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  1. Do you have another link please as this one only works after registering
  2. watched a story yesterday that the economy shrank more than was first reported so that the first period of negative was delayed by announcing zero growth rather than a minus figure but the truth came out yesterday It has had the effect of delaying the start of the publics perception of when we entered the recession Whats the betting that we come out of it faster as well until the real figures are ratified
  3. bit like people renting their houses out rather than taking a loss , they may come to look back and think we should have taken the loss on the chin and moved on
  4. I am going to apply as I feel I may be the best person , unless Gordo applies as well
  5. I have just had a good look through the mychoice home buy website and there is loads of ramping going on about the joys of property ownership
  6. Why not just pay them all another £50k pa and do away with expenses if there is any inquiry in the future that will cost even more .with their increased salaries they can sit and watch gay porn while flipping their Tudor beams all night !
  7. Theresa May seemed to know there was more coming tomorrow as she kept banging on about how the tories had been pleading for the rules to be changed as early as last year , she is obviously expecting to bend over tomorrow
  8. Just watching Sky now at least they are getting stuck in unlike the BBC all these expenses they have been claimed are morally wrong what are their salaries for !!
  9. Its that basic that anything will sell if it is at the right price that seems beyond the grasp of the eas
  10. http://search.knightfrank.com/UKSearch/Pro...px?id=exe080325 A friend of mine is trying to sell this place which looks fab but needs some tlc when you look closely , he nearly sold it last year but it fell through at the last minute , he took it off the market and then put it back a couple of weeks ago for exactly the same price , blinding ! I have even pointed him in the direction of this site but he still refuses to believe that he wont get his asking price no doubt encouraged by Knight Frank As he is a self made man about 40 years old I used to respect his business acumen ..........
  11. Philip was a good example of a typical Tosser EA with his suits and Hair straightners amusing himself by licking the blondes toes thinking he stood a chance with about as much chance of getting in with her as he has of getting another job as an EA
  12. I take it someone has informed the media , I have just posted this on two other forums
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