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  1. Living in a country where you cannot speak the language, do not fit into the culture (I include English speaking countries in that), have no real employment prospects (because of the above) is depressing. People that hate the UK and see all the negative sides are generally half glass empty types who read the Daily Mail and are generally bitter towards anyone who has more than them, this forum has them in abundance, you know who you are. High house prices is not a reason to move and there is always rental, Germans, Spanish etc are more than happy never owning their own home and they don't sit
  2. That must be a joke! I wouldn't pay £180,000 to live in that ghetto.
  3. I guess everyone has their own perception. I have lived on North Street, the Ashton End, and I didn't like it at all. Why would you pay 200k for a house thats neighbours include massage parlors? In terms of being friendly I think the whole BS3 area is very socially divided, you have a large contingent who rely on the state and would frequent bars like BS3 and then you have the very middle class yummy mummies who block entrances to coffee ships with their squadrons of prams while their little jaspers run riot. I'd rather live somewhere like Easton that has far more sense of community. Stoke
  4. That's a fair point but you can in St Werbergs, Horfield, Henleaze, Ashley Down which are all vastly superior to Bedminster in my opinion. Do a house search under 200k within one mile of BS6 and you'll see what I mean. I cannot see the big appeal on Southville (horrendously overpriced) and Bedminster (overpriced) - they are not good areas, even the better pubs on North St are full of idiots on a weekend, the kind that you wouldn't want to spill their pint! The whole area is full of hoodies and attitudes, I'd rather walk around St Pauls.
  5. Sorry but you offered 200k to live in Bedminster, yea I know its near North street but its still Bedminster! The vendor should have snapped your hand off for that. Bedminster is a shit hole and and expensive one at that!
  6. Unless you are actually abroad anyway or highly motivated to go abroad (most people are not, they just like the idea and are dreamers rather than doers) then comparing the UK to anywhere is pointless, utterly pointless! I have lived abroad and the grass is always greener.
  7. Well done for starting the most pointless thread ever! You cannot compare housing in the same town let alone in difference countries! Way too many other factors. Thread should be closed.
  8. 1 bedroom flat for 34k on wells road!
  9. Friend of mine wants to buy two bed flat in BS6, offered £190k from an asking price of 205k, vendor went down to £200k and basically said it would not be worth selling under 200k because of the rental return available as rents have crept up around here. So there we go, no sale and friend has backed out and another flat is taken off the market! Think this is the crux of the problem in many desirable places in the UK, why sell for a lower figure when you can continue to make a decent return? The only thing that will change this is an interest rate rise, and a big one too.
  10. The North is cheap because there are few decent jobs and no one wants to live there!
  11. You are an absolute mug if you buy anywhere in East London! Only live there if you have to. To live in London you must be very wealthy or have nothing, anyone in between is paying a premium. There are far better places around the UK.
  12. Cambridge will never drop that much because it is.... very wealthy has good employment shortage of housing international appeal... I could go on
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