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  1. Not being the worlds best,and lazy ,because most things i use have one.Could we not have one on the forum,would also stop all the p... taking that results from same.
  2. What about an offset mortgage if it all goes pear the debt/mortgage are put in the pot and you still get the 35k cover if you have more in savings than the mortgage. No use if you rent, but just an alternative thought.
  3. Focus, if you have mention of the proposed completion date in your contract ie 2011 then the key factor will be the length of time after that they intend to have your apartment ready.if no mention, it is all down to how long a 'reasonable person' would expect it to take to get to completion after seeing all the sales guff etc.The first thing you need is an estimated completion date in writing,if the wont give one they would be on very thin ice in court.
  4. Hi all, New poster here,but if you are prepared to buy in 2010 ,2011 etc .how will you know when the bottom has been reached and how long it will take to plunge again , and what position you will find yourself in at the time.If you want it certain surley the only way is to rent.!!!!!! But most people dont want to rent, they just want to be in at the start of the next boom.
  5. hi all, Been a lurker for sometime(work in the house Building industry)but can't help but notice that the thread of most post's seems not to be about house price increases but the fact that 'they' are not part of it.Even the most bear posts have a hint that they think house prices will rise one day it's just that they hope they are on the ladder by then.!!!Why would people not want to make a profit out of money invested, in a house or otherwise.Forgeting 'the house is a home' angle. Spell check in title(don't know how)
  6. Hi Billybong, Your tone still suggests that in the loooooong term you expect house prices to rise once again.Or am I wrong.
  7. Hi ppeter, From what i have read on hpc rents are cheaper for the same size house than mortgage,so money saved should still (invested) out perform house purchase, unless you are expecting another boom.Let's face it, we would all like to own rather than let it just depends on the terms.
  8. won't put money in your pocket if it only rises with inflation!
  9. So if you buy low you are happy to see prices rise in the long term?
  10. Why does anybody want to buy ever,to ride the next boom, thought renting was the way forward.
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