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  1. the problem with kirstie.php is there's no database connection include. Hence the stamp duty error loop.
  2. it's so difficult to judge. I mean what between printy printy and borrowy borrowy it's like trying to judge which leper has the most usable fingers. Ok . . . Holiday in Iceland and buy gold and tin foil?
  3. oh jeez! 'operation lockstep' sounds like I should have some tin foil easily at hand. Gold it is then
  4. Am I right in thinking this will strengthen the pound even further? Maybe time to book that costa package
  5. S&P probably aren't getting taken out for those big slap-up no-expense-spared lunches by investment banks' securities departments any more.
  6. yeah - it's called financial innovation. The original idea was that everybody wins but the reality is the innovators win and those that buy in lose. Collatoralised debt obligations and mortgage backed securities come under the same catagory.
  7. If we can't borrow anymore, can't we just print the stuff quicker? Welcome to Argentina on the Thames
  8. He's probably the owner of trustedbullion.com
  9. He's probably the owner of trustedbullion.com
  10. Goldman Sachs IS the US treasury department. I suppose it's all in day's work for the masters of the universe to reward themselves big fat bonuses. What happened to all the toxic assets?
  11. @debt-free yeah but in 20 years time £175,616 will buy you a can of coke
  12. I like the Italians. They have a natural distrust of authority. Only 50% of Italian income is declared to the tax man because they automatically assume their government is on the fiddle. Italians demand three hour lunch beaks while the English demand the right to work 12 hour days until they're 140.
  13. We're not bothered about borrowing trillions from China to pay the bonuses and pensions of failed-bank executives. But, when it comes to properly rewarding the people that actually work for a living, we turn into a nation of opinionated Nazis. I don't get it.
  14. The price of gold is an indication of the relative strength of that nation's currecy. Any other correlation ie. Houseprices - is irrelevant. Argentina anyone? My attitude is the same as the old wall street saying - put 10% of your money in gold and hope it doesn't go up in price.
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