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  1. If you were a developer who could see the business was about to go under, could you make local business/small contractors you owed money to - secured creditors? That way, they would get a share of the payout when the biz folded and not just the banks (who often had a lot of responsibility for this in the first place). It would give you better local will that you at least tried to get them their dosh. Is that mad or just not practical? Seems fairer.
  2. You could say this developer is in trouble - eek! "Harry Fitzsimons arrested in Senegal in west Africa" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-22675585
  3. Thanks for all these answers, they are really appreciated. I will indeed contact the Valuation Office Agency, certainly worth a go!
  4. Hello, my parents bought a site/house 10 years ago to demolish in order to build passive house for long term (if poss my husband and I will assist soon). Anyway hard times have ensued for then and now rates are due supposedly on it. It just seems unfair, they are getting hit every way. Since it is structurally unsound no electric,floors etc,plumbing can they get an exemption under not suitable for legal occupation or something without getting a big legal order making them do it up? Any advice welcome. ps house is in northern ireland pps what if we demolished it?
  5. I just heard that a wife of [email protected] developer (Dungiven direction remember the helicopter etc...) has opened a restaurant in Limavady. Apparently, there was a big crowd in and they enjoyed the three courses and wine to boot (a very merry night), at the end they just said "tell M*****l to knock it off what he owes us". Considering the amount of small subbies and suppliers who got caught by the [email protected] bankruptcy, the restaurant may be very busy......
  6. Hi there, as a native of Ballykelly where the army houses are four sale...just a few points of local knowledge.... 1) army buildings are not built to the standards that the rest of us have to conform to ( don't think they need planning or building control in the same way). As a result certain things like services may be problematic. For example the sewerage in this particular set of houses, when occupied by the army was pumped BY THE ARMY to the council owned sewerage works in station road. Who will be responsible for this now - can't see the council picking up this tab.I hope the developer has this sorted....if you are buying check it out. These houses are built in the lower side of the main road...the gradient isn't big enough to let the flow go to the treatment works. Now on the other side of the street are other ex army houses owned by eddie fishers family I believe (poor man died in helicopter crash). They bought at the top end of the market and spent a fortune fixing things like services up to standard (they also own fisher engineering)Not only that they are supposedly high enough that if needed be wouldn't need their sewerage pumped. In short the are a much better buy. 2.Local rumours is that the lower houses were sold as a job lot for 17.5 each - nice profit!All for a quick flip. 3. Will the underpass be kept open?Scary dodgy place. 4. The worst houses used to be in Shackleton crescent - dunno what it's called now. 5. The baths in these houses used to be caustically cleaned so badly the enamel was worn off. This was because the families when leaving had to leave the houses totally immaculate. Be prepared to renew a lot.
  7. Thats the thing it is a franchise selling new and used, apparently the only cars they are having trouble selling are silver coloured - people are going for darker colours. I won't name the franchise or the dealer (norn ireland is a bit too small and I actually like the man!). I just thought it was odd people seemed to be after such big ticket items, I appreciate your argument about changing from gas guzzlers. I have indeed seen many at the road side with for sale signs on them. (Our 8 year old car is ticking along just fine and is no guzzler thankfully).
  8. My dad was talking to a good friend who has a franchise. He said he has being doing well since January and they are having a problem getting hold of small cars to sell. I was amazed but know the guy was being straight. How is this so?
  9. Hello, I helped start our local freecycle but won't take stuff myself in case anyone accuses me of dodgy dealings. Recently new volunteers are helping run it so I am thinking of resigning so we can actually receive something. I do give things in it though, I love people who really appreciate things.
  10. Thats really good of you!!! Ah we will get there and there are plenty worse off.Thank goodness we don't have negative equity for example. Thinking about it neighbours would complain, I don't give a darn if we use pre-loved clothes, thankfully I have a great sister in law whose kids are slightly older and gives us bags of clothes. Only thing is ours are getting too tall too fast. Our little girl won a draw last week for a voucher at a local kids dance shop and today she went in and picked an outfit. She was so delighted tonight, it made my week!(first thing we ever won - yay )
  11. Honest guv, we need the dosh....my husband is self employed and is owed over 3k , it's hit us badly. We have mounting debts and have never lived it up...not whinging, just explained why I dragged my sorry ass out to the boot sale in the first place. Good lesson for our 6 year old daughter who was with me, even she thought much of the stuff "is crappie"lol, she had earned £2 and didn't spend it on other junk god bless her. TBF some things were good, I am just doing my best to get clear of debt and not spend on anything unless its for one of the hungry mouths in the house! We are currently living in a house that should have been demolished belonging to a family member, its rough but rent free so its helping...fed up being broke though. Our 8 year old car is running well thankfully. I was thinking would those garage/street sales they do in Canada work better?anyone heard of it here? ps. I go to the charity shop on a weekly basis to donate and buy some of the kids clothes there too (i don't get clothes - awhhhh!).
