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  1. Looking in Herts, not quite at the mark of the OP but not too far off. The market is turning and intelligent vendors can see it.
  2. ZeroHedge certainly worth a look tonight if you can catch it whilst the server is up - plenty of fall out from this.
  3. For anyone interested, the price of a share in this ETF post-election is......about the same as it was before. Perhaps I am none the wiser...
  4. Impressive gains today. It was at 780, I made a telephone call and it was up to 803. I'd better make another one!
  5. Yes to both I think. You can buy/sell at any time just like a regular share, but the price may not be where it was when you started. Since I have owned this, the price has varied a little, but not by much (£10.80 - £11.30). Reflecting on LandOfConfusions response yesterday though, I believe this is right with respect to a regular Index-Linked Gilt but what I don't know is whether the price of an ETF behaves in exactly the same way or whether they incorporate some additional factors as well.
  6. Thanks for the response; I figured the same. There has certainly been a lot more volatility in this ETF recently - I have assumed it is due to the daily election polls, but still kind of hard to follow. The lesson learned (for me at least) is that you want an inflation-hedge that is not (part) linked to the stability of the government, since at some point, you are going to sell shares in the ETF at whatever the market price is. Your return on this ETF is not just linked to inflation... So now the question is to whether to sell before May 6th!
  7. Hi All - I have some money invested in the iShares Index-Linked Gilts fund as an inflation hedge. Can anyone explain to me how the price of these shares will vary according to the election result this Thursday/Friday? e.g. a ) Hung Parliament b ) Conservative majority I assume the dividend is determined by RPI but I could never figure out whether the price is affected by inflation-expectations only (i.e. demand for inflation protection) or inflation-expectations plus faith in UK gilts generally. Thanks!
  8. Living in Richmond myself, I'm looking forward to quoting Nick Clegg at local estate agents, what was it - "Probably the most over-heated area for house prices in Europe" ?? Sweet.
  9. People who have postponed moving as long as they can bear it and finally taking the plunge because they just can't leave it any longer - despite the red flags?
  10. Funnily enough, we are thinking of moving to the area and I enquired about one of those on the list as I noticed it had been on the market for 2 years via PropertyBee. I told the EA I didn't want to trouble him for a viewing if the vendors weren't prepared to discount heavily for a buyer currently renting with mortgage pre-agreed etc. At those prices it would be right at the top end of our budget and clearly at that price the potential exposure is large should we get some decent falls after the election. I was surprised to be told that prices and transaction volumes in Berkhamsted are not far off 2007 levels and there were any number of chain-free buyers like me out there ready to buy and showing interest in the property. I therefore told him that I wasn't interested in getting involved and would phone back in three months to see if the vendor had started to get the fear yet. I must admit, having called his bluff I was expecting a call from him this week - but nothing. Either he is useless or all those cash rich buyers are having a spendathon.
  11. Popcorn time, things are getting interesting - could be no tsatsiki left by Monday. From ZeroHedge:
  12. The Latest Gold Fraud Bombshell: Canada's Only Bullion Bank Gold Vault Is Practically Empty, Is The Central Fund Of Canada Insolvent? Another good one on this topic.
  13. From Zero Hedge - Brace for impact Commerzbank Pulling Greek Repos, Lehman Deja Vu As Greece Shifts To Full Blow Liquidity Crisis Mode Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/07/2010 10:04 -0500 Counterparties Google Greece Lehman Lehman Brothers OTC And so Greek the funding crisis shifts to a liquidity crisis yet again. Bankingnews.gr reports that Commerzbank, among many others, is now pulling its repos with Greek banks, essentially killing liquidity in the entire financial system. Cue Lehman Brothers and Sunday CDS trading. At least it's not Friday so OTC traders don't have to worry they will be pulled from their Hamptons retreat. The Greek website is reporting that according to sources, Commerzbank which is one of the biggest repo counterparties to Greek institutions, was dumping bonds in yesterday's sell off. Not only that, but it is now pulling repos, in essence starting a cascade of asset liquidation, in which banks, already experiencing a depositor run, will be forced to sell assets at any prices they can get just to fund their operations for one extra day.
  14. Likewise, the Sage of Twickenham seems to be doing the best. Darling keeps bumbling away, Osborne not coming over as that credible. Thought Osborne was pretty patronising too when he said "and you won't have heard of these two people" to the audience. Vince and Darling seem to be doing a bit of a tag team on Osborne. Luckily the average IQ of the audience seems to be equivalent to the offspring of a TV weathergirl and a PE teacher - no doubt they are itching to ask whether X-factor will still be on after May 6th.
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