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  1. This is excellent news! I can now do a quick google search for P60 and Payslips online and bag meself some of them in a false name. I can then get official government backing on my "loan" for a pile of bricks and mortar shite that Gordon Brown is promising to underwrite personally (just with taxpayers cash, none of whom voted the **** in). Roll on LIAR LOANS! They are now fully backed by the state! The insanity of the whole thing - I just don't get it! Exasperated!
  2. What on earth? are you some kind of gayer? If its politicians, Servalan should surely be Ukraines PM Юлія Володимирівна Тимошенко The Galactic Supreme Emperess Tymoshenko Bliss! Alastair Darling? FFS.. Gay!
  3. You know what? I am thinking of engaging with the local gypos and asking if I can join them? Maybe marry a daughter or something and join the clan. Perhaps they could do with someone knowledgable in IT for all their wi-fi internet laptop admin for facebook and XBox Live, Electronics qualifacations for fixing their plasma TV's and Auto-electrics. The government could then give a free ID card and I register at the previous site I stayed at. But I'd say we all moved on instead... I'd also have the very latest reg 4x4 and not worry about insurance and tax, etc.. (Just how do gypos become "registered keepers" with no fixed abode? and likewise get insurance?). I can also claim racial and religious descrimination at every possible opportunity. Loads of cash in hand jobs come the great depression. Sounds great to me. I'd rather be a gypo than a *****stain slave who actually PAYS to become government property. A proper sheep with a number stamped on its head.
  4. I'd buy that! If only for what looks like a vast back garden! I'd have a chicken run, fruit trees (seems there are some already), spud patch, everything growing there for the coming depression! Garage at the back? With an inspection pit? who needs a job when you can have a sideline servicing cars and growing stuff. Still, I'll wait till it really tanks before making an offer...
  5. Yes indeed - now considering this topic is about £ sterling, perhaps a 12 month chart of gold vs £ is in order... from £380/oz a year ago to £470/oz today ( +24% ) with a recent peak at £540/oz Cheers Lads and Lasses!
  6. Indeed - don't forget, even Jeremy Clarkson was disgusted with the pay deals the new "directors" of Rover made themselves - multi-million pound pay levels the equivalent of city bankers totally out of proportion to the motor industry equivalents. The scum management took over, thanks to Nu Labour, pretending to keep it British. They then bled the company, and its pension funds dry. It turns out that the workers who could have took a generous redundancy and pension 10 years earlier, had in fact worked a whole 10 years non stop to end up with nothing. Literally- they were worse off than if they took the redundancy, and so had worked 10 whole years as slaves. Well done Nu Labour - Excellent crisis management.
  7. Excellent job! I think its great that my license fee is being used by the BBC to ramp up an individual property to foolish sheeple... I am glad my particular piece of criminally enforced broadcast receiver ownership taxation has given you a free advertising piece to get another idiot into negative equity. Good to see that another similar terrace sold 2 months later than this for just 99k - and the prior terrace to your sale went for £114k right at the PEAK OF THE BUBBLE in Sep 2007. You managed to wangle 39.5k extra out of some bigger fools. Idiots who only watch property porn on the BBC. Well done. The power of the media and Z-list "celebrity" in action.
  8. I have a perfectly legally obtained stash of gold... However there is a clear chain of ownership, which on the one hand I think is essential (since the proceeds of crime acts, etc.) If you can't prove ownership then the GOV will gladly steal your property. On the other hand, I don't want the scum to steal it. Therefore its no use hiding it in official bank storage boxes or in my attic, floorboards, etc. My grandad is buried in a municipal grave. He told me he wanted to be turned into dogfood rather than buried, but he ended up getting buried for the worms against his ideal wishes. His (rich) son never gave him a headstone... Its just a patch in a poor graveyard. I am thinking of middle of the night burying my stash ala Good the Bad and the Ugly, Arch Stanton, in my good old grandads grave. (Incidentally, he was the only person I every knew who insisted on investing in Kruggerands! lol) I do not want metal detectorists to find it or any other scum... What does anyone suggest?
  9. Oh come one! Next somebody will tell me Wernham Hogg, the paper company in Slough isn't real!
  10. Yes - thats the problem - cash (GBP) is rubbish and devaluing by the minute. I got into gold at around the £400/oz mark a few months ago. Its now worth £450/oz. However, my cash GBP have devalued substantially against the dollar. People are cashing in and moving into Dollars. In GBP terms my gold is holding up. I only hold 5% gold and so am ridiculously exposed to GBP. I think I need to buy a mix of dollars and gold to hedge. I've already lost shedloads in real terms, if not in nominal, as we all have on sterling.
  11. coininvestdirect seem to be taking the piss at the moment. They have *some* coins, Maples, Philarmonikars, and some Nuggets, but their asking price is something like +15%-20% over spot! They have a "sell" price that looks stupid too. Perhaps to disguise the ridiculous markup on the coins. goldline.co.uk (Bairds) are selling 1oz bullion (Maples and Pandas) for around £500 which is around 10% over. Still pricey, but try finding one on ebay for less! Wierdly, the odd Krugers they have sell for more than these 24carat coins which is highly unusual. Elminvestments used to only have a £20 margin but now have a £40 margin on Krugers... They still seem to be the cheapest of all.... Sovereigns seem to be the best buy for now
  12. Pah! I got me a Vostok Submariner for about £30 brand new, 34 jewel, repatriated swiss movement (lol), kinetic, date, and 300m deep sea diving ability. Russian Military grade. Smuggled from USSR via Finland no less. Leave the ridiculous James Bond watches to those that believe a pile of cogs are worth £x,000. I'm happy to buy '80s chronomoter tech from the russians for buttons. Those Poljots look a bit pricey though! ca. £100-£250 To be honest I prefer my cheap japanese Citizen movement watches, or god forbid a $1 Casio LCD... For pure practicality and set it and forget it. I only got the Vostok 'cos I like things mechanical that go tick and also of course because it will survive a nuclear war, even though I probably never will.. there you go.. lol! Can you guess I don't shop in Waitrose?
  13. Ford (USA) are toast, but Ford Europe should do well in the USA. The younger american car buyers are crying out for Euro cars. Its the thick rednecks who demand humungous SUV's at inflated prices, that Ford USA has only been too happy to supply - witness the F250/350 pickups and the Expedition monster SUV. All based on ancient truck technology with leaf springs and and iron girder chassis. They aren't tooled up to produce anything decent, (Econoboxes as they call them).
  14. Absolutelty frikkin right... I watched a vid on the BBC of Austrias mint working overtime making Philarmonikers.. (at least they have some gold to sell) The problem with Perth Mint is they sell Gold Certificates - ok, nowt wrong with that, being backed by real gold and all.... Oh, except they actually "loan out" the gold on these certificates - ie., to Hedge Fund shorters.... Its the same as Pension Funds "loaning out" their investors stock to shorters... why on earth?? The whole world has gone mad... :angry:
  15. Please divulge where these counterfeit Pandas are being worried about? First I've heard. Though I know anything coming out of China should be worried about normally, the laws of physics/chemistry make it impossible to make a fake bullion coin at less than market value, what with the price of platinum "fillers", etc. The tests are very simple. Of course, plenty of numismatic coins can be made cheaply, i.e. at pure bullion price, and pretend to be from antiquity or whatever...
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