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  1. Took quite a while if memory serves me correctly
  2. Can anyone think of a country that was better off following independence in the short to medium term ? I can only think of ones that had a long period of instability and economic problems
  3. If I had no assets and lived on benefits I would get every payday loan they would give me and tell them to sod off when they asked for it back, surprised more people don't
  4. Very easy The give away is the number of single mothers who have further children with the same father, don't have any stats but anecdotally its very common
  5. This is why the government is so keen to push up the standard state pension this removing a large number from PC as the passported benefits are so generous and costly
  6. The extra for being sick was used to keep the unemployment figures down On the point about taxis, rumour has it a lot of taxi drivers also claim sickness benefits
  7. +1 No significant benefit cuts have been applied and all the main changes up to this point were planned by the last government apart from the child benefit cut for high earners. So why are food banks growing at such a rate and facing overwhelming demand ? Clue may be that they give stuff away free
  8. The real victims are the elderly forced to live in the cheapest and nastiest care homes for the last years of their lives because they signed their home over to their kids.
  9. Sold 3 bed semi in 2007 , rented until March 2013. bought a lovely detached cottage at 50% of peak prices , no neighbours and £100 pm mortgage. The HPC in Northern Ireland has been great for us.
  10. Massive moral hazard happening, why pay the mortgage that you could never afford if you stay in the house rent and mortgage free for up to two years before repo and bankruptcy ? People are stupid but not daft
  11. That's a big part of the problem, work should always pay. Universal Credit was supposed to fix this but looks to be a basket case so far. I've never understood why they don't use the income tax allowance system so you can have negative tax for a couple of years if you leave benefits , it would work out massively cheaper than the current tax credits system which pushes people to work part time or pretend to be self employed
  12. IMHO the NI economy is like a terminally ill patient who may survive with radical new treatment but the consultant ( politicians) are playing golf that day
  13. Not a bad programme , amazing no one saw it coming. The guys claiming they could get debt forgiveness looked like sharks trying tobget a last dig at people before they go bankrupt.
  14. Thanks for all the best wishes guys We bought in the mid down area. Still loads of property for sale at unrealistic prices by people who refuse to give away their property. Realistic prices see a sale in 6 to 8 weeks is my assessment of the market.
  15. Another one bites the dust , purchased a lovely house that ticks all the boxes for the long term at RV -20%. Still think the market has some downward potential but the time was right for us, bought with a small mortgage and its a home not an investment or money box. The one thing I was reminded of in the buying process is just how full if it EAs are, but knowledge of the market and a thick skin pay off in the end.
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