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  1. If this was ever brought in, which I seriously doubt, I would be non-PAYE by the end of the week. Will never happen. Probably just some fool at the HMRC sent a doc to some bag carrier in Westminster then 'briefed' a journo that 'ministers' are considering it.
  2. Hollingdean is a very generous description of walking distance But I missed the two in Hanover that are on for 200k, as I never check the SSTC ones. Interesting, things are moving in the right direction.
  3. That might just work, and I mean might, if you had a big lump of cash which you intend to tie up over say 10-15 years. Anyway thats the lowest sale price for a house within walking distance of Brighton & Preston stations for years. Even if you're generous with your definition of walking distance. I've notice that there is a bit of a psychological barrier at the 210-230k level for small terraces. Looking forward to the first to be marketed under 200k.
  4. I can't quite be sure, cos I forgot to note the lot number, but looking here at lot 101, it looks like this went for 162k.
  5. Pointless quango, duplicating work done by others and judging by the lack of comments to this thread not that much interest in them. Abolish.
  6. From the Halifax Report So prices fell 1.9% in the busiest quarter of the year. Oh dear. Halifax Report
  7. I agree the place looks a state, the location is crap and there might be horrors awaiting any buyer foolish enough not to get a structural survey first, but... If that property goes for say, under 120-140k, or less, it will send shivers down the Brighton market. Property prices are all relative, no matter how crap the location, condition, etc.
  8. When are they due to be published? I would guess a positive number as Halifax has lagged Nationwide on the spring bounce thing.
  9. This is interesting. A 2 bed terrace to be auctioned at a guide price of 80k. Had a look on Zoopla and it doesn't seem to have changed hands since they started doing the electronic records. 80k Terrace
  10. Do MPs have to timesheet their rounds of golf? Long lunches? Political canvassing? Time spent acting for the Crown as Ministers or Privy Counsellors? Writing books and articles? Writing books and articles unpaid? Going on overseas junkets? etc etc.
  11. That's because they can't answer. Let's say you're a married couple with two kids, live in the South East and have combined earnings of 40-50k (which includes any goodies from Gordon). This is the average 2.4 family that makes a large portion of the demographic. Now what can you get, if you have sensible multiples and a deposit: somewhere between 130k and 170k. Now go to a property listings site and see where your 130k-170k will get you. Where I live you'll be lucky to get a 2 bed flat and will probably have to settle for a 1 bed flat. You will struggle to get a 2 up, 2 down terrace anywhere in the South East. There is only one way for prices to go, just have to be patient as we are not dealing with efficient financial markets.
  12. So rich people can swap houses. The rest of us will have to wait for prices to fall further.
  13. I appreciate simple models or analogies are helpful in explaining complex issues, but... If there were only 2 Ferraris, the fall in value of each is not likely to be that great (or even happen). What I'm getting at, is that if the government created only a few Ferraris, the effect wouldn't be so great. The real problems arise when the Ferraris are churned out on a scale that does affect value. So the question is whether QE is of a scale that affects the value of money. At the moment it (QE) isn't even filling the gap from the collapse in private credit creation. The real problems might start when normal monetary growth resumes and nothing is done to stop or reverse QE.
  14. So from the above figures, lending for mortgages increased by 300 mill, which is equivalent to approximately 2000 new purchases. Yet mortgages for purchase only increased by 200/300. So most of this money is actually going on remortgaging, or have I missed something. (eg, the lending is mostly for big expensive houses).
  15. Controversial question. (perhaps) What's the difference between: 1) having sex with someone in exchange for cash. and 2) Having sex with someone on the explicit understanding that you are housed, clothed and treated to a nice present every now and then. and 3) Having sex with someone who is rich, in the hope and expectation that pregnancy and large maintainance payments follow? I would argue that the only difference is that 1) is more honest and prostitution should be legalised.
  16. I completely forgot that it is that time of month. No, it's Land Reg day: B+H for May 2009: -0.7% MoM -19.1% YoY Average price is now £188,377.
  17. Interesting report. Whilst the headline number indicates prices flat MoM, the regional disparity is stark and a little odd. Eg, North East (-4.3%) and North West (+1%). West Midlands (+1.0%) and East Midlands (-1.0%). This is down to the small sample size IMO. No increase in volumes at all. But if you look a bit deeper, Buy to Let hotspots like Brighton, Bristol, Manchester continue be amongst the areas with the biggest falls. HPC continues, smart buyers will just have to be patient (having initially planned to start looking this summer, we have now put it back to next spring at the earliest).
  18. It's quite difficult to weight an index effectively when the volume of the index constituents (homes currently for sale) are at historic lows compared to peak and average volumes. Eg: If a particular area normally sees 50 terraced homes on the market for sale, but only has 2 at this time, trying to accurately weight the value of those 2 homes, so that they reflect what would normally be the average weighting of 50, is nigh on impossible. As I've said before and been shot down, rising volume will presage capitulation. Now that doesn't mean volume rising to boom levels, but until people accept prices have fallen and that those prices aren't going back up anytime soon, we will just have a mexican standoff. The only encouragement I can find, is that in the area I'm looking at, the few properties coming onto the market have asking prices that are markedly down from the peak (10-15%), which tells me the message is slowly getting through.
  19. Took their time didn't they. Plod: So Mr Chaytor, do you agree you have reclaimed for a mortgage here? [points to huge pile of paper labelled evidence] Chaytor: errr Plod: And did you have a mortgage at this time? Chaytor: errr Plod: I think we've heard enough Mr Chaytor, thank you for your cooperation, we'll call you once the CPS has decided what to do with your case. [Turns to Plod II and winks]
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