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  1. thanks all for your help, I did have a tenancy agreement and it did not stipulate about sky dishes but we asked her and she said it would be fine to have one installed. She did conduct an inspection herself at which time she contacted the DPS to let us have some of the deposit back then a couple of weeks later she came round to do some work on the house (prior to her selling the property, or at least trying) at which time she became concerned about the carpet but after we had received the partial deposit back. At several times during the tenancy we expressed concern about the carpet and she said not to worry about it. cheers Bob
  2. cheers matt, I kinda think the same as you about the DPS after all they have mediators to sort out these type of problems. Think you might be right too about the age of the carpet think it was four years old not too sure though. she is trying to bill us for the whole cost of the carpet which i think is ridiculous. She didnt stipulate the dish should be removed when she did the house ins[pection or when her brother came to do one the day beofre we left. Quite honestly if i had known i would have taken it off myself. thanks for you help
  3. thanks ulfar, she has nt provided us with an invoice or receipt for the value of the carpet, or to determine the age and thus depreciation. we were there a year (me my missus, baby and cat). I think she shouldnt have let out her house with a cream carpet to us really!
  4. :angry: Hi was wondering if someone could help me please. (-; recently finished a tenancy with my old landlord before we moved out we recovered most of the deposit from the DPS, she did however keep £100 to get the carpets cleaned. This she has done and now she claims the stains (which we caused) did not come out and initially demanded £500 to replace the carpet (about 10 ft by 10ft ish) a cream woolen carpet apparentl £500 was what she payed for it. We told her we did not think this was fair and she has now issued a claim through the small claims court, any ideas on what to do? oh also she has included in the claim £100 to get the sky dish removed which was installed during our stay. please help and thanks you Rob
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