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  1. 37 Unit 62, ALDEA HILLS Manilva Malaga €245,000 38 Unit 45, ALDEA HILLS Manilva Malaga €245,000 39 Unit 42, ALDEA HILLS Manilva Malaga €245,000 40 Unit 40, ALDEA HILLS Manilva Malaga €245,000 41 Unit 41, ALDEA HILLS Manilva Malaga €245,000 42 Block II-1-F, RESIDENCIAL MIRABELLA Doña Julia Golf Course Casares €261,000 43 Block III-Baja-E, RESIDENCIAL MIRABELLA Doña Julia Golf Course Casares €146,000 44 1, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 45 2, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 46 3, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 47 4, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 48 5, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 49 6, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 50 7, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 51 8, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 52 19, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 53 20, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 54 21, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 55 22, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 56 23, MAGNA MANILVA, Bahia de Las Rocas Manilva €250,000 You can do better than these! Casares 1 bed: reserve under 145 euros .. COME ON!!!! And 250K for a 2 bed in Manilva ... Give me a break!! BTW every EA on the Costa del Sol is trying to flog this junk.. ¿¿Can we see some REAL bargains please??
  2. Went to Malaga the other day for a visit and was amazed to see how much work has been done to regenerate the city centre and historical quarter accommodation in preperation for city of culter 2016 ... any thoughts?
  3. Russians, Irish (to name but a few) and more domestic tourists .The papers say that they have saved the day this summer
  4. went to look at my 1st real-life bank repo today. The place wasnt all that and the price was still unrealistic since the bank wanted to recoup all the outstanding debt which is more than the property is worth now. They over-valueded it when it was bought and now to recoup the debt it is still over valued. I did the same as most people do and said to the agent .. "Its not for me but if you could just find me a villa over there for not much more than this, I would be interested" ... he threw his eyes to the sky and said if he could he´d have it himself! I am talking to him a bit so itll be interesting to see what he throws up!
  5. I heard something about the re-payment break, but with the euribor so low and nearly all Spanish mortgages being trackers, I doubt it'll make that much of a difference. Do you have to be unemployed to get the repayment break? It seems a bit silly to offer it to working people who should be taking advantage of low IRs to overpay their mortgages. They might find IRs are a lot higher in 2 years time! tracker mortgages in Spain are only reviewed yaerly, so if, like me your review periond was last yearw hen the euribor was still very high then low IRs are of no benefit. Overpayment of mortgages is also extremly dificult, as I found out to my peril last year when I was fined 30€ for doing so!!!!
  6. Not read this before, but my gestor did tell me something about this on Monday which I had forgotten about until now. I would be interested to know if the same horror stories regarding Spanish property (land grab, illegally built property, dodgy developers, shoddy work, no 1st occupation lcenses etc etc) apply to Madrid as they do to the Costas. Plenty of Spanish have been stung here but is it all over the Spanish press all day every day? Zapatero also introduced a measure last year whereby (provided you qualify) a 2 year mortgage re-payment break is allowed. Lots of people I know have qualified and have reduced their monthly payments but have had to literally force the banks to let them do it! This said, this has eased the supply of property entering the market recently. By the way OLDFTB, I am a she, not a he!
  7. Port is from Portugal .. Sherry is from Spain and rose is from both! PX is the best of the best so dont knock it until you have tried it. This is not a lets knock blighty post. If you had read some of my last posts you will see I am trying to offer a balanced perspective after the doom and gloom I saw in January. I still have my reasons for being here and everything aside it suits me. Living the dream for me would be the English countryside, period house, traditional pub, open fire, local food on the menu and a fantastic community ... but my work isnt there so its just a dream at the moment. There are no jobs here, everybody knows taht. I have a business which has its ups and downs but it earns me a living (even now) and Spain is my home. By the way, I hate the tube .. whats wrong with that?? I was so glad to escape, but thats the kind of person I am, it doesnt mean its the same for everybody. 77 degress at 11pm at night IS hot and its going to get hotter and hotter as the months go on.... it was just a comment for goodness sake .. do you have to knock everything! I mean PX sherry, the weather and a comment about the tube brought more feedback than any posts I have made about property!! shesh you cal and guys are so critical and SO defensive Great post about community fees. So many communities have huge debtors and are instructing banks to reposess properties in order to recoup funds
  8. The biggest tourist numbers in Spain do not come from the British but from the Spanish. Domestic tourism this year is UP on last year ... think about all those Spanish who cant holiday in Cuba, Dom Rep, US, Mexico etc taking holidays on the costas instead--- makes sense really Brit bars, German bars, Dutch bars and over-priced Spanish rubbish are all suffering but the good places are still open and making money albeit less than last year, but its the same in Blight pretty much isnt it? Spain is a great place to bring up kids but the dream is not easy and nor is it cheap .. dont be fooled into thinking it is 77 degrees here now, still light, sitting on the terrace in my shorts after a hard days work. Just been for a swim and preparing to eat a light evening tapa with a few vinos and maybe a small PX sherry thrown in for good measure! I am not a millionnaire but it sure beats a June evening sat on the tube!!
