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  1. Did they say 'house' or 'home'? Two very different concepts. One is bricks and mortar, one is a home. People can lose their homes, but if the house doesn't belong to them, they can't lose their house as well. When people refer to places as houses it seems to me that they're thinking of them purely in financial terms - somewhere to make money.
  2. It was on for ages last time, hence the constant price drops, so it's not like there's masses of interest in it. It has no parking to speak of and a tiny garden. Ok, so it's exempt from stamp duty, but solicitor's fees could come in at 1k for the purchase (I'm going for a high figure here as the property could have some interesting things to be sorted out) . Add on another 1k for selling, plus 1.75% to the EA. Take off 10% the price as that's what'll be offered max. So, very roughly, 227.950 becomes 204k selling price. That means around 5k in fees, making 199k. How much to move house?
  3. Yup. Check it out on nethouseprices. It's 4 St Mary's Square
  4. When Imp and I were looking for a house we spotted a lovely old cottage with exposed beams everywhere. It started off at £249,950, which was a bit much for us. The EA knew we were interested, so phoned us every time the price dropped. It eventually sold for about 190k in November last year. I still get the property e-mails telling me what's available to match my requirements, out of curiosity. I got sent this one, which is the same cottage. The description is almost the same too, even the statement that "The cottage has been updated and improved by its current owners" which can't be tru
  5. I heard a woman explain why she'd bought her monster 4x4. "Well, I know that when I crash I'll be safe". Shame that you'll permanently squish anyone else you crash into. I agree that we should all be safe, but if we all drive smaller, more fragile cars, then we'll drive more carefully and be far safer. If you think you're invincible you'lll drive like you are, and forget how fragile people are. As an aside, I had a head on with a pedestrian at 50mph in my 12 year old held-together-with-gaffa-tape car. Her inuries were a cut to her head and a broken handbag mirror. My car was technically
  6. Sorry if this has already been said, I couldn't face 18 pages of nonsense. I think that people are forgetting that *some* Scots are extremely racist against the English, and then accuse the English of being racist against them. Same in Wales. I met some brilliant and friendly Welsh people while I lived there, and also a group who hurled verbal abuse at me, just because they thought I was English. Never even attempted to get to know me. I've had the same whilst visiting Scotland. Some of the friendliest, and also some of the most abusive people. The Enlgish are the same. Friendly and to
  7. We have a department like that. No-one's allowed to say a bad word against them, dispite us seeing no benefit from them in over 2 years. It's getting quite tedious, but they're beginning to show their true colours, and might be about to shoot a spectacular own goal which could have a lot of people openly unhappy, and a union involved. Alas I can't say anything more for now. Will let you know if it kicks off though.
  8. They really were having trouble at Swansea. I was in the meeting. The original plan was to build the Ipads, then the houses, but things had to change when the flats stopped selling, so they had to do the houses first. I'm not even sure whether or not they decided to go ahead with all of the development. I know that a big chunk was put on hold.
  9. VMR, my thoughts exactly. Don't train them up to make yourself indispensable. OR train them up really badly, but in a way that won't notice till you're gone and things fall apart
  10. Mrs Imp

    Cheeky Offer

    I Just Had A Look At CheekyOffer.Com And Got Bored With The Unnecessary Capitalisation. Really Doesn't Make The Site Easy To Read.
  11. A friend of mine is currently buying a house (distressed sale) where the vendor wants a clause in the contract so that if they sell off a bit of the land the vendor gets a share of the money! Seems that a builder was interested in building on it and got got PP. He has since gone bust and the PP expires net year. I said just build a summer house on that plot, or dig a pond and pop some crested newts in. Seems cheeky to sell a house, but still want control over it. Either you want/need to sell it or you don't. Can't have it both ways.
  12. I know that they were having trouble in the Swansea development and had to change their build order to get the houses up before the flats rather than vice versa. Not sure what they're going for there now. Might have to have a peek. editted to add Just had a peek and saw this. I'm sure that I saw them advertised at 250k when the development first started. IPads don't seem to have dropped much though.
  13. Don't think so. Your mortgage is secured on the house. No house=no security. Why would the bank lend someone 250k with no security?
  14. Which Barratts site is that?
  15. It's quite interesting that gold was used as an analogy. The value of gold is a perception. Someone, many thousands of years ago, decided that gold was pretty, didn't corrode and would be good to trade with. Had they liked something else better, then we might be looking at the UKs quartzite reserves, for example, rather than the gold reserves. It's purely a perception of value. These days you get a piece of paper with some coloured printing on and get told that it has a 'value' of £10. You could just as easily get given a pretty shell in your wage packet, as long as enough people percei
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