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  1. Checkpoints to let people in, or out...?
  2. Interesting Damocles, thanks for the link. It does seem to be a bit of a difficult area, and of course very frustrating to be in a position where it is impractical to defend oneself as a former tenant given access to the property is no longer possible.
  3. Cheers, that was my growing feeling. Obviously I dunno what has been said between agent/LL at the point the agent decided to refund the deposit, but there's not much else I can do having obtained a satisfactory check out report. I'd hope, in the instance that the LL takes action which establishes (say) that the inspection report was wrong or deficient, that it would be the agent/DPS/APIP that would be responsible for sorting it out. Obviously I dunno what the LL/agent contract says about such a matter either. If it is anything like their AST, it will be full of unenforceable lapses though.
  4. Yeah, I guess their statutory rights to seek redress are unaffected by the agent's action. The only reason I thought of this was because the agent sent an ambiguous email, probably just poorly worded, which stated that the LL wants to take it further and I've released the deposit. I'm mindful of a poster here who was stitched up in court over a carpet or something despite it being noted to be in poor condition at the start and end. It would as you say be a pretty silly situation, I guess the agent realised this, albeit not before asking us to consider offering some dough. I think they really ought to have firmly closed the issue upon production of their own report. Knowing the LL's behaviour I suspect they were kicking up a huge stink over trivialities and probably forced the agent to approach us about issues the inspector had 'missed' in the report. If anything, I feel the LL ought to be going after the agent if they feel the report is deficient. Anyway, glad to be away from that particular LL, totally unsuited to their chosen 'profession' In my view. Just a bit of a mockery to be asked to stump,up regardless. I can only imagine what happens to tenants who challenge the inspection report findings when it goes against them.
  5. Update- the letting agent has released the deposit despite the landlord being unhappy about it. Fair play to the agent tbh. Whether that means we might be pursued by the LL through independent action via the courts is an interesting consideration....
  6. Thanks. I ought to make clear that the inspection was actually carried out by an employee of the agent, and neither my wife nor I were present, so it's not even 'independent' as such. Seems the agent has been trying to get the LL to back off, without success. I've asked for the full deposit back and said that the landlord will have to provide amount(s) they wish to claim, and the reasons for doing so. Crackers.
  7. Ok, checked out out of a rental recently, where my family and I (2 adults plus 3 year old child) have lived for 2 years. The agent's inspector conducted a 'Schedule of condition' /inventory report when we moved in and one recently when we moved out. The inspector, who has apparently received training from both the DPS and the APIP (me neither, the Association of Professional Inventory Providers) gave a summary stating the property is in a good clean condition commensurate with that when we moved in, with a few minor marks to the walls. There is a section which asks whether any cleaning to the carpets, Windows or anywhere else is required, which has been filled in as 'n/a'. There then follows a detailed room-by-room breakdown where any issues are noted in more detail, with photographic evidence. In the more detailed breakdown a couple of minor cleaning issues are noted along with maintenance stuff for the LL. The report runs to 23 pages, although is mostly pictures with a couple of comments. So, the Landlord is apparently unhappy with the report and wants additional cleaning done to a few parts and thinks some damage has been caused. Seems they are unwilling to accept the agent's inspector's report, despite the agent trying to persuade them to leave it. I also sent around 150 photos to both agent and owner upon leaving the property and prior to the report being compiled. I called the DPS for some advice and although helpful they seemed slightly bemused by the situation and suggested I call Shelter. Has anyone had to rely on a checkout report from an agent in order to defend themselves against a claim on the deposit made from the same agent..? The agent is the entity listed on the deposit paperwork so it would be them who would make the claim on behalf of the LL I suppose. Agent is refusing to release our deposit for now, we have officially requested it via DPS. How do I protect myself against this stuff? I don't really want to go through the dispute process but seems like it will be happening. What are the prospects for the deposit to be returned in full? I guess the fact the inspector has had DPS training would surely give their report some credence with the DPS.
  8. Oh yes, I agree with you entirely. It's numberwang at best, Govt. has consistently put itself on the record as believing that real wages will take off, elevating people out of welfare dependency and reducing the burden on the state....... Another year, another increase in the numbers looking to the chancellor for their min wage settlement....
  9. Reckon the Govt see mass immigration as the lesser political risk of two unpalatable options. There is so much index-linked obligations that to share them out among the current workforce is too much for them to bear. Therefore, the action taken has simply been to increase the number of backs to share the load. I know people whose political wish list includes- raising rates, stopping QE, pumping house prices, protecting pensions without limit, cutting the deficit to zero A.S.A.P. and cutting immigration severely. I get the impression that they have not really thought through the implications for the current workforce if they got their wish list. Govt knows the impossibility of it so we get QE and shed loads of new people every year. Reckon Brexit won't do much to alter immigration levels at all, irrespective of what the rhetoric is, in the short-medium term. We already see the effects of the current HPI rentierism-centric economy in terms of declining productivity/capita. It's obvious that destroying people's chances to attain financial independence is likely to be detrimental to their motivation and productivity.
  10. Is that UK chart before or after the OBR's recent guidance that changes to imputed rent knocked 0.3% per annum off UK nominal GDP each year for the last 15...? Doesn't affect 'real' GDP growth apparently as that's determined by the choice of deflator, which I'm sure is absolutely without error.
