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  1. People buying houses now should realise that in the coming years their taxes will have to increase to pay off record government debt aswell as rising interest rates to control inflation. There is also a government report due in September that may recommend buyers can only borrow 3x salary or 75% of the value of the property. Any of these thing happening will put downward pressure on house prices. The main thing is rising unemployment to possibly 3,500,000, a couple of years ago the so called experts were predicting this crash would not be as bad as the 90's because employment was much lower this time.
  2. Did any posters go to Patts' auction on Tuesday? Anything interesting to report?
  3. What other way do you pile junk into a storage cupboard? Squeeze everything in and quickly slam the door behind you to hold everything in, that's what i do.
  4. 'Tirekickers I think the expression .........Ferrari tires' Where did you do your 'In-ger-lish'? Ph**king Dips***!!
  5. The Yanks are coming!!! Don't know if any one has seen this auction website it's been mentioned on main blog........http://www.auctiontoday.co.uk/ Newcastle is one of the venues they are doing. Every lot must be sold, no starting price. YOU pay 10% of winning bid plus VAT.
  6. Are you talking about the poor bugger who paid £185k for it? My experience of flats etc are to avoid buying them. Communal areas; gardens, carparks or stairwells are normally messy because nobody thinks it's their job to clean them. The service charges can be expensive and being a lease hold property it always feels like you are paying for something that will never belong to you. I think you have to pay the landlord a % of the sale price when you come to sell it.
  7. Having read most of your posts I don't think the house you would be happy buying and living in has been built.
  8. For the market to start growing again you need a critical mass of buyers to make it rebound. After the 10 year, 300% price rise don't believe the EA's who have the nerve to advertise 'Bargain' properties because they are 10% lower than 2007. Don't believe the EA's mantra that now is the best time in a generation to buy a house, or their shameless scare tactics of telling would be buyers that if they don't buy now it will be too late in 6 months time. Economist's predictions are WORTHLESS-ask 100 economists what will happen and you will get 100 different theories. I've listened to enough of them on TV over the years to realise they spout cr*p but disguise it in fancy phrases and terminology.
  9. I know you can prove anything with statistics but one from last week. 'Meanwhile, gross mortgage lending in the UK plunged 52% year-on-year to an estimated GBP 12.4 billion in January, the Council of Mortgage Lenders, or CML, said today. Compared to December's GBP 13.5 billion, it was a fall of 8%.' Sky seemed to make a big thing of same auction saying it was evidence that people are returning to property but a roomful of 1,000 investors hardly proves a big turnaround.
  10. That Amble house you mentioned went above guide price as well.
  11. Another good one has just popped up today on Pattinson's online auction. I'm sure this one has gone to auction a few times. 15 Newman Place, Gateshead Date/Time Amount 18/02/2009 12:46:52 £115,000 09/02/2009 11:14:56 £70,000 07/02/2009 11:55:37 £69,500 06/02/2009 15:32:37 £67,500 06/02/2009 12:37:45 £66,000 04/02/2009 16:22:28 £65,000 + £45,000 in one go
  12. Really!! He must be into BTL is he. I saw an episode of Footballer's Cribs on MTV a few years ago and The Tyneside Pele was living in Jesmond. A very nice pad with all mod-cons. The 50k drop is probably a weeks wages for him as well.
  13. Can you believe this bid from Pattinson's online auction???? PLOT 657 The Redheugh, Melbury, Great North Park Date/Time Amount 17/02/2009 15:40:05 £350,000 24/01/2009 14:21:11 £270,000 26/01/2009 16:42:50 £270,000 24/11/2008 10:52:36 £265,000 23/01/2009 17:47:08 £260,000 + £80,000 bid in one go!!! I've written before this seems to happen all too often. Is this shameless ramping or is it just me?
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