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  1. and another one, again from the telegraph this week: Article Quote " You need to get out of the house more,” said my husband, noting that it was three months, one week and four days since I last went out after dark, and even that was only to buy nappies. “Whose house?” I said. “Our house,” he snapped. “But we don’t have a house,” I protested. “We have a small, one-and-a-half bedroom flat within a house.” “You know what I mean,” he huffed. “I do, but do you know that one of the main reasons I don’t go out after dark any more is because of the really huge mortgage on our one-and-a-half bedroom flat within a house?” “Look, Bryony. Just please go on a night out so that you let off some steam and stop being a pedantic little…” So last week, I got out of the flat, to a party in a bar (not a house). I went there eagerly anticipating chat about that ludicrous Beyoncé/Obama rumour; or, even better, some meditations on how fatherhood might change Simon Cowell. I did not go there to talk about houses, and the ever-increasing value of them. “Our home,” announced a beaming woman whom I had only met once, “is now worth £1.5 million. And we bought it 10 years ago for practically LESS THAN THE COST OF A BAG OF PEANUTS!” Hmm, I thought. Clearly it is only rude to talk about money if you don’t actually have any. “Well I’m so glad I’m not buying now,” said someone else, in a boast barely concealed as pity for the young. “I mean, we wouldn’t be able to afford a cardboard box, let alone the semi-detached house we got for a little under £300,000 six years ago, which, incidentally, is now worth over double that!” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/houseprices/10649197/Buying-a-house-is-like-a-game-of-Monopoly-where-the-young-always-lose.html
  2. As far as I was aware basic rate tax on the interest is deducted at source? consequently only higher rate tax payers would be in the firing line.... The fact that so many more people have been dragged into self assessment following the child benefit rule changes would make it an easy enough procedure to shake down some more cash from joe public. I guess if HMRC do anything about it, it would be along the lines of a tax catch up plan offered to self employed Plumbers, Home Tuition etc (i.e offer an amnesty on penalties for undeclared PPI interest for 'fessing up') just bang out a letter remaining people should have declared it on their last tax return and offer them the chance to do it now without penalty....easy money
  3. so true The Mrs asked me "how come we don't have any of this PPI money we can claim back?" because whenever it was offered at the time I told them it was a waste of money
  4. ...in my part of the world (Harrogate) there is a very interesting Mexican standoff developing. Interestingly there is slowly a building up a forest of for sale signs going up for retirement flats, clearly final steppers moving in to either care homes (or pine and brass accommodation). however I assume these are not being 'snapped up' because a combination of the downsizing buyers cant offload the 4 bed detatched they bought for 12k back in 1975 for £650k, and vendors of the retirement flats not dropping the price (flats for older people are ridiculously priced in Harrogate) Plenty of 400K plus houses have gone on last year or even earlier, then come off again, and are starting to reappear. One particular house I have been watching went on initially for a laughable 650k reduced to 595 last summer, down to £585 and now on with 3 agents for offers over £550k. I assume that one is now being in danger of being caught in the dreaded stamp duty 'tractor beam' Another one £625K now £595K (unoccupied and impossible to rent out due to dated décor) The Govt is simply fostering this misallocation of resources again (retirees in huge houses they don't want to live in, families packed in to small houses they cant afford to move out of) This is in a part of the UK where prices are still relatively flat. I cannot imagine how angry anyone in the SE where all the money being jet hosed by TPTB seems to be creating another bubble feels about this
