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  1. Yes, housing ministers from Shapps through Prisk, Lewis and Barwell (might have been some others too!) haven't really grasped the gravity of their brief imo. I guess they saw it as a kind of barrow boy type speculation effort to help facilitate the chancellors' enrichment programme for corporate interests in the house builders, but I don't think they considered the cumulative effect of years of providing incentives for poor behaviour from unscrupulous individuals. I see Grenfell as an inevitable result of housing policy incentives to promote spivs.
  2. Dunno yet. Hammond and May made big noises about sound monetary policy when they assumed office, only for rates to be cut less than a month later as I recall.
  3. One of the members who voted for a rise, Kristen Forbes, completes her term on the MPC at the end of this month.
  4. Hmm, Govt bonds are the instrument to enable people to extract resources from unborn. What's the current longest dated bond in issue, is it 2060? So the impacts of this may hit the start of life care for people born further away from the '07 financial crisis than a boomer was from the Boer War. Nice!
  5. Anecdote from lifelong conservative voter relative of mine, views are generally summed up as him being the flesh version of the Torygraph. Already gleefully revealed he has already been paid more pension income than he ever contributed via defined benefit shakedown, mid sixties in age. Raging at the election result. The solution to this disaffected youth voting Labour is....: "Raise the voting age" I kid ye not. Kinda easy to see how the Tory party has become a laughing stock among the young, even some of those who are "small c" conservative inclined. I don't think they realise how screwed they are tbh. An entire generation is being financially repressed, in all the main areas, unable to form capital, and the 'solution' is to disenfranchise them entirely from the voting process. Bottom line is they don't consider young people to be real people. Think we've had enough of that sort of 'conservatism' imo.
  6. Wonder how many now look to the chancellor directly for their pay rises via NMW. Command economy at the bottom, I'd say there's some argument for making that statement. It obviously hasn't worked overall but if the NMW keeps outstripping other metrics then more and more will get swept up. Edit late to the party, saw your response above. Good points.
  7. I disagree, (maybe 'socially stratifying the cost' is more apt) as it is very biased against younger people, which is the whole point. It's completely unsustainable in any case, which is a less idealistic reason to think it's a crap idea too.
  8. That goes some way to explaining the BoE's basic stance which reads like a bailout in the making.
  9. Wonder how many of Labour's recent new membership spike will have enjoyed Corbyn guaranteeing the triple lock yet being extremely vague on private renters' rights. Don't see the logic in that tbh.
  10. "Rent controls" are a political dog whistle, but really the power to limit rent increases is simply a natural and necessary part of increasing tenant security. Currently, a LL can evict simply by asking for a comedy increase in rent. As well as a myriad other 'no fault' scenarios. Any attempts to improve tenant security which doesn't address these "no fault" scenarios are largely worthless. Labour's massive failure last time round was to float the idea of 3 year tenancies, while still allowing (and even extending) the different exceptions whereby a LL could whang their tenants out irrespective of the apparent security of 3 years. This was almost copied in verbatim by Zac Goldsmith for his failed London mayoral bid. We await the manifestos. I'm hopful Corbyn won't make the same errors.
  11. tantalising prospect really. If people are happy to pay £200 / month plus fuel and maintenance, to cover up to 10,000 miles per annum (Approx cost of Focus PCP deal) then would they be happy to pay similar for 10,000 miles of driverless car miles?
  12. I'd love to know how much of the PPI refunds were/are used to pay balloon payments rather than deposits. Maybe skint people having to hand back their PCP motors, with no ongoing transport, will constitute a fertile market for the growth of driverless car hire models in future. Could be run on a similar annual mileage basis too.
  13. I've been waiting for the PCP bubble to die for while now, the FCA reports for PPI refunds seem to be finally dropping off, although still a considerable slew at over a couple of hundred million quid a month: https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/payment-protection-insurance/monthly-ppi-refunds-and-compensation The language from the BoE is about aggregate asset values and that makes me concerned as it's the same line of thinking which begats HPI protecting housing policies. The GFV of a car in a PCP should protect people who take the deals out. Of course, the real issue is that come the end of the PCP people are often reliant on handing back a car whose actual residual value is far enough above the GFV to provide the deposit on the next one without having to stump up the cash. The car company will have to eat the GFV related loss if the PCP returns car parc drops in value en masse, but more than that is the fact they don't get a corresponding new sale either in many instances.
  14. Yet more sterling PR for the nation's BTLers. I call BS on the 12 grand claim in the article too. When on earth is this guy going to be cleaned out?
  15. Now, there's a thing. I read that the NLA scheming was immediate 'has launched' rather than part of the 2018 energy legislation above. It was launched as part of the green deal, which had its funding cut after an abysmal run to 2015. 14,000 loans financed via the Govt. There may be private financiers still around, I dare say there are given the exorbitant interest costs, thoroughly opaque benchmarks, which are meaningless anyway, and strict liability regardless of performance of the measured purchased, but it won't be many. As a tenant you do not have to agree to take on the bill supplement- it needs your express agreement to do so, it is worth mentioning, as I understand it. edit SKS - spyguy keyboard syndrome.
  16. From 2013. I guess it wasn't popular as I dare say we'd have heard about the resultant sheet storm by now..
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