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  1. Sorry to be morbid How many people holding a lot of crypto here have got things set up for there family should they die or in case you and your spouse die just a thought that I had recently crypto is so secure these days from hackers I wonder how many families would lose their small fortune in an unfortunate scenario where passwords/wallets/2factors are not known ps. Message me if you need someone trustworthy to store this info for your family ?
  2. This is a good thread I should have read years ago when I was using this site for property buying info i am wondering now if bitcoin (or another crypto) is accepted and used as a currency by big players like amazon .. alongside fiat wonโ€™t it lead to huge inflation as people are buying bitcoin with fiat so in a sense, until fiat is destroyed then money is being created out of thin air while the two co exist ? sorry if this has been answered over the many pages
  3. I would and am Life goes on... Wife wants to make a home and kids want stability ..... This site has been waiting for a crash for ten years longer than it should have been.... Could easily be another ten years ,... Might be dead by then Not trolling: Part exing my 8 year old 3 bed detached for a brand new over priced 5 bed detached in catchment of the best school in the area and 10 mins from work But then again prices aren't as bad in teesside and my wife and I work on a national pay scale Regards Ps... Making 45000 on the part ex on the house I bought in the little dip in 2013
  4. If base rate is set to rise so soon according to carney, then why are the number of 10 year fixed rates so high... And for the first time I've ever seen 90% ltv 10 year fixes What Carney is saying doesn't match what the banks think he will do does it ??? Thoughts?
  5. Bought 2 months ago a repo 3 bed detached, 3 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms and garage and decent size south facing back garden in a nice are Cost 122,000 Peak price as a new build in 2007 was 200,000 It could have had alsorts of problems in electric, gas and water but it didn't... Bear in mind I live in teesside though where prices are cheaper but I have always lived here so I know no different.
  6. also what is the difference between remortgage (new customer) and a switch deal? because they come up with totally different rates but they seem the same to me? thanks carl
  7. i love this tool duke but i can never find the deals on the websites of the providers eg halifax deal switch at 75% and 2.44 % 2 year cant find that on the website at all
  8. Who created that phases of an asset bubble graph and why is it referred to like gospel on here? Too many variables to predict the shape and style and phases of this bubble/ crash or whatever it is
  9. well, like i said previously my offer of 112500 was rejected on tuesday (price 127500) and today the price of the property dropped again to 120,000 on rightmove do i now play ball and move my bid up to 114000
  10. thanks for the advice.. ill stick to my guns for now as im in no rush, hopefully they will pester me to up the offer ... what i found strange was that when i did a zoopla valuation it has this house at 156,000 and the same house 5 doors away at 175,000 the only difference between the houses is that the latter sold at the peak and for 35,000 more..... makes zoopla's estimates look very shady... and as if they are based on past sale prices
  11. ok so my offer of 112,500 was rejected house is currently priced at 127,500 sold in december 2008 new for 165,000 same house on same street but built in march 2007 sold for 200,000 should i just hold tight for a week and see what happens?
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