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  1. agreed, understanding the economy is very useful, but seeing into the future? now that is very impressive.
  2. hello there people, was just wondering if anyone new anything about the jacobs well / burpham end of guildford and what has been happening house price wise of late. our situation has changed and we are now in the need of a bigger house a bit quicker than we thought. are asking prices sensible? our budget is around the 380-425k mark and was wondering what i should be looking at asking price wise. ideally i would spend less because i am still of the opinion we will see a drop from here. any advice would be greatly recieved. jack
  3. i am getting impatient, going to look at a house at the weekend. should see the jackass family right for ....well ever really. who gives a fu*k what the value does i will own 75% of it then when i die my kids can have it. i suppose i could wait another two years, but then that is two years of my life i would have lost sat in front of hpc. is this the right thing to do?
  4. this has been a topic in our house for months, the jackass family live near walton on thames and there are almost as many closed shops as open ones there. i feel sorry for the shop keepers, every day you see an end of lease sale, then the shop gets boarded up and thats how it stays. nevermind tho, still got the internet.......until they start taxing that.. then what?
  5. exceptional to be honest cheapest i found anywhere
  6. hello thought i would share where i get my 1 kilo bars from if you have a vat registered ltd company then go direct to metalor, their prices are by far the cheapest i have found and they work out like this ask for tor in the birmingham branch, a very nice helpful man. spot + 5 per cent plus 15 quid plus vat (which you then claim back) the 15 quid part reduces if you can buy more bars i have been selling these to people through my company (of course with a small handling fee) and pretty much beat all the sellers on the net and kick ebays butt. hope this is helpful, jack ps good thread contingo been pretty busy with work and not been stacking to much recently just watching the little price rise we have had of late and praying that we get a pullback so i can back the truck up!!
  7. us short of money eh? i went there two years ago and have just found 5 bucks in an old suitcase, maybe i should post it to the whitehouse with a note saying every litte helps. ps we are all ****** as i suspected for years.
  8. what is this investment you speak of?? its my home.
  9. 1+ mortgage free and hoping for another drop, then if we can sell, will be buying a detached home with some land for cash. mrs jackass wants to grow vegetables and keep livestock. we are hedged against a currency collapse, oil shock, and prepared for this to possibly all blow over. my money is on a currency collapse tho
  10. here is a video by the founder of the above site hope it is of use http://blip.tv/file/1646355
  11. paye tax is actually offered to you and you accept it. may not feel like that but that is exactly how it is set up. also have a look at your dvla car reg docs, it says registered keeper, not owner. the crown owns it (city of london) thats why they can charge you road tax. if you owned it you wouldnt pay yourself tax. the same thing applies to property hence the council tax. i discovered all this on this site www.tpuc.org very interesting site, absolutely blew my mind if i am honest. the hole thing is a scam. also you should look at why your name appears in capitals on letters, capital letters are a corporation, we are humans therefore just write back and say you are not a corporation therefore you will not be paying your bill, fine........tax bill. fascinating, riveting stuff
  12. hey i would be interested in 50g gold bars could you pm me the details of what you have? i have cash waiting regards jack
  13. seconded why would anyone trust their future wealth in the hands of a bunch of suits in the city? not me, i will control my own destiny
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