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  1. I'm a bit worried about the effects this would have on my savings. Is there any way I can protect myself or does anything exist that I could buy to hedge myself if it happens ?
  2. He will unblock the UK banking system allowing the UK to 'pump and dump' RBS and LLOY
  3. The USDHKD peg is at its lower end as well you muppet
  4. There is no chance of the HKMA removing their peg. None.
  5. 'Heather Mills has been awarded a £24.3m divorce payout from Sir Paul McCartney, according to a court judgment released today. She had sought £125m from the 60-year-old former Beatle, the judgment reveals, but received a fifth of that amount. McCartney had offered £15.8m.' That would have been cheaper by the hour too i'd say
  6. Surely it is QE 2 now, same as in the US
  7. Last 2 days HSBC have sold a lot of sterling related to balance sheet adjustments ahead of tax year end. That's the real reason
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