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  1. You want to see the matches spread around? I think they may have been listening, as the Olympic football venues are: London (Wembley) Cardiff (Millenium) Newcastle (St. James') Glasgow (Hampden) Manchester (Old Trafford) Coventry Don't think you could have been more geographically diverse to be honest! As for Euro 2012, thera has been a really low demand for tickets for England games. This is partially down to low expectation, but mainly fans boycotting due to a combination of extortionate hotel prices and fear of safety.
  2. That anecdote you've heard about plant pots in front of the gates is a load of balls.
  3. Bush was effectively elected to his 1st term by a group if republican judges. Fair enough he won the 2nd term fair and square, but his views are moderate in comparison to Palin.
  4. It's not even worth contemplating living in the US unless you marry a US citizen, and even then it's not straightforward. Canada however is a viable option providing you have professional qualifications and your health. For what it's worth, I'm confident that there are a sufficient number of Americans of moderate to high intelligence to ensure that Palin gets nowhere near the White House.
  5. Proving your rent payment would be easy, how are you proposing to prove to market value of your house?
  6. I gave my anecdote based on zoopla estimate of £180k and the actual monthly rent that I used to receive (£700-£725). Current interest rate is 2.8% on 90k mortgage, ie interest portion of repayments is £210. I'm fully aware that I'd earn interest on my 90k equity if I STR'd but I challenge anyone to pick apart my numbers and say that it'd be cheaper for me to rent the same property at current rates.
  7. If renting is so great, why spend your life on an Internet forum that dedicated and obsessed about the price of property?
  8. ...but hey this is the Internet, where we can make all sorts of unsubstantiated claims of 'fact' to underpin our argument that can never be disproved. I have a huge ***** by the way. Fact.
  9. Wouldn't mind finding a £350k house that I could get for £933 a month, I'd sell up and rent! Unfortunately most houses worth £350k tend to rent out at £1300-1500 a month.
  10. Not scandalous at all. If you're comparing costs of renting vs buying, it would be an unfair comparison to include capital repayments. For what it's worth my example from the real world is that I rented my 2 bedder out for 4 years to 3 separate tenants, they paid between £700-£725 pcm. I now live there and have a Barclays offset mortgage with current rate of 2.8%. The property has an approx value of £180k, and my mortgage is just under £90k so the interest portion on my monthly payments are £210. I know that I'd be earning interest on the equity if I sold, but savings rates would nowhere near cover the shortfall. It is definitely cheaper for me to have bought than rent my current place.
  11. I think such an outburst in your average local branch is likely to cause concern and discomfort, not because they're in any way worried about a prediction of impending financial doom, but because the person making that prediction/outburst appears to be a bit if a nutter.
  12. Non profit in this case must mean for nothing other than the cost of maintenance + annual gas safety checks.
  13. This idea sounds like the thin end of a communist wedge. I note with interest that it's morally ok for the OP to sell his business for a shed load of cash, but it's evil for anybody to try to make an income from renting out property.
  14. OP says that under 35s should just up sticks and move to the US and get a job over there as if it's easy. You do realise how hard it is to get a work visa or green card don't you? Even marrying an American isn't a guarantee if they suspect that you're not a genuine couple.
  15. Everytime? Not so sure about that, probably more often but it depends on timing. Shares bought in 2000 would likely be worth less than they are today (judging by current FTSE 100), where as a house bought in 2000 would probably be worth 75-100% more with the advantage of either being able to live in it or gain extra income from rent. during that time
  16. Like it or not, people who have mortgages own their house. They take the equity if it increases in value and likewise take the risk of losing equity if it decreases in value. The banks will get back their initial loan (plus interest) regardless of what happens to the value of the property.
  17. Area of Ireland is 70k sq km, population approx 5m. Area of Britain is 210 sq km, population approx 60m. This gives Ireland 4 times as much land per head of population so it's pointless making comparisons, especially when you consider that approx 85% of the British population is crammed into England.
  18. The ghost estates exist in ireland because more houses were built than there were families to live in them. Nothing like that exists over here.
  19. I know someone who rents a 2 bedder in that block for £600 pcm. Judging by what she pays you could probably get £450 pcm for a 1 bed, which wouldn't be a bad return for £65k. The block itself isn't in a bad position, particularly in relation to some of the new builds that have popped up on the edge of Manchester city centre over the last few years.
  20. I know someone who rents a 2 bedder in that block for £600 pcm. Judging by what she pays you could probably get £450 pcm for a 1 bed, which wouldn't be a bad return for £65k. The block itself isn't in a bad position, particularly in relation to some of the new builds that have popped up on the edge of Manchester city centre over the last few years.
  21. If it makes you feel any better, they are just as useless when acting for the landlord as well.
  22. Interesting bit of audio, thought it was a bit hypocritical of JD to accuse the RICS man of having a vested interest because he was also an estate agent, but then (on about 14 mins) refusing to comment on his on own VI when the presenter noted that he had STR'd in 2001.
  23. Written complaints wouldn't necessarily be required. Any valid claim made by the buyer that you misled them about being in a dispute with the neighbours could be backed up by an affadavit from the neighbours or anyone else who was a witness. Civil courts don't require absolute proof in the same way that criminal courts do and a judge would probably see this as sufficient evidence that you told a porky.
  24. Another thing that's worth pointing out in response to the anti leasehold brigade is that the leaseholders have the legal right to jointly purchase the freehold (at a price that is determined to be reasonable by the LVT) if 50% or more of the leasholders want to. This is generally the best situation as the flat owners then have joint ownership of the land but with the restrictions of the lease still in place to prevent any anti social behaviour etc.
  25. this is complete ball cocks, nearly all flats are leasehold and lenders have no problem with them at all.
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