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  1. Do any statistics exist for the dividend return on shares for FTSE100 companies? Would 5-6% be a reasonable return for big name, relatively safe companies?
  2. I have a streetlight outside my living room so have no need for bulbs. Do away with a TV and listen to a wind-up radio to save on batteries. I close my eyes and visualise what is going on in football games etc. I only shower when it rains. No need to buy soap - simply use mint leaves from the garden. Boil water by using a large magnifying glass on recyclesd glass jars and storing the water in thermal flasks for later use. Drink cold water when there's no sun. Heating is unnecessary IMO. Simply wrap up warmer. In winter months you will have so many layers on that movement will be difficult but this is an added bonus as moving around only wastes energy. Some of you people are rank amateurs quite frankly...
  3. Granted. The only 'strategy' was to have a few shares invested in companies that are in very different sectors of the economy, finance/technology/energy/and so on. I really dont know much about this stuff! Have decided to put the 12k in a 30 day account. I have another 12/15k I can stick into shares later, perhaps this autumn after any hubbub from the GE has died down.
  4. Got 12k to invest. Already have 75k in building society/bank accounts. I could put it in another BS account but have thought about buying shares. I would divide it by putting 2k in each of the following: Aviva Tesco BP Google SWALEC Kraft or other companies in a similar bracket (e.g. swop ASDA for Tescos) My gut is telling me that it isn't a good idea to buy shares so close to a General Election. It is also telling me that shares are over-valued and globally we are in for some sharp financial truths to come home to roost this year. My head is telling me to diversify my money a little bit and hang on to shares for at least a year or two, maybe a lot, lot longer. The only reason I would need to access this 12k is if I bought a house which I'm increasingly not bothered about. I would appreciate your thoughts and advice on my situation.
  5. Personally, I rather enjoyed the: KS: How does anyone know these days how much to put their house on the market for? MSW: Think of a number and cut by 20%
  6. I'm thinking of getting a few coins, maybe about 1k worth. I'd prefer to get them directly from the Royal Mint so after having a look at their website, I came across things like Gold Proof Quarter-Sovereigns. Quite cheap at £65 each. Would I be right in thinking that these are more 'transferable' than full sovereigns? i.e. they're smaller 'units of currency' as the gold content is presumably less than a full sovereign? What do you think?
  7. If one were thinking of buying some nice yellow shiny stuff, as in physically having it available to hand...where might be the best place to get it from? Would most independent jewellers sells things like gold sovereigns or kruggerands etc? Or would items of jewelry be adequate (leaving jokes about Argos chains aside). Is there a minimum level of carat to consider?
  8. This week, in my local paper, for the first time adverts have a "Make me an offer" tag on the house photo instead of the usual "New Price" or "reduced" that's usually there. The asking price is still included on the advert so you know what kind of figure they would like but its the first time I've seen an EA try something new like that, or have sellers willing to consider that kind of marketing I guess.
  9. I don't know if you lot have been piling over onto the BBC News site but I've just read the first 2 pages of 'Have your Say' - Do you agree with the new bank rescue plan? and there's nothing but scorn from the people leaving comments. http://newsforums.bbc.co.uk/nol/thread.jsp...=20090119101606 It's just astonishing how much this government has got away with...
  10. Tidy. We sold my Nan's 2 bed terraced cottage in 1997 for approx £10k. Needed some work mind you but still...that's the price of a kitchen nowadays. I remember the average house price in the SE valleys area being around £33k in 1999/2000.
  11. "the first sixteen". Blimey, how many batches of 16 have you and your missus turned out? Seriously, to the OP, try to concentrate on all the good you have in your life. You're saving a fortune as it were by not being on the housing ladder so why not treat yourselves to a little extra now and again, like a weekend away or a meal at a posh resturant you might not normally allow yourself to indulge in. Share a knowing smile with your OH as you can afford to do this due to being free of the death-pledge (mort-gage). If you are heading towards clinical depression please see your GP. Modern AD's can help and they don't all have terrible side-effects.
  12. The last couple of times I've bought from ebuyer.com the delivery was within a day or 2 despite my selecting, as always, the super saver delivery option.
  13. Watched the Stalin thing on t'other channel but did see this bit about Blaenau Gwent during the adverts. Utter rubbish. As someone who lives in Blaenau Gwent I can tell you that, by my estimation, prices have dropped 20% and more in some cases. Been keeping a close on prices as it's my area and can give plenty of anecdotes as well as pointing to statistics. Following some of the auctions linked on HPC I've seen some prices here 40% lower than 2-3 years ago. And they reckon prices have gone UP!!? In a parallel universe maybe.
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