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  1. Thanks, folks. Wad, I think you are right. Many people who would have changed their sofas often (every few years) are making do. I have never had a new sofa but with children who make castles etc out of the furniture I don't see the need for new stuff just to end up nagging them. I enjoy the sound of their laughter. Maybe when they are about 12 we will get a new one! (My husband told me to go on and buy the one I have fancied for a while but I just want to be completely debt free.)You are right though, I have seen several people at bank machines recently who walked away without getting money out - its all a bit shocking. I am going to see on freecycle for myself, there is a neighbouring one to which I could not be blamed for using. Gumtree isn't in our neck of the woods yet as I live in hicksville.
  2. Slight deviation - hope no-one minds. Did you see the Barclaycard ad with the bloke going down a pipe style slide from skyscraper to another skyscraper to lower levels....well what if you had these for real in skyscrapers as an emergency (fire escape) - surely the poor souls in the Twin Towers would have appreciated them.
  3. Popped back in today - still no sofas!!!!He told me the reason landlords were buying them was that there are so many empty houses they cannot afford to be choosy with tennants SO are renting them deposit free, hence not wanting to splash out on furniture.
  4. Why is Eamon Mc Cann on everything - is he an expert about every subject under the sun? Surely someone with a bit of real knowledge could have been found? This programme was really disappointing - there was nothing we did not know. Why not some interviews with their creditors or disillusioned staff? Why not go into the other business they are directors of right now - whats going on with them? Piss poor effort.
  5. I am a novice to all this HPC but I will dare to reveal my current thinking so that those wiser can correct me! For years in Ireland we have heard allegedly certain politicians and developers sharing the same pubs (and possibly ladies, ahem) and a certain amount of brown enveloping. Credit crisis = the poor and elderly are penalised with the govt giving breath taking assurances to save the banks. The developers have not been targeted the same way, they know too much! In the UK certain politicians allegedly become directors of financial institutions/accountancy firms when they retire and so seem to pass unbelievable policies before that to suit their eventual employers. The middle class seem to feel it more in the uk since the welfare system cushions blows for the poorer. These financial directors etc seem to be free to get their multi million pound bonuses regardless if they bankrupt the country, do they also know too much?
  6. Hello,I hope you don't mind me saying this as you are obviously really clued up BUT would you not be best renting for the winter and then looking next year?
  7. he, he - and here was me looking at your picture thinking Jeez, he must really look like that
  8. My mum heard in a hairdressers today in Taggarts home area the ladies discussing the Taggarts flamboyant wedding last summer saying they flew in celebs etc.The ferrari private jet had been supposed taken by the bank last January. They also suggested that the debtors may not get paid but the Taggarts themselves will still be ok for cash - enough put away! Funny, I met one of the Taggart men some months ago, sun tan, swept over hair and lots of gold jewellery - very Malaga if you know what I mean. Does anyone know what the workforce thought of them? I know at one stage they employed 350 people. I suppose thathelped a lot of people and they did stay around for longer than Seagate in Limavady. I feel sorry for the kids though, musn't be nice at home.
  9. Can you tell us which industry/market sector it is?
  10. redwing - your guess is as good as mine. I suppose they would have had a nice sofa but have taken them to mum and dads house to update the parents dull and paid for suite with theirs or to store it when they get their house back. We only have hand me down furniture, our debt was gained by helping our son through college and coping with bad payers in my husbands self employed business. We have nothing to show for it but at least we are not going to miss out on living any high life - more of the same. I have however stopped being so soft on our son and stopped doing work up front for dodgy customers.
  11. Sorry, he explained that many of these young things couldn't afford their mortgages so were being forced to become new landlords and move in with their parents.
  12. I moved 2 months ago from a rented house to one a family member is intending to knock down. The house is ok - ideal for students if you know what I mean. It is also rent free which will help me clear my credit card. Anyway, been trying to get a second hand sofa for over a month - they are flying out of the charity shops and second hand shops due to (as one shop owner said) "landlords snapping up anything half decent, they are waiting outside my door" and "they are all moving back in with mums and dads - and I'm talking about 30 year olds" . Incidentally, I help run a local freecycle network - which is a brilliant for helping people out for things just like this. However, I can't use it myself in case I get accused of anything!
  13. Good you put your comments in, it gives those not so clued up a chance to think twice. These schemes are just terrible.
  14. which gave the address of a house, said there was an offer of 98k on it and that contracts were due to be signed on x day if anyone wanted to increase the offer they could do so up to this time.Ad was placed by estate agent, no logos or anything flashy. I have never seen this done before, do you think this could be a repossession?
  15. Thanks....ok,I will be braver. ?This forum is a bit addictive, if I don't post again for a while you should know I am reading what you all say , I haven't bottled it...just haven't got something worthwhile to input!
  16. I have 'read' this forum for this time and even dared to make a few postings. I love the idea behind it and am impressed at the knowledge of many who contribute. However, it does have a tendency to get rather personal and aggressive. It's such a shame since a logical 'disagreement' on a relevant topic is often interesting, it's more the tone that can be quite unpleasant. Just my opinion.....go easy! *runs for cover
  17. Thanks for the replies. Incidentally the guy concerned is very able and did well in a tough industry (not building) and I am amazed they tried a hard sell on him. I guess after what happened in Japan with the banks I suppose it could happen here? Do you think Northern Roack would be the best option then seriously? Where would you put 'serious' money?
  18. Dad told me he has just been talking to a family friend who sold his business last year for serious dosh. Anyway he is essentially retired and enjoying a few hobbies. The bank called him in for a meeting and put serious pressure on him to invest for a minimum period of 5 years....actually saying things like "well we have been working on this for a week and you should do it". He explained he had not asked them for advice (as he said what the ahem would they know about money). He told them they better had not charged him for this advice! What has shook him was how desperate they are and he is actually now seriously worried about the health of our banks and thinks his money may not be worth squat all in 5 mths the way its going. This guy has never experienced this type of hard sell/pressure in a bank before. Sorry don't know which bank he is with.
  19. You are so right, the perps that have set up this whole pyramid scheme need to be stripped by the criminal assets bureau (or whatever its called here). This forum is brilliant, it is so refreshing to find people who are aware of all the bs that is about.
  20. just about to come on channel 4 53% drop in some town.....
  21. Talking to a brickie who told me that the few sites there are here are been 'watched' then raided by the DHSS. This meant on one particular site lots were forced to go 'straight' for the first time in 20 years. I guess thats a double whammy for them - lower wages plus having to actually declare them! As someone who has paid tax,declared every bean and has scrimped by you can imagine my unsaid feelings. (
  22. This ea said business recently had picked up with 5 repossession sales and 3 matrimonial dispute sales all for very "keen" prices. Heard someone spoke to a local travel agent who said they were delighted that they had come in to the travel agency to pay off their holiday because they had a stream of people coming in to cancel. Either cc funding had dried up, jobs lost or surcharges too much. It's all a bit scary....
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