  11. I saw a Toyota Previa with a stainless aftermarket exhaust once.
  12. I think the frustrations are partly due to the real issues of inter generational inequality which are dismissed out of hand by some (not you, obviously!) A close relative of mine, 66 years old and having taken early retirement a decade ago, was gleefully telling me and my missus that he had already withdrawn more then the sum total of his career pension contributions(1 employer throughout his working life) and was adamant that his scheme was fully funded, as the current workers contributions were being upped, the indexing and future benefits degraded, and the firm itself putting in a huge amount to cover the blossoming shortfall. He is someone who never misses a chance to stick the boot into Socialism and or people he sees as shirkers, benefit junkies etc. Basically a flesh version of his beloved Telegraph. I hinted that maybe current benefit payouts should be looked at too, he said he has a bit of paper guaranteeing his RPI uplift etc, so that's that. The scheme even broke their own rules to dish out greater increases in payments than allowable when inflation spiked a few years back, which he was also gloating about at the time. It is not fair to generalise this attitude across to an entire cohort, but when even people with nominally decent educations are happy to say that others should cough up seemingly without limit to fund their lifestyle to an absolutely absurd level in relation to their contributions (the pooled risk approach will of course always mean some pay more or receive less than others) we have a problem. The whole starting point for solving these problems is that current benefits are entirely off the table. I think that is wrong, for many reasons. Some rowing back in future benefits is obviously required to prevent this problem from happening in future but it is not justifiable to expect the burden for sorting the current mess to entirely be borne by others too. In most situations in life where one entity is consuming something way beyond a sustainable or justifiable level, the answer is rarely to do nothing to check it and scavenge resources from elsewhere to cover up the problem. Pensions see to be different for some reason. A degradation in index linking, which has been foisted on others, could amount to a reasonable saving in this specific case. It's not impossible he lives for 25 years from here and his income doubles in the meantime, nominally. I dunno how much he gets at the moment, I think he did 30 years employment, maybe 35, so around half final salary with a decade+ of RPI indexing to date maybe. So maybe 75% of final salary in nominal terms today? I feel sure he'll tell me when the index linking means he gets paid more in nominal terms than when he was at work. As has been noted above, it's not like this dough is actually going to be of much use, it'll likely sit in a bank account doing nothing until they die, while they print off their 2 for 1 pub offers and continue to pretend they are not staggeringly well off, and mostly a result of the actively forced enactment of socialist principles he claims to hate so much. No wonder UK productivity is under pressure imo. People know they are being screwed and are reacting accordingly- get your retirement in along the way and don't work too hard. It is an approach I have employed, and continue to do so. My 2005 self would not have believed these words would have come from me a decade hence, but I have been taught a severe lesson in the meantime.
  13. All of the liabilities and stripped of the upside from the one 'ace' the Govt holds wrt planning permission uplift in land values. Housebuilders making out like bandits while prospective buyers will be told by Estate agents that if they don't fancy ponying up the asking price despite being the only interested party, Big Phil will write a cheque regardless! Govt gets to hold a hotch potch of uncoordinated housing stock bought at who-knows-what-price. Social housing built by sociopaths. Pure evil imo.
  14. Depends where the loot ends up, I remain to be convinced that the May administration will not end up going down the same fundamental road as the Cameron one- bungs for preferred groups and debt dressed up as wealth for the fodder classes, ie renters, young people etc etc. I would genuinely be delighted to be proved totally wrong.
  15. Wouldn't argue with any of that, but what makes anyone suppose this productive investment will be happening in future? Hammond has a massive VI in the property game; May has a blotted copy book on immigration; both were integral players in the upper echelons throughout the Cameron administration. If they felt strongly about money being pi$$ed up a wall maybe we might have heard something from them previously. We'll see, won't we...
  16. Can anyone explain how Hammond's reported approach, ie to ignore the deficit and spend in infrastructrure etc, actually differs from Osborne's?, Simply whose pockets the taxpayer loot ends up in? I must say I find it somewhat fanciful that as suggested the following will happen in any significant fashion without some pretty tasty tax rises or currency downside: Immigration reduction Raising interest rates Ignoring the deficit. Edit as has been noted above, Cam and Ozzy made some pretty good noises prior to taking office. In the end, Ozzy out-Browned Brown imo.
  17. Plus, it is galling to hand the kids over to people who have engineered the position whereby they feel they have a helpful role by consistently voting to screw their kids on housing. Thanks for the substandard childcare help, Grandad. You c**t.
  18. Fubra should dish out a copy of 'Let England Shake' to every HPCer imo. Let it burn..
  19. Worth noting that this £60k income dual earning household sits well inside the richest top 10% of households on a post tax income basis, ignoring any benefits received. Of course, houses are definitely not too expensive, it's those pesky 4 and 5 times joint salary limits, innit.
  20. Yup, have heard of villages near just gently evaporating, pubs close, schools and shops close as the population age. The insane cost of houses pretty much preventing all but the best paid from buying in.
  21. There is an excellent product called 'Wet and Forget'. Circa £20-25 quid for 5 litres in Costco, it dilutes heavily to go a long way. Apply with normal spray bottle and it slowly cleans up the paths etc. No jetwashing required. It is amazing, it also works on fences, sheds etc although slightly more is required as the wood is more readily attacked. http://www.wetandforget.co.uk/?gclid=CK6q35zYk88CFQw6GwodBWEO6Q
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