3rd onwards) - will try PM you - maybe come to have a few beers in that beautiful garden of yours! <just wonder how to get there>
  11. Sounds like some quackery to me! Wonder what the bill is like for council tax.
  12. It's total crap as a posters' forum SLOW!!! The reason is that the site owners are too busy screwing money out of their site traffic from Google Adsense and Adwords and anything to turn a cheap penny on the backs of us. Even on HPC the UK 'ethic' ******s you over. Bastards!!
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