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  1. Wage rises, silly billy. Shapps said so, in 2010. The same mechanism has made housing cheap since then too.
  2. Or indeed working from 16 years old. 4 years of paying in, sorry sonny we need to speak to your parents. Infantalising adults.
  3. seems to be a very good policy if you are minded to generate an enormous amount of resentment.
  4. Same old, same old really. Plenty of numpties around, must be easy to find in a place where people under 30 years old have only ever known monstrously priced housing. Conditioned to accept it as the norm, maybe against their better judgements, when of course it is anything but. Hammond and May have already blotted their copy book in my view, firstly with the rate cut shortly after pontificating about ZIRP/QE etc upon assuming office, and more recently with Javid's rental sector idiocy, ie appointing him in the first place was pisspoor judgement. He (Javid) seems to have become embroiled in another controversy over the council tax situation at Surrey.
  5. 2011 census data. UK average 87% white (this includes all whites of any nationality) London average 45% white Richmond upon Thames 86% white North Devon 98% white (for completeness, my own area) Wirral 97% white. Facts, innit. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_groups_in_the_United_Kingdom#Ethnic_Groups_-_2011_Census_data
  6. Olney seems to have slipped into the Commons mentality with ease.
  7. Indeed. I just don't think they can leave HPI ramping alone. Well remembered about the bingo and beer too. Patronising so and sos.
  8. At some point older people are going to have to change the habit of a lifetime and pay a fair share for something.
  9. I must admit to being thoroughly ashamed of the U.K. Housing stock when watching an athletics road race last year. It went via suburbs in Cardiff and while not exactly the time of year to show off things at their best (wet winter) it was full of row after row of grubby shitty poverty-of-ambition hovels. Then I went outside and realised it was more or less replicated everywhere else. Just no need for it aside Governbankment* keeping the boot on the windpipe of little people. *h/t you-know-who.
  10. Interesting reports from the PSA exec who feels that exporting Vaux/Opel outside Europe is the way to go, given GM built many similar vehicles. Will sticking a UK/German badge on what was essentially a Chevy result in a brand success story?
  11. Well this is it really. The ideological inconsistencies are preventing what would appear to be a pretty bleedin obvious common sense approach from being implemented. Instead we get increasing amounts of money being hosed away, the natural consequence of inflationary policies, and offered a bunch of symptom treatments. Imagine if Govt was your doctor. Runny nose? Cut it off. Sorted.
  12. On the evidence in the video the robot appears to be impartial, courteous, accurate and professional. And I guess it could phone a plumber too, so that's pretty much the average tenant's wish list covered as far as their LL goes. Guess it's unlikely to S21 you because it wants to move its cousin in too.
  13. Your third point is where the big stick approach falls flat on its face in the UK. For plenty of people in UK 2017 a full time job, even a well enumerated one or one which is an essential public service, is a non starter as far as even housing costs are concerned. It is hardly surprising that there isn't much appetite for a benefits slash and burn when (in the absence of any policy moves by our landlord-heavy legislators to combat housing costs, notably absent from your list!) all it amounts to is a recipe for mass unemployment/poverty. A bit of willingness to tackle housing costs and the benefits issues will largely disappear in my view.
  14. I don't think we disagree, it's just so typical that the big picture is frequently missed by politicos of all stripes, and they seem to be allowed to get away with it.
  15. Well, as stated above, UK is a prohibitively costly place to live. Just how are we to get out of this mess? Osborne balked at welfare reform, the past 5? Govts of all stripes have painted themselves into a corner on welfare reform by pursuing policies to stiff people on their #1 lifetime expense- housing. In my view there would be considerable scope for slashing the assortment of insane payouts if there was a bit of honesty about the damage HPI focused housing lunacy has wreaked, and an attempt to reverse it. 300 quid will make little difference to anything, without wider scale reforms. And bigger reforms won't fly until a Govt fesses up and starts to reverse the great inflation in living costs, principally housing.
  16. I feel there has to be a straightforward acknowledgement that the UK is a low wage, high cost environment which necessitates (to a certain degree) state handouts. Hitting up a cohort with barely a five figure income stream(and one which has fallen dramatically in the last decade) is pointless as far as the overall public finances are concerned. Tax credits throw up extremely perverse incentives for certain groups, as you have often observed.
  17. Median self employed income is something like £10,000. And these are the people in line for a £300 tax hike. With friends like these in Govt....
  18. Another train wreck for Javid, after Help to Buy and his recent housing white paper.
  19. I just can't imagine Liverpool coping with anything like a return to mid 20th century population, without a significant reorganisation. The extra-urban freedoms brought by private motoring in hugely increasing numbers from the 50s onwards has really had the opposite effect on this city, reducing 'efficiency' and leaving them with inappropriate infrastructure, for want of a better term.
  20. Still astonishes me that bricks and mortar, plus almost everything assembled on site is still the dominant 'tech' in housing.
  21. I simply dunno what to think anymore about apparent economic activity, such is the contamination of funny money, corporatist tax/wage arbitrage etc, but I went through Manc on the train today and there seemed like a huge amount of construction work on the go.
  22. Imagine if the landlords didn't have to go to court to evict, and imagine if they could evict without any breach of contract like rent arrears. That's the UK, that is.
  23. Already occurring in a country near you. And no one has to go to court here... Edit 'Coming to ' to ''Already occurring in'
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