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  1. It is not really hard to see why sterling is strenghening, it is because it has dropped 30% in a year and is now too low. Commuting very often between UK and Eurozone, I can tell you that prices in the UK are low compared to the Eurozone.
  2. Inflation figures, due to be released today, are expected to go down a lot (from >4% to 2.7%), and if that is true, BoE is more likely to cut interest rate again next month. That is why the sterling is going down ... again
  3. Looks like Adams will be the next one http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7801952.stm
  4. You have to admit that this year , there are very good bargains to be made. Comparing prices between France and the UK, I noticed that on average pricesare around 40% cheaper at the current 1:1 rate, sometime up to 70% (Best price for a doll bought for my daughter was £25 in UK and 70 Euros in France, exactely the same doll). Same goes for some PC equipement I got (Samsung F1 500Gb HD for £47 while it was 69 Euros in France, TV card at £65 instead of 105 Euros) ... and the list goes on. With the >4% inflation in the UK , such bargains are amazing, and like Sibley, I think sales figures are going to be positive (for xmas period only).
  5. The graph made me laugh too , what a load of rubbish
  6. I use HIFX , but I had to open an account in France and one in the UK. Their rate is around -0.02 if transferring more than £5,000 , and around -0.05 if less
  7. Not only tourism, but also housing market. A French friend has a big old house in Dordogne and is very upset not to get any UK prospective buyers as they are usually the ones buying these kind of houses.
  8. I am too, but have been doing it for more than a year now. Not that I saw it coming but I am paid in sterling and mainly use Euros ... I wish it was the other way round.
  9. I doubt that they do the real FX rate ... are you sure ??
  10. I think it won't stop them cutting IR, they have already demonstrated that they do not really care if Sterling falls. I strongly believe they are waiting for a parity with Euro to get in, but what they don't realise is that they might not be allowed to join the single currency by some EU member states, which would result in an even further fall of the pound ...
  11. My French mortgage has gone up by 16% in the past year .... just because of currency fluctuation (from 1.43 to 1.23). When European governments mimic Brown's part nationalisation of their banks, I expect the sterling to strenghen and reach an average of 1.3 Fingers crossed
  12. But that means that if you want to withdraw some money from your account , it will have to come from the taxpayers money ? You pay tax on one side , and you pay tax to withdraw your "net" money :angry:
  13. These "free loan" offers are only available for newly-built houses. It is obvious to me that this deal it is not there to help FTB, but to help developpers sell their houses.
  14. I can't believe nothing is done to help the pound. Minus 19% against the Euro in 2 years. At this rate, we won't be able to import anything in a couple of years.
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