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  1. A bit run down as old lady lived on her own. 3 bed on Daleswater on at £150k went for £132.5k so vacant posession and ann offer does work.

    Terraces in Silsden below 100k which have not seen for a while.

    Silden is a good location, road, rail, Dales, decent co-operative, decent places to eat out. Realistic prices sell. Plenty been on for ages at over inflated prices. Suspect a few sales are merry goe rounds A buys B buys C buys D buys A.

    Land with planning permission being offered for storage. Reckon some fields bought speculatively are also being sold.

  2. Living down the line from Skipton has a lot of advantages. It might technically be Bradford but is also West Yorkshire. Services and public transport are much better than North Yorkshire.

    Keighley is completely underated. Prices are lower than Skipton, for everything, and the choice is just as good.

  3. I can't understand the opposition to the Euro in principle. I mean, are we so full of praise for the Bank of England? Do we love our Westminster governments? Our current coinage is ugly anyway - pound coins after a year or two look like Christmas stocking coins and our banknotes are drab.

    Neither can I. Our Euro coins would have the Queens head on, and as for notes the monarchs head on notes is a recent innovation. It is more sentimental twaddle and wimp politicians (from all parties) that is keeping us out.

  4. When something becomes rare it usually becomes more expensive. A pi55 poor excuse for shoving the price up if you ask me. Remember all the bull5hit about rice last year? Yes bad rice yields so they said but all it was just an excuse for pushing the price up. I will believe the shortages when they are not on the supermarket shelf.

    In Spain earlier this year and noticed that tinned anchovies were costing more. Also they were harder to find in the supermarkets. Definitely fewer around. Back in the UK it is the same. (SWMBO likes to add them to pizza). Read about a shortage of Anchovies coming ashore, so in this case the market is worsening. Also check out bread prices.

    Food prices will go up as the old poor countries become richer on money from all the goods they make, so they will want the same choice of food as we have. In this respect I suspect the current crisis will in historic terms be a blip.

    At the moment rather to many items are too cheap because of artifically fixed exchange rates and employment practises we dumped over 150 years ago. It cannot last.

  5. A small development on the Halifax side of Denholme. Houses at £499000 reduced to £399000 in the local paper a while back. Passed today and noticed big sign offering houses for rent, and a web site that had 'auction' in it. In car so could not read it properly. Seems the 'price reduction' did not bring in punters!!!!!!!!!!!

    Getting tough for someone. Not the best of locations.

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