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  1. Thanks to the wise on Houseprice crash, you’ve saved us tens of thousands over the past 4 years. Today we’ve just completed on the purchase of our country cottage from our Landlord. I’m estimating that coming to this forum has offered me an education that has saved us to the tune of 50 grand. Rather than just immediately berating me for stepping back in I will outline my circumstances in order that you might take on board my opinions in the same manner that I have learned from others, to my benefit. Our deal was 35% deposit over 10 years fix at 4.99 at 3x single salary. I believe hou
  2. Just done it, its not showing my name at the moment tho. Will try again in a bit if it doesnt list it.
  3. Fantastic, today's news is like watching Muhammad Ali come off the ropes against Foreman. Now those of us that chose to stay on the ropes can look forward to punching back, as hard as hell.
  4. Laurejon, The work has not dried up because everyone is dry walling now, people have been doing that since the 1930's. The work has dried up because the money is drying up in the economy, but yes I do concede that construction is the last place I would advise anybody to think of joining over the next few years. Plastering has been going as a process for about 4000 years, it didn't die as a trade in early 2006. The UK economy is now on its knees, you can feel it in the air.
  5. I know I'm in for hard times with work being a self employed plasterer on domestic work. Its very evident that business is now not growing at the rate it was 12 months ago, which very much confirms what others have been saying regards domestic work. Its taken a little longer to catch up with me, in that its been within the last six weeks and a lot of the chaps are saying its been dead for 12 months. It would appear that finally the money has started to run out in peoples pockets. I've had a number of people outside construction actually mention the word recession to me over the past few week
  6. OnlyMe, I just see it that I have a body and a brain, IQ ok but not fantastic as is my body. Now you line up a whole load of Chinese or poles and strip us all naked and what do you get, apart from a nasty sight, is a load of pretty much generic production units. Now I'm not talking on ethical grounds or the value of humanity here, I'm talking pure economics. The only reason I'm doing better at the moment is because right now the lucks with me. Out of that line up of Chinese or poles there's a good few of them that fancy running a business properly, but cheaper than me, because they don't fan
  7. OnlyMe, Don't worry, I wont be complaining. There's plenty enough people in the building trade who just stick two fingers up to it all now, I'm used to it. Tax dodge, no insurance, cash deals you name it. If this other guy has to live here he has to be paying somebody for his space in the sun, if the market drags the price down so we are both living in bedsits then so be it. Really, threes not a lot I can do about it other than build my own good reputation. We cant all be unemployed and pay for each others unemployment, at some point we have to accept that our living standard is eroding a
  8. Rainbow, I am part of the lazy dross of the British workforce, I work about 50 easyish hours a week. The Chinese work maybe 60 plus hard, and I mean bloody hard hours. The benchmark has shifted, up a gear. I know some people who do work astoundingly hard, the vast majority don't though, not by international standards. Sorry if you feel like the foreigners are taking away your candy at home and abroad, its just what's happening. I hate globalization, but frankly that's the situation we are in so deal with it. One thing that does fascinate me regarding British manufacturing is this. Why didn'
  9. Leefam83, As a plasterer myself I was discussing with a decorator once the skill levels of decorating. His response, "if you can pi*s you can paint". That's probably true for the bulk of the work, its just the finishing that counts and cutting in the edges. If your mate's up against firms that employ cheap labour for unskilled work then that's just efficient business practice, like it or lump it. Of course I don't want to see the man suffer, and I don't want a whole heap of good polish plasterers turning up either. But come they will. There is nothing inherent about shoving a roller up and
  10. I'm a single chap so my insight is limited regarding women. However, I believe this nesting instinct referred to, its not so applicable. The kids are 10 and 16. If we were in our more natural environment, tees and caves, a ten year old and 16 year old would be considered pretty well developed. The nesting, as far as evolutionary perspectives are concerned has pretty much been and gone. She should now be feeling a bit more nomadic if anything. All this questioning of masculinity too regarding the STR decision. I admire a man or woman who stands up to be counted for what they believe in, regar
  11. Nelly, I'm a plasterer too and I must say I'm not struggling at the moment. My bricklaying friend is finding the phone very quiet at the moment though. In general it is getting tight. I feel he's struggling as he worked as a subcontractor for a few firms over the last few years rather than spreading his good name far and wide. I'm based in west Leicestershire.
  12. I don't understand you folks at times. House prices are falling. Calm down, sit back, watch and wait, but why do you get irate? You couldn't stop them going up and you cant stop them coming down nor accelerate the decline. Its just economics and human failings being played out. Six months ago you wouldn't have heard a word about falling house prices on the radio. The tide is turning, its started to flow your way. Relax, your stressing is harming nobody but yourselves. In three years time it'll be 30% off, regardless of a radio program.
  13. You're right. A few months ago the news blog seemed to have a few scary reports in it. Almost as though they were hard won after a lot of searching. Now it seems that its bad news everywhere in every sector of the economy, the contrast is stark. Either the individual(s) in charge of the blog have got more efficient at rooting out bad news or its a true reflection of a change in circumstances. I favour the latter option as more likely.
  14. Not so bad a proposition, at 40 grand the main structure of each first time buyer house it up, assuming you can get two floors. Stick in some glass frontage and it might make a good use of a brownfield site. I guarantee you can turn those arches into dwellings at sensible prices. Plenty of parking space and possibly good views. Oh, and it wont fall down and you wont hear the neighbors. Its different, but people need to think differently about property in this country. The only downside is if Phil Mitchell opens a garage next door.
  15. The only thing accelerating is my bowel, which appears to be inversely proportional to the slowing of trade. I'm a plasterer, I'm sure we're in for a bad time.
  16. I wouldn't dream of buying a business, I can't see the rationale behind it. If you think its good and the markets there then just start your own. Its personal reputation that keeps a small business going, and frankly little more than that. If you think you can make it in business then try, but don't think you can buy somebody else's reputation. I have my own plastering enterprise and for certain I wouldn't want to be starting a business now. Fortunately I have no debts, but that doesn't stop me from cacking it as to where my work will be coming from in 12 months time. Head for the public sec
  17. Anything involving refurbishment, except houses, unless the prices have bottomed out.
  18. Who Knows, Plastering is hard hard work, when the sweats stinging your eyes you'll fully appreciate that you've really got to want it. Frankly when the economy does go to pot I would rather feel I was to some degree in charge of my destiny. I can't influence the macro economic climate but I sure as hell can take as many cash jobs as possible and work all hours I can for as little as I need to to get the work. I'd sooner go down fighting than resign my fate to some tall fat bulls**ting man in a suit somewhere. Better to have tried and failed than just get shafted by the gaffa. Remember above
  19. Here's my first post, so lets hope I've pressed all the right buttons. If not I'll sink back into anonymity with tail between legs. I suppose I'm a bit of a peasant really, fairly well educated but prone to plain and uncomplicated thinking. I was made redundant as a software developer two years ago. I bought some plaster, some boards and stuck them up in my shed. I taught myself to plaster. I now have my own plastering business, successful enough. "Why plastering from IT?" I keep getting asked. "Simple" I reply, "You cant send a f**kin wall to china to get plastered can you?" God help thos
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