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  1. Breaking and entering, literally.
  2. My favorite "something and hair lenght" bit is in Red Dwarf, Series I or II. Rimmer: "All wars in history are won by the side with the shorter hair" ... then he gives a few examples, and closes with ... "Vietnam - crew-cuts both sides - no score draw."
  3. Thanks, conveyancer. I'd like to leave this question open in case there are more contributors.
  4. Actually, if homes are repossessed, they then belong to the mortgage lender? What if they cannot sell the empty houses? In 1996/7 my EA has shown me one repo- house after the other. e said it was because these were my price range.
  5. MOD? I don't know if this is supposed to go here or into economics. Please move it if so. I got quite interested in the problems of chains (A buys B' house, who buys C's, who buys ...) and have read about the problems associated with it. (break- down risk, ...) Then I have come up with an alternative, and during my research found that my "invention" has been around a long time already, it is called a "bridging loan" (allowing B to buy C's house, before selling his own. During that time B practically serves 2 mortgages). If bridging loans are around for so long, why are chains more popular than bridging loans? I can understand it in the current bear market, who would want to risk 2 repossessions. But why are chains also popular in the bull market? (It was when I bought my house)
  6. Tja, that is the biggest problem of every well- meant intervention, it always has unforseen knock- on effects. I think trying another intervention to offset this one would only make matters worse elsewhere.
  7. Here in Ipswich, a newly- built estate (IP3 8AA) near me advertisies the following (on several billboards) "100% Yours, at 75% cost" - further reading reveals that the offer is only for FTBs. The flats cost 90K and are worth 120K, at least at the moment. However, Modus, who bought 2 blocks of the same estate offer "100% part exchange, up to 10K cashback" In other words, buy a flat here, and we buy yours. Now there is a clever way to avoid buyers stuck in a chain. Cobra
  8. With my second wife, I had learned my lesson, and did not choose her for her looks. She is very supportive, can cook, and is good in bed. Tip: I met her at church ... in a big city. Cobra
  9. Economism these days starts to look like "Socio- History" (from Isaak Asimov's "Foundation Trilogy"). A made- up branch of psychology that predicts mass- opinions and the consequences these have, based on formulae typed into calculators. I used to find that funny, when I read it 20 years ago. Now truth is stranger than fiction. Cobra
  10. Hi everyone, I am from Germany (born 1968), or from Sussex (bought 1st house) or from Ipswich, Suffolk (where I live now). I am a business consultant between jobs, and have a problem solver mentality. I bought my first house in 1997, making 6 people happy, who were stuck in a chain. And when I sold again in 2001, and left the country, I had made a 30-40K profit (after renovation costs, etc.) Judging by the graph on the HPC home page, I could have waited to 2005. I am intending to stay in rented accomodation until the HPC has happened (completely), and then be a First Time Buyer a second time. I am confident about my future creditworthyness. Cobra
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