  5. Just to clarify, as I am due to lose £24.50 child benefit per additional £100 earned what does that make my EMTR?
  6. The disconnect between London and where I am (North Yorks) is pretty astounding...up here, for second and 3rd step housing (i.e boomers cashing in their chips) all the 'kite flyer' priced houses up here just sit there for months or years on end and any motivated sellers cut the price to attract buyers. It sounds like London is going into a bit of a fear of loss mania, your classic 'wall of worry'. If I was waiting for a crash surely a violent blow up like this is going to resolve things one way or the other (i.e those of you on the sidelines have either missed the boat forever as , or the whole thing is going to fall over in short order) Personally I think a tonne of foreign hot money is going to flow in until practically the only purchases are speculative only its when they start wanting to cash out, is when it could get messy... all very exciting if you are just talking about silver or bitcoins where only sophisticated investors are involved. But this a 'market' being politically 'blown up' for peoples homes, so pretty sh**ty considering it involves ordinary people who just want somewhere to live, (whether they want to rent or buy)
  7. 0% cards are great, I get a car allowance and have to drive a certain age/original list price value of car so effectively have to change my car every 3 years (assuming buying a 1 year old car) I have bought my last 2 cars on them.....18months at 0% (you are usually charged 2.5% fee for this) pay the minimum balance + a monthly amount into an ISA, roll the debt over to a different cc provider for another 18 months say for 2.5% fee again pay the monthly minimum and pay a monthly amount into an ISA pay off the balance at the end of 3 years, rinse an repeat.... not sure what the exact APR is to finance the car this way, once you factor in the interest earned in the ISA but I don't think its possible to finance a car cheaper
  8. Yep used it last night, very easy to purchase but very expensive compared to 'spot price'. However every Xmas my kids and godchild get a silver 1oz coin from me and you end up paying well over spot for that. So this year I have got them each a decibit (.1 of a BTC?) printed up a paper wallet for each a don't worry I will keep a copy handy, b. don't worry I also give them something more tangible than just PM's or Crypto currencies I must say I do enjoy the quizzical looks from said godparents when I give him a 1oz coin each year, and am looking forward to an even stranger reaction when I hand over a BTC paper wallet.
  9. My folks live in a very sought after village in Yorkshires 'Golden Triangle' and i have been struck recently by how many houses up for sale are now hanging around, they are still on for joke amounts of money, but that never mattered before, as someone always came along soon enough to 'snap it up'.....not any more
  10. As title: The fact that Tory MP Stewart Jackson hasn’t even sold his house will make his battle with IPSA’s expensive legal team, Cherie Blair’s Matrix Chambers, all the more interesting. Especially since he isn’t even considering selling up. Guido is however more amused by Jackson’s claim that house prices were falling in his area, so the value of his property couldn’t possibly have increased by 20% as IPSA claim. Which is somewhat ironic given that Jackson’s wife is none other than Daily Express property hack Sarah O’Grady, known for headlines such as “House prices rocket to a three-year high”, “Biggest house price rises in a year”, “House prices surge for second month in a row” and “House prices on rise again”. And many, many more http://order-order.com/2013/05/10/glass-house-prices/
  11. Nice reduction (I hope they weren't mentally spending that 1.2 million they thought they were going to get ) Well I guess that puts a ceiling on the 'offers over' they are going to get, based on 20% over this figure it equates to another drop of around 50k (assuming all buyers are au fait with property bee)
  12. Scottish sale system of "offers over" means it may go for a lot more than that. I have no idea how anyone knows what to offer (i have heard that sellers expect around 20% over depending on interest) but watching LLL when they buy in scotland the offers over versus what they put a bid in for was sometimes miles over (granted it might just be Krustys expert buying strategy )
  13. Commonly referred to as Newark That particular house in Newark is 5 minutes walk to the train station and 1hr 20 into london KC. These sort of houses are being almost exclusively bought by londoners The sort of commutes this thread was mentioning earlier, make the idea of living in Hindhead look totally daft in comparison (local schools are a bit sh1t mind you)
  14. All you lot trying to live in the South East certainly are being scr*wed, I dont envy you. Interesting to note now 3 members of my extended family have moved up to Newark on Trent over the past 3 years from London. 2 of them can commute 1 or 2 days a week and otherwise work locally/home. The other one did a daily commute for over a year now that was hardcore. There is a curious mix of people in that town with a strange blend of local chavs and yummy mummys, that goes for the shops in town, restuarants etc. London money is certianly flowing North.... Fact is if you are on good money, you can afford to buy this for cash do the pros outweight the cons? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-38781719.html it must be galling to see what you get in london by contrast......
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