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  1. To be called a Dick by people who think all you need to do to cure cancer is eat grass is an accolade to which I can only aspire - SIr I salute you. Keep up the good work.

  2. And you be sure to keep starting threads about irrelevant foreign politicians
  3. You accused me of "spurious drivel, spurious generalisations and wild allegations" ... topped off with "fookin nutter" You appear to be not unfamiliar with drama yourself.
  4. Indeed, it would be dangerous for people like me if Ron Paul was president. Labelled fookin nutters by his fanatical disciples. A scary prospect. Creeps and weirdos.
  5. Huh? I showed his results from the primaries: less than 10% - making him irrelevent. Is that a spurious generalisation and a wild allegation?
  6. Agree there for what it's worth. Agree there for what it's worth. No point. This was my original point. You are FANATICS. Debating with you on the contents of the video is pointless, like debating with a born-again Christian that there is no God.
  7. Huh? You mean he will be president? You really believe that? That's some reality distortion field you have there. Ah wait, just saw your sig, you're a conspiracy theorist, no more need be said.
  8. The fact that I think the man is both irrelevant (with provided proof) and is an idiot (subjective, impossible to prove) is an acceptable response. Perhaps not in the brainwashed world of the fanatic I suppose.
  9. And Jamie Oliver was on the BBC showing us how to cook kippers. Both are meaningless.
  10. As I said, in the world of the Ron Paul fanatic, dissent is not allowed. If you wish for only positive opinions about the man, the post on his website. If you post on a general economic forum, then you have to accept the some people will find the fanatical devotion amongst his fans to be odd and creepy, and will comment on that.
  11. Huh? Remind me again how much he polled in the Primaries? Less than 10%? The man is a complete irrelevance politically. He is a curio. Certainly there is no need that I can see for endless threads about him, other than as a sociological study of the cult of personality to the susceptible mind.
  12. The typical tired and wilted conspiracy theorist insult. I get in no intellectual challenge here at all.
  13. In the world of the Ron Paul fanatic, dissent is outlawed.
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