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  1. The country is shot to pieces, the young kids of today ain't got a fooking chance in hell. You watch in years to come the school leaving age will be upped to something like 21 or more. Ill be quite happy to sell up and fook off when my two girls leave school, their in quite decent schools and getting a decent education, but I don't see any opportunities for them in a few years time, unless they want to become sparks I can't see how people get suckered in with all the crap this government spout about creating apprenticeships etc, it;s a bit late now. But the thing what gets me, who are all these companies what are going to run these apprenticeships. They don't exist, because most kids Ive met or heard of can't get an apprenticeship in the construction game. Most tradesmen are self-employed and want to earn money not train people FACT.
  2. The days are gone, when there was a shortage of people to do a job in the construction game. Now theres a shortage of work, companies and agencies want only the best, meaning the qualified with experience. This suits me, because all the chancers are getting found out and they appear to be carrying big mortgages along with big outlay. Now is crunch time, people need x amount pounds per week to service their debts to survive, but they have to accept they are not worth it and will only get paid what someone is prepared to pay them. Ive heard plenty of stories, where people need to clear a £1,000 a week to keep up their mortgage payments and the up-keep of their big cars etc. The next few months are gonna be interesting, and I could'nt care aless Ive made my money and put enough to one side to get through many months of bad sh!t. Roll on November, because this is when the work gets really tight right through to March and people will be sh!tting themselves, all because they tried to live their lives out of the OK Magazine
  3. I always use Bookies Odds as a good guide - Next General Election Odds : July - December 2009 : 10/1 January 2010 Or Later : 1/33
  4. Don't use it then Why ? there no better than anyone else. I could'nt care aless if I earn £50,000 a year or £20,000, lives not all about money, well not my life anyway.
  5. I meant its not a great deal for the job of putting something back in society. EA's, Mortgage Brokers, Conveyancers are parasites imo.
  6. Thats not a fortune for having to teach, all the greedy **** s work in the private sector, stuck up their own bums
  7. There are certain areas close to Hertfordshire which are not being affected.
  8. Never heard of Icke, and you don't believe you teach to condition to a certain degree?
  9. Absolutezero Don't matter how they got it, they have it. And while your trained to teach what the Elite tell the government to teach you, no disrespect but the average human will never be clever enough to have a lions share of the wealth.
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