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  1. Indeed. I am really quite upset by it, to be honest. And I am fortunate enough to live in a 'bought' property. I do care about the price of my house too. It is far too high. This will always be my #1 priority, eternal vigilance being the price of liberty. Here's the author of the White Paper in correspondence with me (via my MP) in 2013, defending "Help to Buy". Can anyone think of any workplace examples of someone screwing something up spectacularly and being asked some years later to write policy (and be taken seriously) on exactly the same subject matter...?
  2. I was told by Nick Boles, then Minister for planning etc in a public meeting in 2013, that Help to Buy was essential as otherwise builders wouldn't build. Nope, they needed Govt money thrown at them otherwise, they'd sit there, debt liabilities, wages, etc, all paid out of thin air, waiting for largesse to come their way. Got a few "here here's" from the assembled crowd too. And the Govt paid up, handsomely. Here we are, four years hence, being told the same again. Yet they haven't built much in the intervening period.
  3. The extension of Javid's pet policy, Help to Buy, I'm sure will be a great filip to all those people who didn't buy a house yet due to the immense prices. Was it going to be any other way..?
  4. Yup, and believe it or not that has been their rough aim. Stagnant prices and rising wages. Oh dear, we've gone gang busters on the price props and accelerants, and the wage increases are nowhere to be seen. Oh well, we must need more of the same.
  5. Well, this is very disappointing if somewhat predictable. The white paper mentions tenants concerns focussing around security of tenure, then avoids making any recommendations whatsoever. Pisspoor. Obviously build to rent types will be looking for long term tenants so suggesting rules for this sort of stuff seems to be avoiding the areas where it is most needed. Banning agents fees etc, client money rules, good stuff, but ignoring security of tenure for existing tenants, often priced out by the sort of 'investment' the sector could do without, is a bitter blow.
  6. Yup, it all hinges on work-till-drop scenarios. We'll see how much OT they fancy when sprogs arrive. Wonder whether these people genuinely consider themselves as the 'winners'..? Ask them in 10 years I suppose.. Article says no BOMAD in any instance, just BOGOV via HTB etc.
  7. Surely not, look here's the evidence... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38564137 Loving the 'how did you manage to buy a 2 bed house' angle on the couple in Edinburgh with a combined income of £66,000.
  8. Problem is that it's Cameron's 'Help to Buy' brain who is working on the white paper. Time will tell, as you say...
  9. The UK basically has a problem giving up the 'dream' of landlordism as a route to riches. Sadly, I have another feeling of huge trepidation ahead of a Govt announcement on housing.
  10. I'm not sure why any renter would sign up to it though. Rent should decrease as tenancy risks subside. LLs want it all. New tenant? Ooh, risky. You might be a junkie ne'erdowell who doesn't pay. Want a long tenancy? Ooh the benefit of extra security is worth paying for via rent rises tied to inflation. Why not, for example, treat these people as they are- people who will spin any situation, and leverage a position of strength, for a bit of coin. Giving incentives to people to conduct what was presumably* the entire fecking reason they rent out houses- to collect rent- is plain silly. *I can't even remember whether BTLers say it's a business or an investment these days. So some might be in it to get capital gains in the main. So they can be treated accordingly ie under the policy bus via S24 you go. The rest don't, surely, have a leg to stand on.
  11. Just heard shadow housing person on radio, saying they want: 3 year tenancies, with predictable rent rises within that period. Hard not to be disheartened by hearing this sort of stuff. Capitulating on your behalf, HM Government's official opposition.
  12. As Democorruptcy has pointed out in the past, it appears that people entitled to some types of welfare payments can have seemingly limitless leasehold charges paid by the taxpayer on top of other entitlements. Wonder if people out there have eg bought freehold house, cut it into leasehold flats, retaining the freehold in a different company. Comedy leasehold charge, let flats out to qualifying benefit recipients, taxpayer backstopping it all.
  13. This is my fear, and if the minister said as much on the telly then any talk of longer tenancies is a crock of BS. As Labour tried in their manifesto at the last election, and as Conservative Zac Goldsmith pretty much copied verbatim in his bid to become Mayor of London, the headline-attracting '3/5 year' tenancy was actually a degradation of existing security of tenure as they contained several break clauses which the landlord could use to evict after as little as six months, which pretty much put everyone on a six-month AST. We do not know the details as yet, so we will have to wait and see, but I for one would be astonished in light of the above, if the policy represented any meaningful improvement, and the risk is it also goes backwards. Unless asymmetric break clauses appear, as Dorkins points out on the first page, 'security of tenure' will not, and indeed *cannot* improve. Also, there is nothing 'family friendly' about, say, your landlord having 5 opportunities to whang you out of your home before you or your kids finish school, through no fault evictions. It's not all about children of course. Everyone deserves security of tenure. As a final note, I'll simply note that it is Javid who is cooking this up; he was largely behind 'Help to Buy'. Feeling optimistic about the white paper?
  14. Ah, Help to Buy. Another car crash looming for the taxpayer as people will simply point out that they've been rinsed by a purchase made via Govt. endorsed scheme. That a house builder could possible be vetted for even something as dumb as Help to Buy while employing this sort of sharp practice is a pisstake. I like how the BBC article states that the investors would find it a useful income stream to fund, eg, pensions. More intergenerational ransacking in progress. Every which way. Democorruptcy was onto a related leasehold scam like a rat up a drainpipe ages ago, in that leasehold charges are covered by the taxpayer, seemingly without limit, for those with certain benefit entitlements. So the financial sector is on it like a vampire.
  15. Dunno if kddies and animals like that. Once the other stuff dries it's ok, apparently...
  16. This stuff is worth a look, assuming you have access to the roof. Got to Costco for the best price, under £25 and occasionally cheaper on offer. http://www.wetandforget.co.uk
  17. Wouldn't be surprised if the cost of the housing crisis is a decade off my lifespan. Financially we are way ahead, all things considered. Still a crappy state of affairs either way. Which is the important point.
  18. Just financial pawns to be manipulated to obtain the most agreeable financial arrangement for Mummy and Daddy. Disgusting.
  19. You would hope some disciplinary proceedings would be appropriate. Disgraceful behaviour. Thanks for the update.
  20. They've not been around that long, and didn't sell in large numbers to start with. Here's three trims available from the start of the Prius' existence, suggests it is pretty reliable in my view, similar to a corolla which is a decent result. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/toyota_prius_t3_vvt-i_auto https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/toyota_prius_t4_vvt-i_auto https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/toyota_prius_t_spirit_vv-i_auto
  21. I've a relation who is adamant his pension fund is fully funded as mechanisms exist to screw the current workers without limit to make up the blossoming deficit. Sorted. Company is paying in excess of 20% of salaries as well, so I was told. Dicking with indexing, slicing accrual rates, it's all 'funded' apparently. He is 66 and admitted, gleefully, that he has already received more in pension income than he ever contributed. It was the only employer he had too, so a career's worth of contributions have already been burned, investment returns aside which may be considerable of course. Hates Socialism too. Comedic, if it wasn't so damaging.
  22. Can anyone find panels for sale anywhere close to this? I got to 75 pence/ watt as about the cheapest. Someone is making a chunk.... Cheap solar is a very good thing indeed. Edit here's circa 40 pence/watt: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REC-260W-SOLAR-PANEL-260W-SOLAR-PANELS-/152357139352?hash=item2379317398:g:SbcAAOSwOtdYUn0m
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