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  1. I would normally put this in the local area forum but everyone needs to see this! According to the survey the average household in Merthyr Tydfyl is £29000. Anybody who knows the South Wales Valleys will tell you that this figure seems high to me. I don't know what the rest of you guys on the forum think but it seems that averages and statistics seem to be used by whoever they best suit at the time. Take the latest Halifax figures. A 1.6% rise is seen as a real success at the moment but 2 years ago it would have been seen as a disaster for the housing market. FTB's
  2. Read the latest (Aug) Hometrack report. Swansea lost 1% in a month. I've said it before that Swansea will see an almighty fall in the coming years. Come on the average terrace is £100K in a city where 15K is good money!! Don't understand why 3-4 bed detatched go for £200-225K. I would love to know who buys these? Give it 2 years and tears will be shed in Swansea. I have no doubt about that.
  3. Can anybody tell me what the Boho Market is? Boho Cheers
  4. Ive just found this on the BBC. Apologies if it has been posted earleir but if this guy is correct then we are all fcuked!! Cold Birds
  5. You know its bad when Matalan start laying off!!! The Lidl store in our locality is packed every day. It never used to be like that. The true cost of living in Britain has been ignored by all the political parties. I would love to see a MP or Minister survive on £20k a year.
  6. Where has Gordon Brown gone? Seriously, I haven't seen a news article or interview or any mention of him for ages. Have the mafia done a Jimmy Hoffa on him? Has he gone into hiding before the sh*t hits the fan come the autumn? Any ideas as to his current whereabouts? Answers on a postcard to No10 Downing St.
  7. Just checked out the latest YOY figures from the LR for Swansea. Q2 2004 1426 Houses sold Q2 2005 731 Houses sold Almost 50% down in the same period. Could be a small turkey for Christmas!! Blackjack. PS can anyone beat that for a YOY drop.
  8. Further to my recent post i have studied the LR figures for Swansea and at one time in 2002 the EA's in Swansea were shifting 1500 houses per quarter on a regular basis. What sort of industry raises it prices so much that they risk going out of business.
  9. Ive done some analysis of the Land Registry figures for Swansea. It makes for some very interesting reading. During Jan-March 2004 a total of 1068 houses were sold. 277 Detached, 321 Semi's, 410 terraces and 60 flats. During Jan-March 2005 a total of 580 houses were sold. 116 Detached, 189 Semi's, 242 terraces and 33 flats. Overall a Y.O.Y. drop of 48%. If I were an EA in Swansea i would be extremely worried by these figures. If this happened in retail they would be throwing themselves off beachy head. (Worms head in Swansea). Blackjack
  10. Like i've said before i have never known it to be so busy. I am fully booked to September with the unemployed. There a 2 schools of thought on this. 1. There are a lot more people out of work which is pushing up the numbers referred, or 2. The government is actively pushing people into the New Deal scheme which increases my referrals but removes them from the claimant count. Whichever way you look this has been going on since March/April and has not eased at all. Its going to get worse because the University/Colleges and schools have all broken up which adds to the competition for jobs.
  11. New Labour sneakyness as it best Job losses A good day to 'bury' bad news. Remember that one!
  12. Come and live in sunny Swansea by the sea. This is currenlty the dearest house in Swansea. £1.3Million A Bargain!
  13. Its getting silly now. I feel like an EA just plucking figures from the air? £325K has got to be the limit!!!! or 23 times the local income!!
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