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  1. You read my mind. Media and Government in cahoots.
  2. I thought it was a great program. Annecdotes and "reality" will make this series much more appealing than cold economic stats. No, but I did think that they'd spent some money on the soundtrack. It sounds like the brief to the BBC music department was "like property porn soundtrack but more tongue in cheek, a parody of that genre". So the music is a micky take of programs like LLL, RR and Property Ladder.
  3. I'm trying to identify whether landlords are going to postpone cashing in their investment properties for a few months for reduced tax. Has anyone seen signs of property being withdrawn from the market? I guess it might be interesting to compare local property pages over the next few weeks. If "vacant possession" and "no forward chain" properties mysteriously disappear then this might be happening. Why do I want to know this? Well, if landlords are stalling their sales to avoid tax, we may well see a glut of properties hit the market in April. Crash postponed until then. Anyone got some annecdotes?
  4. Cheers spline. Logarithmic vertical scale might be more appropriate though, don't you think? Would be easier to see changes in HPI over the years (constant % HPI is a straight line with log scale). So any chances of a log version?
  5. I believe the figures for October 2006 may be incomplete - they're Land Registry figures so it takes forever for property sales to filter through to the statistics. So don't read too much into low volumes in October.
  6. This is horrifying. I hate to side with the Daily Mail, but I feel that these salaries are not getting the scrutiny they should.
  7. It's seasonally adjusted so there shouldn't be a December effect or Christmas effect. It's a bonafide 1% drop. But signal to noise ratio in the monthly figures is very low - expect a +1.2% change in January, or something.
  8. Any chance of dumping it on stage6.com too? Better quality, you see...
  9. 2.78% for me (yes, i did enter my own figures in each row)
  10. Whereabouts are you, growl, if you don't mind saying?
  11. These stories are so obviously made up (or at least embellished). IMHO.
  12. Great chart, any chance of one with a log scale? Cheers
  13. According to the MPC remit, the target isn't 2% - it's bigger than that. Anywhere between 1% and 3% is "on target". So 2.7% is OK.
  14. Tax credits are a way for the Government to spend more on benefits without it appearing as "benefits" in their accounts. Like others on this thread, I'd prefer so see them implemented as lower tax rates - that would be fairer and more transparent. And the bureaucracy? - it's crazy. I have to fill in two sets of forms with more or less the same information - one set for income tax and the other for TCs. Many of my peers are unaware that they can claim this benefit, despite the TV advertising - great news for the Government.
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