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  1. My parents lived in the states for 15 years. $1k covered the bare minimum for my mother (healthy 45 year old). Unless you get healthcare for work covering a family will be more than that I reckon.
  2. Er did surely. I find your mentality worrying. As Abe Lincoln said. "how many legs does a dog have if you call a tail a leg? Four, calling a tail a leg doesn't make it one." Labour have made everyone poor. They have made the next generation poor too. We just haven't seen it yet.
  3. Commonly "debt revulsion" is used to refer to the populace is it not? What you're talking about is credit revulsion? It could be a mechanism for further falls but it's not the same as the populace deciding that debt poses an unacceptable risk / burden is it?
  4. Wow! You're actually a hero. Actually, I don't feel attacked most of the time. Part of learning is hypothesising to see what opposing views can be gleaned. The alternative is to just ignore any counter arguments. Which appears to be your chosen methodology. I could write a dances with sheeple bot to do your job for you if it'll save you some time?
  5. What's your plan? Drag me down to moron level and then beat me with experience? I give up. I will however reiterate my earlier thoughts. You are someone that adds no value to this site whatever.
  6. Eh? You honestly think if they were still passing out 125% loans people wouldn't be taking them? There is no revulsion at all. Personal debt is being paid down due to massive cuts in mortgage payments. Given the size of mortgage debt it's not surprising that people aren't jumping in to acquire more. This recession has been characterised by credit availability being constrained. In the aftermath there is less appetite for debt but given the size of the crisis there's still significant mortgage activity. Given that you accept that Governments will continue to act irrationally why do you believ
  7. I tend to get angry when idiots assert their righteousness without evidence. Please show you evidence that house prices are currently falling. Please show that mortgage finance isn't available to support prices at these transaction levels. Finally please try and grow up. You are exactly what has gone wrong with this site. You contribute nothing to the debate. You make blithe assertions and then attempt to shore up those positions with aggression.
  8. That's you argument is it? Why not just stick your tongue out and go "na na na na na na I'm not listening" I have no interest in property. I own mine outright and have significant cash reserves that would allow me to survive pretty much any shock to the financial system. I abhor the Labour party and its policies. Additionally I see no evidence whatever that hpi is a positive for wider society. Where I differ from you is the fact I'm not in denial. You are. House prices at current transaction levels are rising. Please explain why a vendor cognisant of this fact would entertain an offer of 30%
  9. You mean people that have seen through your idiot bluster? Perhaps people are finally sick of being told that house price armageddon is looming only to find out it isn't. You may be happy never to participate in the housing market again. That's your choice. The vast majority of the public can and will. That's what makes me laugh about some hpcers the assumption that it'll nicely fall in your laps and you'll be picking up properties at 40% off. That assumes there isn't a whole cadre of people that aren't as bearish as you are. Which of course there are. The hpc extremists have effectively deci
  10. Don't worry about it Mikey. You have hit the nail on the head. The loudest voices on this thread are the most bitter and deluded. We were told that last year was the start and further falls were inevitable. Then it was wait until winter. Now it's wait till the GE, IR raises, Bond vigilantes etc. etc. All the time saying that what is happening isn't happening. On low supply houses are rising. Offers of 30% now will be laughed at. Almost every single one will be treated with utter derision. There are few forced sales and their limited number is supporting prices. Banner might be right, In fact
  11. I saw this earlier and can't believe it hasn't attracted more comment. Basically the BBC were saying that as long as free money was available all would be fine. The builders have bought land at bubble prices and as my dad would have said are proper ******ed if people don't spend bubble money. Basically the current builders need to go bust, their land banks need to be released and people need to build houses that people can afford with the finance genuinely available. I couldn't give a ****** what Taylor Wimpey paid for a plot. That's their issue. If they paid too much, ****** 'em. What is ha
  12. Well if you are buying now you'll have to ignore people like Mr Banner. As much as he would like it to be true, sentiment has not turned. If you offer 30% below, you'll get laughed at. However, 20% off as a taster might be worth starting at. You'll still get laughed at mind. In today's climate regardless of the doom mongers here you'll be lucky to get more than 10% off. If you're a chicken you'll go in at 15% off and get 10%. If you go in at 20% you may end up paying 12% off. It's your money bargain as hard as you want.
  13. What sort of mentalness is this? What rate did you income inflate by? If 0 then house prices to you have gone up have they not?
  14. Alternatively in the months most likely to see falls none occurred, now spring will see bigger gains.
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