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  1. Bellway are doing a similar scheme here, they lend you 25% for five years. BUT they will not offer any "discount" on their list price. Whereas they will offer at least 10% to anybody that doesn't use the scheme. Some people are going to be in a world of trouble when the time comes to pay back the 25%. Especially those that have barely put any of their own money in.
  2. Ah cheers, got my hopes up for a moment. There are a few here I would very much like to see go out of business. Everything below the 3% threshold that is (almost) sensibly priced seems to be selling here. Must learn to be patient their time will come.
  3. I notice you are from Letchworth, which estate agents have gone? I haven't noticed?
  4. It is affordable if you book 90 days in advance. I pay £21 return from Stevenage to Leeds albeit on a Saturday. Bet that fare is set to see a big increase.
  5. Nice idea except the vast majority wouldn't go to the needy. It will mostly also disappear in administration charges etc, depending on the charity of course.
  6. Every town has one don't they? this is my fave from a deluded seller trying to sell a sh*t tip. I wouldn't buy it if they moved the decimal point one space to the left.... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-20748727.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...ty-9187650.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-10081563.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-22834475.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-24988406.html
  7. We were in a similar position a little while back. House was on for £279k, had been on for a year with no reductions. Offered £240k (not even sure the EA passed on the offer) The vendors apparently had already refused £260k. They were clearly in no rush & were waiting for somebody to fall in love with it. They are still waiting (it did go sstc for a few weeks) Hopefully they will find somebody who wants to pay top dollar, then it falls through at the valuation stage. Gonna wait for somebody that is a little more motivated to move.
  8. We escaped Corby last year lucky to only lose 10%. This house was 25 yards away.... Wren Close - Corby Would have been around £270,000 in 2007. Looks like it may also be a repo. Fair bit bigger than the house we sold & asking price is 20k less than our sale price. I think we were very luck not to have been stuck there for the next 25 years! I would imagine there are a huge number of people on that estate in negative equity. Redrow (who built that house) had a scheme to move in for £99 in 2007.
  9. Sorry thought you meant had an offer for sale & somebody that wanted to rent it. Hardly trying to catch you out. Well done in finding somebody mad enough £20k+ a year for a flat.
  10. Somebody nut job is willing to pay FULL asking price, yet the vendor is considering renting it out instead.
  11. Marketing it along with another agent it seems. And for a client that lives in cloud cuckoo land as he thinks it's wise to raise the asking price from £425k to £450k. Good luck with that one! only takes 1 person with far more money than sense to buy it I guess Almost half a million quid!
  12. Yes paid £220k in July '07. Spent £15k on it. Sold in May '08 for £200k. And could have been much, much worse. Actually starting to feel sorry for the guy that bought it.
  13. The commute may be just a tad too much? And I shouldn't imagine getting a combined income of £125k would be very easy either?
  14. 1st decent drop I have seen in my area, hopefully a sign of things to come. This house was previously up for £249,995. They were selling news ones in the same style in 2007 for £289,995 4 Bed semi Would have to put up with pylons just a few feet from your back fence though
  15. Letchworth is the same. Of course the Woolies has gone, Marks & Sparks food place soon to go, loads of empty small shops. Strangely the Estate Agents all seem to be in business though? Even McDonalds couldn't survive here (has been a few years since they closed mind) The 90p shop is doing brisk business though!
  16. Yes I am sure. He posted a pic of the cheque on this site but has since removed it... http://www.uksignboards.com/viewtopic.php?...asc&start=0 Maybe it's a mistake by the bank?
  17. One of my customers has had a cheque returned unpaid from HM Customs & Excise. Anybody heard of this before? doesn't sound very promising. It was for V.A.T to be reclaimed.
  18. sooperlids

    Child Care

    Is this a wind up? Somebody you like/trust is only worth £4.08/h to look after your kid/s?
  19. Last place we rented had it everywhere, hallway, bedrooms, kitchen etc. Actually all except the bathrooms. Place ALWAYS looked dirty. And there was always large bundles of fluff floating about the place! I am with you hate the stuff.
  20. Love the last line.... "The vendor has included a metallic blue 'BMW 3 series' in the price of this home, making this property a complete solution." Complete solution?
  21. Interesting bit in the the T & C's. " The maximum number of entries that any one person may make into the competition is limited to 25,000" Was just about to buy 25,001 tickets myslef. Don't think i'll bother now.
  22. I have no doubts that you can pick a car that may be cheaper. What I do not believe is that you can pick up a brand new X5 for £20k. I do believe that is complete nonsense. Again if I could be proved wrong then fire away. I was under the impression that historically German cars were expensive compared to Japanese/U.S cars over there. They certainly were when I lived in NC for a year in 2000.
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