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  1. who said pakistan is on the brink. it might be going through a patch but its geo strategic and political location will make it a prime country in future, a key country, world's yeses and nos will be made in pakistan because of its strategic importance. pakistan once again is a pivotal and a key country that cannot be igonored. external forces destabilising this country must not be allowed to do that as it will have serious consequences on the world. economic development and aid to pakistan is the answer or else all thoes who have eyes on this region will have their dreams shattered.
  2. repossession achieve nothing, people with families it is nightmare and extra load on council to house them. I would agree on all repossesions to stop. The greedy banks can be bailed out why not an ordinary person. They charge people so high interest rates that homeowners end up paying at least three times the mortgage. For banks they just have work around it but repossesion the hassle it cause no way. Stop it now.
  3. I am no property bull i just like to stay in my home without rates going up when they should be coming down so i can spend or save more. Nobody should be put on SVR, what does it achieve in curent market. And then they raise SVR ridicolous.
  4. Criminal i am afraid by banks acting like that after we taxpayer bailing them out. No point in interest rate cut if its not gooing to make homeowners sleep better. I want to pay off my debt but mortage rate is too high and it is slowing me down. I might take my isa and savings out of banks if they commit this criminal act and everybody should i think as well.
  5. Freakin Halifax just send me letter saying SVR will be above 3% above base rate from end of this month. We the taxpayer is bailing them out, how about a little courtesy from them by dropping our rates so we have that little to spend. I applied for a remortgage as current one running out in feb. I am on 4.99% and have excellent credit record, secure job and low LTV and have never missed a payment. But they couldn;t offer me any rate let alone 4.99% they said i have too high income multiple. But hang on for almost two years i have been payin my mortgage without problem how can they raise an issue on my ability to pay at 4.99% that they were also offering. I think because of this i might withdraw my isa and saving from that bank.
  6. But peoples mortgages hopefully slightly little more affordable. little bit of thought to homeowners with mortgages will be much appreciated thank you. We have to live and survive as well you know.
  7. Why is it wrong to pass on the cuts to mortgage holders if there are any cuts i haven't seen any yet and i am looking to remortgage february. I hope more cuts happen and i can be avoided SVR. It was criminal of the bank in the current environment to send me letter saying their variable rate will from now be +3% above base rates. I mean as if 2% was really pushing it they go and make it to 3% literaly making me and my family go bankrupt. I am taxpayer now bailing them out i should have the right to demand them cut in my payments even damn reduce my mortgage by 30% take that, people say 0.5% cut in interest rate will increase inflation but to most people it will not matter since they are on fixed rate (thought fixed rates should come down when it comes to switch) or on high SVR's and they don;t see much impact on their disposable income. But this economy needs to start spending and with everything so high and climate even 3% cut will not make people spend so imo has no effect on inflation. All lower and middle class needs cut in rates and increase of 25% or more in their wages to kick start the economy. As for savers complaining, well guys please don't waste too much sleep in saving, most people can't even save £100 a month these days. there are other ways of increasing ur income then saving, look at me i am doing two jobs just to break even with current mortgage and other costs. You savers should save but not on the expense of borrowers after all you have money in bank we borrowers are only throwing money at bills and mortgages. And then one day you will die then where will your savings go. Hey
  8. Look at Mikhail Saakashvili in this video. Looks a bit of weirdo and serial killer psycho to me. Eating his own tie at 01:04. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7564591.stm
  9. people the common man have no money so how increase in rate control inflation. any rate increases will only exaceberate the problem causing hardship, recession, low demand, repossesion, marital affairs ending, unemployment, increasing debts and so on. I am sorry only way is rate cut and as low as the ones in USA. I can see many savers crying out for rate increases as high as 15% well thats ridicolus. Beside in current environment with high rate you can't save anyway and with increases in rates many will go bankrupt and depressed.
  10. Crazy to have interest rate at 10%, the impact on economy and people will be huge. Interest rate at 10% will kill the country. Unless government can offer real support for hardship on individual basis it should never happen.
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