  9. They are based on the CDS ... maybe something to do with MRI overseas but not 100% sure but deffo based in Spain
  10. Not been on this forum for a while since nothing new was really happening here on the CDS ... property prices plummeting, no mortgages available, people leaving in their droves, no tourists, high unemployment ... this list goes on. Last month however, I spoke to a number of estate agents who all told me that they are finally getting deals through. The property they are selling is cheap though .. and when I say that I mean back to 2003/2004 prices. However, now that sellers have woken up and realised that the best way to get shot is to sell cheap the market is just beginning to move again. My bank manager also told me that she is allowed to lend again ..... Ive read lots of things on this thread about repos and I have to say that I do not know any agents who have actually completed on any repo deals. They are not straight forward at all and there are lots of scams about. Still lots of deals about with EAs and since so many of the scammers have gone now, you might even be lucky and find a straight talking one! Any sellers out there .. beware of any EAs who ask you to pay a listing fee. Ask yourself what do you really get for that 1000 quid???? Is this going to be the next scam?? Still lots of people going back to Blighty .. more will follow after the summer I reckon (if you are relying on the Brits for your income this summer then forget it .. they are staying away in their droves). No real new employment .. lots of scams still. Interestingly timeshare sales are up in some resorts and some new EAs trying to promote fractional ownership as a new way of shifting housing stock so watch this space! Domestic tourism is up this year and a reported 90% occupancy in the hotels over Easter. All inclusive breaks as cheap as 35 quid a night!! No wonder hotel occupancy is up! Apartment rentals down but forget the exchange rate .. its expensive to eat and drink here now and EVERYTHING has gone up again. People are voting with their feet and restaurants are still closing down. Still too many people here and not enough jobs. Lots of property now off the market now mortgage rathes have gone down but lots still want to sell. So few EAs left now though and most of the big players are virtually non existent. Had to laugh the other day though when I got invited to the opening of a new off-plan project with apartments starting at 500k !!!! can you believe it! I would be confident in saying there were no takers
  11. Michael Moon is practically the only multi national EA left on the CDS with multi office locations and I believe it when he says he has had more enquiries this Jan than last. Simply put, there are still (a few) buyers on the CDS and they have very little choice when it comes to an EA now. Because of this he can be very tough with sellers regarding sale price. The British distressed sellers are of particular interest to euro (mainly Spanish) cash buyers since most are converting strong euros back to weak sterling. Even if you sell for the same price as you bought, you win on the exchange rate.
  12. Loads of young professions Brits came to work on the CDS over the last 10 years, along with Germans, Scandies, Irish, French .. the list goes on. Here was the scenario:- Real estate companies needed cannon fodder to sell off-plan properties to ex-pats. They recruited en-mass in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Francem Russia etc etc... The formula was simple and you didn`t even have to be good at sales. This wasn´t an EA job (negotiate, get a good deal etc etc) it was formula sales, and it wasn´t a bad life ... come to Spain, earn loads of money, live cheaply, meet loads of like-minded people and have fun. In the beginning, this was the case. Ex-pats bought property, they turned a profit, cannon fodder earnt astronomical commissions, cannon fodder spent money in the bars, restaurants, night-clubs .... cannon fodder sha**ed everything that moved ... the dream was lived and the coast profited in every possible way: furniture companies, property developers, mortgage brokers, shops, wholesalers, international removal companies, satellite TV companies, kitchen companies, newspapers in German, English, French .. Property owners all bought to flip. Developers built more and more. Commissions got bigger and bigger. Money was cheap.... Then .... Cannon fodder got ripped off and not paid by some unscrupulous estate agents Buyers got ripped off Buyers got stuck with property they couldn´t afford/never intended to keep/didn´t want Tourists got ripped off in bars, restaurants, holiday rentals. Big-money earning locals were better customers More and more people heard about the big bucks to be make a they came over in their droves More and more ex-pat orientated business opened up to cater for this swelling population (international schools, British supermarkets, property maintenance companies etc etc) Then the leads dried up and the lure of big commissions in Bulgaria/Dubai/Budapest/St. Barts/Morocco proved too much for cannon fodder so they left. Tourists hit by poor exchange rates wouldn´t pay the silly asking prices for drinks & food and so went elsewhere. Real EAs stayed. They could still make a living although not like before but and life was still good and the sun shone. The bad press meant their job got harder and harder but 100% mortgages got easy to get and so everybody was chasing undervalued property. It was all about what deal your agent could get you. Was it cheap? Does it add up on paper? What is the maximum the bank will lend? How many weeks rental will I get? Surley it was time to make a profit ....... Then the credit crunch happened and Spanish banks panicked. Credit dried up. Interest rates went up and real estate got harder still so the ex-pats left in their droves. Lots went to Dubai, lots went back to the UK and lots went elsewhere so the bars, restaurents, newspapers all suddenly had no customers and no credit facility. Many closed last year, more have closed this year and more will close next year. The trouble is, its a nice life here if you can afford it. Your kids grow up bi-lingual, you can goto ferias, the beach, the pool, the mountains ... So those that are left are fighting to stay but is getting harder and harder. If you can´t speak Spanish what are you really going to do? Spain is pricy now, so you have to be earning at least what you earned back home ... but where is that opportunity? The Spanish are experiencing the worst unemployment in the eurozone so jobs will goto them first .... THere are still too many brits here and not enough jobs ... the question is who will be here at the end of the year? Its not just the pensioners who are suffering. Lots of people get paid in sterling, lots are dependent on the local ex-pat community to spend spend spend but there are no VAT lowering policies here! No unemployment benefit for those who haven´t paid into the system (and lots haven´t) and a huge risk of not getting paid by any company you work for
  13. At least in Gib you won´t have to worry about the poor exchange rate. And you can visit the CDS whenever you like
  14. You´ll still be able to have a drink but choose where you go carefully as you might be on your own! Too many people at the moment and not enough jobs ...
  15. Loads of bars have been taken over without leases as well since so many landlords have been desperate to let premesis whenever possible. Lots aren´t paying their staff, suppliers or landlords but bar owners are almost as hard to get out as tenants in private property .... AND they know it. Its now a case of suppliers being more reluctant than ever to give any kind of credit and landlords chasing the rent at every given opportunity. This winter has been a disaster on the CDS but I hear its a different story in Tenerife .... Anybody have anything to add?
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