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  1. soz was over at the other one. wasn't gonna come. monday night an all have a good one though. (last one was tops! ) will be up for a future grown up non school night weekend all dayer though anyone?
  2. snap! you got the same firefox skin as me! i had the big stupid side bit an all. dowloading the latest firefox version got rid of it though. oh and btw i am not really here speaking to you - i still have a cob on with nuHPC
  3. i share with another HPC'er. he fits the profile to a tee! (he only has level 1 addiction - blog browsing) its all good (we have our own laptops )
  4. in the old days - meet threads got pinned. not shifted to obscurity. *grumble grumble* miserable "NU HPC"
  5. i'll play as long as we don't have to talk about house prices ALL night??
  6. dunno about that. i had a whopper of a headache the next day and i'm sure Gavin of the HPC elders "special sect" could be partly to blame ...
  7. gonzo??!! not sure i like that? i might be one of 'em - will revert soon - i do mainly try not to litter the main forums with my crap
  8. well for a start - the red bit of your sig is offensive as for the rest of it good idea but i ain't really the right person to ask. i don't even read the blog anymore. to me its all a forgone conclusion and we're all just fannying around killing time here. you generally talk a lot of sense though - so i'll bump it for yer
  9. nar - colloquial english is what makes some posters what they are. but while we're being picky "alot" - it's two words!!!! theChuz - i think you are guilty of ALL of the above forum misdemeanours. go and immediately sit on the hpc naughty chair. (don't worry its still warm from when i admitted to my filthy overdraft a couple of weeks ago )
  10. latest ICICI goss on ... that martin place again personally - was scarred from my young impressionable hpc days and couldn't entertain such a place!!! (p.s bear in mind though that i am the apocolyptic queen and most hpc'ers are loons - so its probably fine )
  11. wot?! posting a ridiculous picture of myself to a bunch of (mainly ) strangers on the interweb?? vain?? - hardly
  12. bah! - can't anyone else provide some gossip round here??? goddamit - you made me post. i had just clocked up the post of the devil and thought it looked quite cool
  13. i love renting. i love my flatmates. good reminder
  14. you missed the bit about being 27. oh - and hating people
  15. the difference between a recession and a depression is the difference between a receding hairline and genuine slapheadedness.
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