  12. Hi there, I went as a carbooter for my annual clearout last Sunday. I choose then because most people would have just been paid and it was good weather. Profits for the last few years have been 2007 - £82, 2008 - £60, £2009- £30 (entry is still £5 and I take my own drinks/food) using the same actual car boot and much the same kind of 'product'. Frankly I understand the game is that everyone wants everything for £1, Beanos and Dandys were popular (2 for £1)as were kids roller skates and dolls. Stuff that did not sell included designer childrens clothes, picture frames, candle holders etc - we came back with half the car still full.Some things I gave away to a few children who just looked liked they needed something good to happen. Tough times indeed. ps. I don't think it will be worth my while going in 2010.
  13. I bought a hilti gun (second hand) for my dad from a builder who was selling out. We tried it and it works beautifully. Dad has hired them out numerous times and this really is a bargain.Sign of the times. Anyway, does anyone know is a permit required for them, (dad has a valid gun licence).
  14. That's absolutely fine then - I was only giving a heads up but if its all grand then great!!!!As I said, I enjoyed the thread, particularly since I know one of the people that works there.....and I have been told it's quiet at the mo, like everywhere else.If you want to pm me I will give you details of hubby concerned. My hubby is from Strabane and we thought the prices there were totally crazy for a town that has so little real employment. There was a vibrant black economy going on there for ages but now those concerned have been forced to depend on the state...you should see how many 4x4s were been driven. As for council houses there been priced at £170k - CRAZY. Still, I think I will be in a pub there tonight....hope its not nearly empty again.
  15. One of the owners of this estate agency is married to an "eager" lawyer - maybe best to ensure nothing here is problematic op. (I really enjoyed it though!)
  16. I agree and was trying to tell my dad this today BUT didn't do it quite so clearly...have sent him your views.
  17. God, I can't stand the woman. Problem is the kids are not hers - just accessories for her lifestyle. She had an affair with their father and ended up marrying him. Really she and he deserve all they get, Princess Tippy Toes wasn't it?
  18. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/7712218.stm I suspect some of these are indeed landlords including of commercial buildings. Dad and I were discussing this matter the other day when I asked him why the landlords would not even rent out at a peppercorn rent just to avoid the responsibility of rates. He said most couldn't because the value they get for their rents is used to calculate what the property is worth for bank valuation purposes. (I think he said rent x10) and that minimum the banks take in guarentees against a company is 3 times whatever the loan is. Incidentally in Derry (or Londonderry if it makes you happier) there is a big building just opposite the city council offices that used to be rented to Northbrook Technology. I was wondering how much the landlord there must be paying for rates, must be a lot.Seems a shame such a new building going to waste. Maybe it will get some of those government jobs from Belfast?
  19. Sorry to hear that, hope you get another job fast
  20. I am doing a (very temporary) job recruiting people to deliver a certain popular directory. I was amazed at how many people from the trades have applied though not as amazed as their reaction when told what the pay was. Most declined although a few accepted. All seemed to have vans. I mentioned this to my dad who said many tradesmen were being forced to sell decent vans for next to nothing to keep going. Sounds like its going to be a tougher Christmas.
  21. Wow thats quite a theory! I am going to print that one out and give it great consideration.
  22. Who me? I am confused. I don't think the govt should be bailing out the builders at all. I was just remarking that it is being done. Sure if it wants to buy housing stock at truly knock down prices - ok, but that wouldn't benefit the said builders and I don't think that is what is happenening. I really wonder how much party politics etc plays in selecting the properties to be bought. As for the term "socialists", surely its a bit passe no-one nowadays is really a true socialist are they? Just the same way no-one can seriously believe a totally capitalist model can succeed. Don't get me wrong I believe fervently in the NHS and believe in a welfare state BUT the latter needs some controls. This "I deserve everything" attitude because I wear shiny trousers drives me nuts. *hides behind sofa Has Eamon actually ever had a real job, eg. something in which he didn't spend his time telling everyone how he iswonderful, witty and what a wonderful socialist he is?
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