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  1. smug and Gleefull and full of the joys of life - Yes but bitter? - no and little ? - no i'm a healthy 6 foot tall
  2. ha ha Great shittain is screwed.. who voted in that Gordon Brown anyway?? was it mike from Widness?? Damn that Mike from Widness. The only man that turned up to vote while the rest of you were on HPC moaning about Dubai... and Miggs, FYI I would never buy property in california. There is only one other bigger idiot than gordon Brown and that is Arnold Swartznigger
  3. oops looks like the u.k is hurting a wee bit with inflation and the devaluation of the sterling.... looks like there is nowhere safe for your money in U.K. right now... sound familiar...
  4. the answer is you can pretty much have any limitation terms written into the contract (use a german contract) as long as you write the limitations in there and the new tennant agrees before accepting the property. When the contract is ready to expire, The contract terms are then extendable only once for the next desired term of the landlord tennant relationship. after that you have to write a new contract. This is what a Berlin rental agent informed me off anyways... hope this helps P.s. my hat off to you for holding property in Berlin. Fabulous city, good sound investing.
  5. your right, that is saying something.... do us all a favour and stay at home in the U.K. you'd absolutely hate Dubai if you went there, its sandy, and its big and its full of terrorists that want to come and kidnapp people like you...
  6. toushay quite correct. I love the fact that there are so many bears sat around trying to pull the place down word by word so they can get in there later and snap up the bargains!!! or worse still..... ...never tried..never will...lets just sit around in a big lazy chair and may as well pull someone elses efforts down to make up for their own under achievements in life.... fair play to anyone who went to Dubai and bought some property, my hat off to you
  7. quite correct. still a great new exciting city taking its place on the world international stage..
  8. Yes i got them registered thanks. Just in the nick of time. phew! there is no crumms in them though... buying another 2 over the next couple of weeks. Just setting up the deal now. i like to keep you all informed, to save you visiting my profile and reading my other posts. Cash is king at the moment. Feeling really good thanks. and the weathers beautiful here in Los angeles this morning. Its a beautiful morning. you should change your name to 'sore ass'... oh that names gone... or 'sour milk rotten eggs'? or 'lost a ton of money on the ponzi' ? or 'lost a tenner found a fiver' ?
  9. of course - i lived in them all. Let me tell you- I used to live in the U.K. up until a few years ago, but i had enough of being policed and the regressing british culture. It is now the toilet of europe with all the other european countries laughing at the U.K. Anyone with any sense left there long ago. The U.K. after the war was a great country, 'made in Great Britian' really meant something to people, and there was a sense of pride and good faith amongst people, especially the working class. But now its all about the wags, binge drinking, girls with tattoos on thief lower back, curries that give you food poisoning and how much ranaldo is worth, while some kid breaks in to your car and extortionate bills fall through your letter box. All while the police have they're beedy eye watching over you at every corner you turn. If you dont like Dubai then thats fine, but don't try and tell me the u.K. is great any more. At least Dubai are putting themselves on the map and trying to create a benchmark that means something to people unlike the direction the U.K. has taken over the last 30 years.
  10. I just thought it might be a little cheaper to register units in Dubai if you can do it direct with the land department. I've heard of theis Oqood registration on line thing. Has anyone got any experience of doing this? O.K. i'm bracing myself for all the sarcastic remarks and doom mongers, but straight answers would be appreciated....
  11. well i'd rather live in Dubai than skegness or hull or some other toilet UK city where kids break into your car and mug old age pensioners and everyone is depressed. There's no accounting for taste- your right, and your welcome to that.
  12. i still love dubai. its still better than great shittain any day
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